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Poll: Hidamari Sketch Episode 5 Discussion

Apr 4, 2007 5:11 PM
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Just finished watching Ep 5. Weird episode to be honest, took a while to get into it. But it had a few very funny moments so I enjoyed it a lot.

Somehow this scene reminded me of Killer Lolis :D :D

Ohayo, Yoshinoya-chan~

Apr 4, 2007 6:45 PM

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It felt like watching an acid trip. :D

Yoshinoya was very cute.

Episode rating - 3
Yoshinoya - 5
Overall - 4

Apr 5, 2007 3:20 AM
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Faust721 said:
It felt like watching an acid trip. :D

Lol ya, those comments are quite hilarious :D .
Apr 5, 2007 5:47 AM

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I was pretty much dying from all the freaking cuteness in this episode. Sae being all embarrassed when Hiro was talking about her cold last year and Sae taking care of her, Miya changing Yuno's pajama's so she'd be cooler than being in her sweaty ones, Yuno's pinkness to signify her fever... it was all just so damn MOE.

And yeah, the ep was a little weird but fever dreams are always more cracked out anyways o.O So it makes sense since it would be following Yuno's mental state.
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Apr 7, 2007 1:42 AM

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ya I really liked the whole acid trip scenes. I could really identify with what Yuno felt like with her fever, and it reminded me of when I had my own.

episode got boring at times, but it made you feel good. Yuno is too too innocent and cute (and more loli than the girls of Ichigo Mashimaro even, I say), and Miyako changing her (Yuno fanservice! ^-^), and all the girls taking care of her. Just a relaxing anime, this is. ^-^
Apr 8, 2007 2:58 AM
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Ya, it is a cute show in general. I haven't seen anything like that yet that would come close to how episode 5 was like. It's not that I didn't like it, it was just different but still great.

Lovely show.
Jun 13, 2008 7:24 AM

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Extremely MOE episode, and those acid trips were unusually well done.
Best episode so far!

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Jul 4, 2008 6:12 PM

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I was like "OMG Yuno. Stop doing so much coke!"
Jul 23, 2008 3:28 PM

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ok i now officially give in to massive yuno worshipping.
very cute and feelgood episode
Jul 28, 2008 2:34 AM

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Very nice episode :D
Aug 2, 2008 11:52 AM

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Yuno's dream is so well done. It's exactly like those endless weird dreams you sometimes have^^

Sep 2, 2008 7:35 PM

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I would expect nothing less of a dream from SHAFT~

Sep 9, 2008 10:30 PM

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TwilightRhapsody said:
I would expect nothing less of a dream from SHAFT~


Agreed, but that's why I love SHAFT.

Oct 5, 2008 9:38 AM

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This was my favourite episode so far. Mira changing Yuno's pajama - aww. And Sae/Hiro=pure win
Nov 13, 2008 5:43 AM

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If only getting sick in RL was this good...

The principal impersonation was lol.
Dec 18, 2008 8:50 PM

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Lol, the first half of this episode was so weird. That certainly was no ordinary cold.
Dec 31, 2008 1:04 PM

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like an acid trip...
Sep 28, 2009 12:49 AM

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ya I really liked the whole acid trip scenes. I could really identify with what Yuno felt like with her fever, and it reminded me of when I had my own.
Oct 15, 2009 10:22 PM

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Wasn't expecting the epic Shaft-iness of this ep.

Yuno was cute the entire time too ^^

Fav ep so far I think. ^w^
Jan 29, 2010 3:40 AM

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I'm cold and my teeth are chattering after watching that.
I complete cracked up with the rabbit head in the fridge being ignored. It will most likely be thrown out when Miya isn't around. Though I'd love it if Yuno forgot about it and it comes back to haunt her, all shriveled and moldy.
Jun 29, 2010 2:39 AM

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i lolled at the caterpillar every time the scene changed during the round table talk about 2/3s the way in (at around 16:04, starting with the yellow swirly thing)
Sep 6, 2010 11:59 PM

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I thought dreams were pretty much weird by default, and when you throw in illness on top of it... you don't need drugs to have them.

You know *rimshot* you're in a dream when you "wake up" in the ice and snow and you don't wonder why you're there, but why the alarm clock didn't go off.

What is 8.4? ... the time? 8:04?

Yow, 38.2.

Hmm, the mailboxes have temperatures on them...

Heh, the principal, who's talking about someone who's wearing short sleeves in cold weather, is wearing an outfit with no sleeves.


Freaky coincidence...?

Learned something new about her? What, that she takes care of her juniors?

Awwwwwwwww! Li'l Yuno! ^_^

nanaki254 said:
i lolled at the caterpillar every time the scene changed during the round table talk about 2/3s the way in (at around 16:04, starting with the yellow swirly thing)

Oh wow, that thing really changes, doesn't it?

Heh, part of the preview is a strip they didn't adapt: "Analysis in Front".
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Nov 10, 2010 11:19 AM

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This is seriously too cute
Dec 9, 2011 10:48 AM

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My mind is full of fuck.
Jan 23, 2012 2:01 PM

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I've got to say, I thought this was an excellent episode. I'm totally enjoying this series now.
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Feb 22, 2012 9:11 PM

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I don't think the dream should have been done the way it was so early in the series. Considering how little of Yuno's character has been shown to this point it feels just random. It doesn't really qualify as foreshadowing either because it's just too cluttered with everything for any particular issue portrayed to actually stay in your mind, but on the other hand the overall feeling might be conveyed and it certainly opens up when rewatching it later. When you already know Yuno better, all of the symbolism is very intuitive to interpret and reflects her psyche nicely (how she feels about herself, how she thinks she should make herself appear to others, what certain other people mean to her and what roles they have to her, what sides of them she is afraid of or envies, how she is uncertain about the future, her loneliness, etc.)

The feelings of confusion and powerlessnes of the state of mind of a feverish person come across well, too. But I just don't think it was a good idea at this point. If there was some way to validate putting the dream where it is and why it would work when watching the series the first time around I would rate this episode 5/5, but now it just fails. I don't see what it was trying.
Oct 22, 2012 7:01 AM

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That's... some dreams she got here. Another anime character weak to fever.

Miyako taking care of Yuno was awesome
Dec 15, 2012 8:04 PM

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Rewatching this series and I realized I had forgotten how awesome this episode was with that dreaming - this was the episode that hooked me on this show.
Sep 14, 2013 10:09 PM

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As weird as ever, but in this episode, it made sense.
This series is like an art flick. Not liking it much, but not hating it enough to drop... yet.
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Feb 17, 2014 5:53 PM

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Pretty okay episode, didn't liked it too much but it was pretty nice in general!
Jul 31, 2014 3:33 AM

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This was one weird episode. As weird as those dreams I get when I have a fever. Well done. Well done indeed.
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Sep 28, 2014 6:44 PM

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That was pretty good episode, all those nightmares due to fever. Changing reams when you think you are doing ordinary things but they are somewhat weird, they got it perfectly.

Can't sleep part when I eat at night is also very similiar experience to me sometimes :D
I like this more and more, those characters are very likeable.
Apr 26, 2:53 AM

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First half was weird, creepy yet creepy. Captures the fever moment really well. Some parts reminded me of Yume Nikki a little.

Miya is such a good friend, coming to look after Yuno.

The moment Sae and the rest spotted sensei in the nurse office, I was like,"her dream came true!"

Dat principal impersonation. Well-done.

Man these girls are too good. All of them are so perfect...

It's a shame that there is going to be no Valentine Day episode. As cliche that is, I love it. But well, an episode about 13th Feb is unique in itself.