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Ubiquity Commands

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04-04-09, 12:57 PM

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Ubiquity is an add-on from mozilla labs
If you don't know what ubiquity is go here and watch the video.

Here are mine:
Ubiquity Commands for - read update below
Info on the commands here
Any questions, just ask ^^

1/18/10 Update: Irwin1138 (probably the same one on MAL), has done a great job of revising and commenting my old command.
His is here Until chromium gets ubiquity, I will not be updating or creating new commands.
Modified by aoikishu, 01-18-10, 2:54 PM
04-03-10, 8:42 AM

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name: "manga",
url: "{QUERY}",
parser: {container: "div.res",
title: "div h3",
preview: "div.abstr,"}

seems to work just as well... only your's allows arguments like 'type of anime: TV' whereas this little script doesn't...

but I think this little script, which is quite easily modified, should be made more public... so that noobs can enjoy the experience of making their own search commands for ubuiqity~