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S3E17! Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 17 Online Watch Silverfinger

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Teen Wolf S03e17 Online putlocker streaming free

Based on the 1985 Michael J. Fox film, the MTV series stars Tyler Posey (ABC Family's "Lincoln Heights") as a high school student who gets superpowers, including the ability to woo girls, after a wolf attack. TEEN WOLF is the story of Scott as he tries to walk the line between what he wants and what he can't help from wanting. Will the bite end up being a gift? Or will it be a curse? And what will it all mean for his relationship with Allison - the girl he can't get enough of? Only time will tell if he should embrace his newfound powers, or if he should fear them. Beacon Hills is under curfew from the power outage; the teens throw a blacklight Halloween party; Scott tries to earn Kira's trust.

There are significant differences between the film and TV series. MTV's version is a drama/comedy with a darker tone while the 1985 film was simply a comedy. The humor in the new series is a darker humor but pays tribute to the original feel of the movie.[citation needed] In promos before airing, the producers said they were influenced by Joss Whedon's high school drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Whedon's central premise was: "High school as a horror movie. And so the metaphor became the central concept behind Buffy, and that's how I sold it." The writers have confirmed they have no intention to include vampires but other creatures may be considered.[23] There is also a surprising amount of violence and horrific images in the new series, this includes a dead body that has been torn in half, scenes of people being burned alive, as well as multiple fight scenes that result in deaths or grievous wounds and hallucinations of torture.

In this series, Scott plays lacrosse instead of basketball. In the original, Scott inherits the werewolf trait from his father Harold who hid his lycanthropy from his son in the hopes that it would skip a generation, while the Scott on MTV's show gets bitten by a werewolf in the woods. Both Scotts are raised by a single parent, in the film Scott is brought up by his father and his mother is said to have died whilst in the series Scott is brought up by his mother who is divorced from his father. The new Stiles wears T-shirts featuring the Beatles and the Royal Air Force roundel symbol, while the original Stiles favored shirts that included highly-offensive phrases.[21] Another difference is that in the original everyone knew Scott was a wolf: in the modern update it remains a secret to the general population, with some of the plot exploring the resulting problems that arise from keeping his transformation hidden, in addition to Scott's inner conflict about being a werewolf. There is one reference, in part 1 of the season 1 finale of the series, to which the character Peter Hale mocks lacrosse, and says in his day everyone played basketball.

In the series, there is a hierarchy in place that designates various stations under which werewolves are classified. The highest of these types is an Alpha werewolf. So far, the only two known ways for a Beta (werewolves with a pack) or Omega (werewolves without a pack) to achieve Alpha ranking is by killing another Alpha or being a True Alpha werewolf, which is only achieved by strength of character or sheer willpower. Also the show hints that there is a natural line of succession within packs. When Laura's family is killed, and her uncle incapacitated, she assumed the role of the Alpha werewolf within the Hale Pack. Alphas are also the only type of werewolf that can transform humans into werewolves with their Bite, but the transformation is not always successful as humans could also die from the Bite. Alpha werewolves are able to transform to a greater degree than Beta and Omega werewolves, such that they can become hulking wolf-men or fully formed canine wolves depending on their experience or physiology. Alpha werewolves' eyes glow red when agitated or in their transformed state.

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