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S2E3! The Following Season 2 Episode 3 Online Watch Trust Me

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02-03-14, 1:49 AM

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Watch The Following S02E03 Putlocker online free

A thriller revolving around a deranged serial killer who creates his own cult of murderers via the wonders of technology, and the retired FBI profiler (Kevin Bacon) who is hunting him down.

The FBI becomes more aware of Ryan's undercover agenda as he searches for a link between the tragedies in New York and the remaining members of the Havenport cult; a shocking event leads to Joe starting a new plan.

Season 2, Episode 3

Airing: February 3, 2014

Trust Me

his plan of revenge against his ex-wife and Hardy. In the season finale Carroll is apparently killed in a massive explosion outside a lighthouse after a brutal showdown with Hardy, but is revealed later to have in fact survived. Carroll wrote a book titled The Gothic Sea, inspired by Poe's last unfinished work,"The Light-House", and was using his plots with his followers in a new book, where Ryan is the protagonist and Claire the love interest. Shawn Ashmore as Mike Weston, a young FBI agent. Weston wrote his thesis on Joe Carroll while in training and sees Ryan Hardy as a personal hero. He starts to develop a friendship with Ryan. He is considered the team's expert on Joe Carroll, and displays a proficiency with computers that he uses to assist in tracking Carroll and his followers. In Welcome Home, he was abducted by two followers and beaten down to a pulp when he wouldn't tell Roderick where Claire was. The later in The Curse, when he, Ryan and Debra were searching for a friend of Roderick's, he was kidnapped by Joe and Joe used him to find out Ryan's "inspiration". Valorie Curry as Emma Hill (also known by the alias "Denise Harris"), a follower of Joe Carroll. Emma met Carroll at a book reading in 2003, and ends up becoming one of his first and most devoted followers. At his direction, she assumes the name Denise Harris and takes the position of nanny in Carroll's ex-wife's household, caring for Carroll's son Joey. Emma assumes leadership of a small cell of followers tasked with abducting Joey, and shows no hesitation to use violence. She loves Jacob, but in Welcome Home, she starts to like Joe. In The Curse, Claire restricts her from ever seeing Joey again.

Adan Canto as Paul Torres (Season 1). Torres, as his alias Billy Thomas, lived next door to Sarah Fuller with Jacob. Their relationship was initially presented as being a cover, but Paul developed genuine feelings for Jacob. As Paul Torres he has to share Jacob with Emma, and is unhappy with the relationship, often referred to as a "third wheel."

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