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06-07-09, 4:01 PM

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Who is your Fav character in all of the tales games?
My favourite main hero would have to be Senel from Legendia Because he has gone though a lot, is a strong eres user who is also strong at hearts, and after the death of his love Stella he lived on for the both of them.
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06-07-09, 5:58 PM

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... >w<

ZELOS!!! Well..just 'cause he's super awesome and pretty..and I like his skill to get free money and food from chicks <w< He's just such a cool character...and he probably has the biggest character development in the entire game.
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06-10-09, 5:09 PM

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Luke. x3! I'm not sure how to explain it, but I really liked his character throughout, despite how he may have acted. And he's the only character in a Tales game that made me cry xD. If I could explain it better I would, but Luke takes the cake in this definitely :3
06-11-09, 3:59 PM

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This is tough but I would say Presea since she is just freakin awesome in tales of symphonia *though in dotnw they seriously screwed her character up and made her horrible for fights :(* sheis a freakin 29 year old in a twelve year old's body (I think those are the right ages) and she can be freakin hilarious she is just awesome through and through. After that I would have to say Emil cause i just found him awesome too...

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06-11-09, 6:16 PM

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For a long time my faves have always been the lead main casts of the Tales series. Its hard to say which is the best since there are so many Tales characters out there. Back in the old days i would definitely say that Kratos and Lloyd the father/son duo were my 2 faves..but then Tales of the Abyss and Vesperia came in and i just couldnt decide anymore..great characters like Guy, Jade, Tear, were some of my tops..and then when i played Vesperia on the 360 i found myself liking Yuri since his personality is so suave and fully-formed (like mine)..Not to mention he's a great character..So for now i'd have to say Yuri Lowell
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06-29-09, 1:14 AM

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My favourite is Tear Grants. She´s cool and a bit mysterious.
07-03-09, 3:25 PM

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Jade. I don't have to think about that at all- he's so epic, how can you NOT like him? XD
07-10-09, 12:55 AM

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Since i haven't played that many of the games (only the 5 released so far in europe) my favorite was Sheena Fujibayashi until just recently because, well she was just so awesome in my eyes, and also very beautiful. And i kinda love female characters in purple-ish colors. Though recently Judith became my favorite tales character because she's also awesome, beautiful and really fun to play as.
08-01-09, 1:18 PM

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Raven from tales of vesperia all the way :D
08-05-09, 12:00 AM

Joined: Oct 2008
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Male :
Luke Fon Fabre
Barbatos Goetia
Jade Curtiss
Leon Magnus
Kratos Aurion

Female :
Tear Grants
Arche Klein
Sheena Fujibayashi
Rita Mordio

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08-06-09, 7:52 PM

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08-11-09, 11:17 PM

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Lilith Aileron- She was just so goddamn fun and awesome to play in Tales of Destiny Remake, seriously the pans/ladles/fish and THUNDA SOOORRD is the best, also she's hawt

Kohak Hearts- Pretty much the same reasons as Lilith to a lesser degree, but she's nice ^_^

Raven- Just a fun goofy guy who had a lot of lulz in Vesperia, had a decent move set as well

Luke- I feel like he's been getting too much hate recently. He's always been my favorite Tales hero overall, I could actually relate to his long and short hair personalities. PLus I just liked his design and moveset as well

Honorable mentions to: Jade, Hilda, Estelle, and Marta
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08-18-09, 3:17 AM

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IDK maybe my username is a hint.


but my fave to fight as is Karol c: *shot*

though i think its safe to say i like a majority of the characters... except the ones in DotNW =_= Emil and Marta annoy me a lot. i couldnt even finish that game because i hated them so much.

but i like Jay, Senel, Norma, Stingle ((Legendia)); Luke, Guy, Jade, Van, Anise, Sync, Ion, O!Ion, Arietta, Largo, Natalia ((Abyss)); Zelos, Lloyd, Presea ((Symphonia)); Karol, Yuri, Raven, Judith, Don Whitehorse ((Vesperia)); Klarth, Chester, Arche ((Phantasia)); Ruca, Iria, Spada, Ricardo ((Innocence)); and i never played it but i am very sure i will like Mao in Rebirth xD
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08-31-09, 3:49 PM
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My favorite is Alice and Decus.
I thought that they were so interesting.

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10-20-09, 11:22 PM

Joined: Feb 2009
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Guy Cecil - TOA
Stahn Aileron - TOD
Flynn Scifo - TOV

Hahahaha... patterns.

Also Sync, Chester, Leon, MIEUUUU~, Mao, Keele, Natalia, Tear, Farah, Loni, Harold, Luke, Frings, Ginji >.>, Colette, Arche...
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10-21-09, 5:25 PM

Joined: Apr 2009
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Emil Castagnier - ToS DotNW
Guy Cecil - ToA
Reid Hershel - ToE

Emil was a very adorable character. And I lol'd at Guy's woman phobia. XD I also really liked Reid's personality so... :) There are other characters I also love like Luke, Kratos, Decus, Tear, Marta, and Jade. But I guess those are my top three? XD
10-22-09, 1:42 AM

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from the ones I'm currently playing, which are TOH and TOV
Hisui, Kohak, Beryl and Innes
Rita, Judith and Yuri

All time favourites are:
Iria(TOI), Mao (TOR), Veigue(TOR), Sparda(TOI), Suzu(TOP), Tytree(TOR) and Ruca(TOI)

Honorable mentions to: Reala(TOD2), Harold(TOD2), Cless(TOP), Rid(TOE) and Presea(TOS)
11-09-09, 1:43 PM

Joined: Jul 2008
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Incarose, from Tales of Hearts <3

Other favorites are Beryl, Kunzite, Creed and the other mechanic guardians (ToH) and Chat, Farah and the greater Craymels from ToE. I also like Harold and Spada, but I've only played the beginning of ToD2 and am starting Innocence now, so I can't say much about them.

Also, the game is not even out yet, but I'm loving Pascal already~
11-12-09, 4:14 PM

Joined: Nov 2009
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Yuri, Jade and Rita
11-22-09, 6:47 PM

Joined: Jun 2008
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A hard decision to make, but I think mine would either be Chloe Valens, or Shirley Fennes from TOL(Tales of legendia)
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