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Lineage 2 concept art!

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12-24-07, 10:46 AM

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As promised, i will share all the concept art regarding Lineage 2. To do this, i have added a special account to my FTP server, that links directly to my concept art directory. The info for this FTP server is behind this spoiler button (to prevent bots from obtaining the adress):

Sorry, currently the FTP server is out of duty.

As for the smilies, i've uploaded those right here.

Have fun with these resources!
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01-04-08, 8:20 AM

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I was curios so i clicked and got this message, what does it mean (what i got at

Dear user,

Your account has been suspended, the following reasons can be the cause of this:

- Abuse of your access to the server.
- The service is not provided to your usergroup anymore.
- Disrespectful behaviour towards server staff.

If you want to know more about this, email "" (without
the quotes) with message title "Account Suspension", and as message content
you should enter your question.


01-04-08, 8:37 AM

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You should use an FTP client, not an internet browser. Internet browsers log in by themselves with 'anonymous' instead of throwing you a login screen to enable you to log in with the info i put up there. Account 'Anonymous' is blocked on my server.