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View Poll Results: Love Lab Episode 2 Discussion
5 out of 5: Loved it!
114 70.81%
4 out of 5: Liked it
28 17.39%
3 out of 5: It was OK
17 10.56%
2 out of 5: Disliked it
2 1.24%
1 out of 5: Hated it
Voters: 161

07-11-13, 10:33 AM

Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 55749
I like this new glasses girl tbh, she's got this sense of cuteness in her.

Then again, I'm not surprised by Natsuo's blushes and imaginations ha. Lol, I see the pillow again. Oh God, I just can't keep a straight face on when I see it. LOL, she caught the pillow, so serious.

LOL @ the ending, funny. That pillow's like everywhere.
07-11-13, 11:05 AM

Joined: Apr 2013
Posts: 753
Are there more fairies around this time?
07-11-13, 5:57 PM

Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 1733
omfg is it even out yet

TT ive been waiting forever
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07-11-13, 6:42 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 2688
At least the guy Riko imagines is a LOT better looking than the one Maki imagines.

Foo, most of the dialog was way over my head this time. Subs, where are you? ;)
07-12-13, 1:04 AM

Joined: Sep 2012
Posts: 448
Maybe words can't express how much I love the series.. That's just how good it is I guess? :)
07-12-13, 1:15 AM

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 6827
Hilarious!! XDXDXD

Really glad it lived up to the first ep and didn't start go down hill :D

So goood hehehe.

Liked all the new characters. Especially Sayo XD She's a nice addition.

Maki saying Dakki is cheating on me was so lol XD

Tanahashi's experiences in fainting

MakixRiko interactions are still the best! They're too cute together <3

Riko fan slapping Maki as a tsukkomi for wanting to be carried like a princess had me laughing a lot hahaha

Especially loved the Hime Dakko practice and Riko just making up what ever comes to mind saying to herself "Like hell I know" lololol hahaha.

Then Maki's flying save hugging 'Baron XD' Dakki in the air was so over the top XDXDXD

Really enjoying this so far ^^
07-12-13, 1:20 AM

Joined: Jan 2013
Posts: 6397
overall enjoyable and light hearted episode

Really like the ending song
07-12-13, 1:30 AM

Joined: Sep 2012
Posts: 1327
'I feel a big one coming!' Omg I can't .. xD
07-12-13, 1:36 AM

Joined: Aug 2012
Posts: 19106

My moe strings are being pulled.
07-12-13, 1:40 AM

Joined: Sep 2009
Posts: 3404
Cratex said:
At least the guy Riko imagines is a LOT better looking than the one Maki imagines.

this XD
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07-12-13, 1:58 AM

Joined: Nov 2012
Posts: 887
Lol. didn't think there'd be people actually wanting to be carried like a princess, lol.


Modified by Orevataf, 07-12-13, 2:07 AM
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07-12-13, 2:03 AM

Joined: Apr 2013
Posts: 753
MellowJello said:

She can't be the Wild One with that face.
07-12-13, 2:24 AM

Joined: Apr 2011
Posts: 326
I think Dakki might be best male character of season (can't decide between him and dog).
07-12-13, 2:32 AM

Joined: Jul 2012
Posts: 205

I went with FFF last week but I caved and watched Commie because they released faster. I neeeeeeded to watch Love Lab immediately.

This show is so ridiculously hilarious and cute, for sure one of the few I really look forward to watching each week. Tanahashi is so freaking adorable oh my gosh. Mizushima and Enomoto are interesting. Can't wait to see how this "war" plays out haha.
07-12-13, 2:39 AM

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 908
MellowJello said:

Waifu of the season material!
I want Rambo in a mecha-suit with a laser-chainsaw gun that fires nuclear warheads, fighting the love-child of Predator, Alien, a group of Bangladeshi terrorists, and Satan. (Actually that would be a pretty sick show) - StopDropAndBowl
07-12-13, 2:47 AM

Joined: May 2010
Posts: 5002
I hope the score remains perfect! The shy klutz girl was surprisngly funny and likable.

"My wine" xD

"Dakki is cheating on me" xD

Oh, shy girl is a sadist. I like her even more *Evil smirk*

"Could someone be so kind to carry me?" Haha.

I love Riko's imagination.

"Eyes do the talking" xD

I love the other glasses girl too. I love all of the girls in the main cast xD

"It is the Boom the baron's self portrait" xD xD xD

That broken english, hahaha.

OMG! I died laughing when Maki jumped to save Dakki. This is too much for me xD

9/10 :D
07-12-13, 4:08 AM

Joined: Dec 2012
Posts: 151
Super cute show. So far my favorite SOL this season
07-12-13, 4:16 AM

Joined: May 2013
Posts: 603
riko is soo kawaiiiii

very funny episode again rewatch it thrice!!!!

07-12-13, 4:34 AM

Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 45
All character so damn cute and funny

the treasurer one just remind me with mr.krab :P

and LOL maki jump to save her dakimaku

just realizing riko change her hairstyle every day, make her more kaaawwaaaiii :3
07-12-13, 4:35 AM

Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 2614
Quite hilarious once again. Wi-wi chanting was epic.

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