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Kuroshitsuji Episode 23 Discussion

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Poll: Kuroshitsuji Episode 23 Discussion

09-12-10, 1:06 PM

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That breast part was the biggest WTF scene ever.
10-05-10, 12:58 AM

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cantius said:
That breast part was the biggest WTF scene ever.

this. XD

The gruesome state of the Queen was VERY disgusting... poor thing. I am glad she's finally at rest.

And poor pluplu <3 I actually liked that pup a lot.

Sebastian was very much the demon he says he is in this episode... you sometimes forget....

How the hell is this going to end?!
10-08-10, 10:19 AM

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Much better than the previous ..

Also, Ash = Angela a bit surprising for me coz I thought they're different considering

their gender.. LOL

Pluto was shot.. :(

Last 1 to go..
11-18-10, 2:46 AM

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Yeah, always figured Angela was also Ash. They just looked too much a like for it to be any other way. Also, is anyone else laughing inside that an angel's name is ANGELa?
11-20-10, 5:17 PM

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Ciel, you finally got your determined attitude back, I was beginning to think you lost yourself in all the mess of the angels and the Queen.

Seeing the Queen’s body rot was utterly disgusting, how can someone be so foolish to attach their own body to their beloved’s putrid corpse...? That’s beyond crazy.

I want Ciel to die so his soul is given to Sebastian. I know it won’t happen but that would be the good and logical ending, and not some made-up solution only to maintain alive the protagonist.

One more episode~
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12-14-10, 8:38 AM

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Hinata020 said:
Only one more episode to go! I'm glad Sebastian is back, and for some reason it felt like he behaved more like a demon in this episode than any other. Not fighting wise (he always kicks ass) but personality wise. It was strange but interesting to see him watch Ciel from the roof top all moody and detached (my personal view on how a demon would behave)

That rotting flesh thing with the queen was DISGUSTING. Especially when the angel just ran his finger along her throat and took off skin like it was icing on a cake. Yuck. That being said, I'm disappointed Ciel+Sebastian didn't get to kill her themselves.

I look foreword to the finale!

Yeah, I also think that Sebastian's behavior this episode was closer to what I'd expect from a demon. And I loved that^^

Angela and Ash being the same person was no surprise for me since that's what I've been saying since Ash first appeared. Anyway, I'm glad I got the confirmation because I was tired of waiting for it.

This episode was amazing and I might even raise my score to a 9/10 if the ending satisfies me.
02-17-11, 6:54 PM

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StormViruz said:
Also, Ash = Angela a bit surprising for me coz I thought they're different considering

their gender.. LOL

I'm not surprised at this point, in Christian traditions, angels are always portrayed to look like human males and even have masculine names but still believed to be asexual or have androgynous physical manifestations. least that what I thought so ever since I was a child too.

One last episode... XD
One stormy night...
06-29-11, 10:25 PM

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One more episode to go, I wonder how they're gonna wrap things up for the end.
01-01-12, 6:48 AM

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Ugh...this show has been going downhill (imo) for the past like 8 episodes. The tone of the series just feels so different to me.
07-19-12, 5:11 PM

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Damn another damn great episode! Epic scene where Ciel gets shot and his blood forms the Pentagram mark!

But damn he lost his mansion once more and than that stupid angel really...
Up to the last one and than the OVA!
07-28-12, 11:50 AM

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10-26-12, 2:08 PM

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So during the start of the series, while Ash was being the Queen's bodyguard, he spent the rest of his day posing as a housemaid Angela for a demon dog owner a few hundred miles away for no apparant reason. And at the same time runs a church cult also in a different area.

Yeah, I can tell this isn't manga canon lol still a nice watch though.
10-27-12, 12:28 PM

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Ahhh! Only one episode to go (in this season at least)!!! Amazing as ever^^ And YES!! I was right about Ash/Angela!! Rejoice for actually correctly predicting something *happy dance*
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02-13-13, 12:09 PM

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One more episode to go! This one made me very sad, specially when they shot Pluto, you could see that that's not what they wanted at all.

How is this even gonna end?
05-09-13, 10:11 PM

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Renege said:
Fumiko said:
I, as some people here, don't get a lot of some point of the story (like why did Sebastian left Ciel alone. Wasn't the contract that Sebastian will follow every of Ciel's order and never let his side? Then he broke it ¬¬)

I'm guessing that when Ciel ordered Sebby to stop fighting when he had the opportunity to get his revenge, Sebby didn't want his soul anymore.
He says something after Ciel acts like his usual self again about how he's greatful that he gets to eat one of the most delicious souls now.
Before, when Ciel was having second thoughts, Sebby abandoned him, not wanting his soul anymore. It was no longer special.
Why work for something you don't want?

I actually got the impression from what Sebastian said that he left in order to somehow improve the flavor of Ciel's soul. I think the point was Sebastian leaving made Ciel grow to new heights (or perhaps sink to new depths) in ways he wouldn't have otherwise, thus making his soul all the more delicious. (I am wondering if this might be partly a difference between sub vs. dub translations or a different version)

My theory is that Sebastian wanted Ciel's revenge to be his own - he didn't want to force Ciel into it, because it would have been insincere and there would not have been the same sort of catharsis for his soul.
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08-24-13, 12:16 PM

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Hmm so Ash and Angela really are one and the same, that confirms my suspicion from a few episodes back when Pluto was fond of Ash while he was at the Phantomhive Manor. And damn that was gruesome with the queen, the flesh of her husband finally deteriorating.

And from what I can tell, Sebastian left Ciel and broke the contract because he was starting to lift up from the depths of hatred and despair. But now that he's lost everything and has fallen even further than before, his soul is now "ripe" so to speak. Sebastian really is a shady demon, using all of that to add flavor to Ciel's soul.

One episode left, I can hardly wait to see how this ends.
11-28-13, 3:10 AM

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1 more to go
03-04-14, 6:56 PM

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Glad to see that Ciel is back to is merciless. Even if I hope that he kill the angel and that Sebastian take his soul, with a second season, it's pretty much impossible.

So is the end of Pluton. He did what he had to do. It looked like it was the collar that was controlling him, but they didn't really had the time to figure out how to save him, he was burning an whole city...

The Queen lived alone until the very end.

I didn't expect the two angel to be the same, I thought they were twins.

I wonder if that second season will be about that ''war'' with France.
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07-17-14, 3:00 PM

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Well, this episode was unexpected. Too gloomy and dark. And only 1 episode left. I don't want it to end. :/
07-22-14, 10:27 AM

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Grell and burning London.

Pluto causing the burning.

Dead mixmashed queen.

Sebastian catching bullets with one hand. Nice speed. The angel really ought to be no match for him if he can move this quickly.
09-30-14, 1:49 PM

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I'm glad Sebastian came back!

So Ash and Angela are really one in the same, I knew they looked similar but didn't think Angels could change between genders ... the scene where they kept changing was odd lol.

Grell came back too.

The Queens rotting body was gross.

I can't believe Pluto caused so much destruction! I used to like him so much :(
11-04-14, 1:19 AM

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lol stupid guards.. If Ciel really was the culprit why would you kill him? It's logical to think that you should capture him so that you can question him about shit.

so Ash is like... a clownfish. he can change his gender and Angela is his female form. woah!

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03-16-15, 5:06 AM

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That was an intense episode.
One more episode to go.
03-21-15, 6:14 PM

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Ash/Angela just showing Sebastian his/her's titties LOL
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