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05-24-13, 3:46 PM

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According to their panel at Anime Boston, Aniplex of America announced that the anime series Sword Art Online is to air on Toonami this August.

Aniplex of America also outlined its home video release of Sword Art Online on Blu-ray and DVD as well as its re-release of Blue Exorcist on DVD and for the first time on Blu-ray.

The dub cast for Sword Art Online stars Bryce Papenbrook as Kirito and Cherami Leigh as Asuna. Other cast members include Cassandra Lee Morris as Leafa, Christine Marie Cabanos as Silica, Sarah Williams as Lisbeth, and Patrick Seitz as Agil.

Sword Art Online dub trailer from AniplexUSA.

Source: ANN

Story by Stark700
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05-24-13, 3:47 PM

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I'm interested to see how the dub will turn out (a single trailer can sometimes be quite misleading). For such a hit show, I'd hope that they'd put in more effort than usual to making this sound good.

Anyhow, let's see how long 'till the blind hate starts up in this thread...

05-24-13, 3:48 PM

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05-24-13, 3:49 PM

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ill watch it
05-24-13, 3:50 PM

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saw this coming lol
05-24-13, 3:54 PM

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Saw this earlier but here we go~
05-24-13, 3:56 PM

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Well good for the fans and soon to be fans, I personally am not a fan of this show.
05-24-13, 3:56 PM
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Aniplex has confirmed the early listings for a four-part Sword Art Online home video releas. The plans have the four English subtitled/English dubbed Blu-ray sets selling for $112.98 each and the four DVDs at $49.98, dated for monthly release August through November.

I was going to buy the first 12 Episodes of SAO becuase I enjoyed the first arc and hated ALO to no ends; however, I lol'd @ the Blu-ray price and now I say "Fuck that shit."
05-24-13, 3:57 PM

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Don't have cable or dish so yeah....xD While I did like SAO I wouldn't shell out no $112 per pop for 4 volumes I might just stick to the DVDs.
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05-24-13, 3:57 PM

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Episode 1 will definitly make a crowd and maybe some new anime fans will come out of it. Good gateway..


I wonder how the western audience is going to react to the romance-type-incest
(assuming they continue to air it that far)

sexual incest in nisomonogatari - no one bats an eye
romance incest in SAO - everyone loses their minds
05-24-13, 3:58 PM

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That last half. Godamn it.
05-24-13, 4:00 PM

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Stark700 said:
Saw this earlier but here we go~

I remember seeing this also i was ROFL at the dubbed part "If i die in the game... I DIE IN REAL LIFE!!!"
05-24-13, 4:00 PM

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Oh after watching that trailer I must comment on how misleading it is haha. Alot of people are going to be surprised, in a bad way (at least those who don't know about the show before hand).
05-24-13, 4:06 PM

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Reminds me of when Adult Swim showed the .hack series. How nostalgic.
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05-24-13, 4:07 PM

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Yay, can't wait to check out the dubbed version! I just wish they would announce Gun Gale Online already!!
I am thankful that the "gods" of anime have blessed us with their greatness! Aka, SAO 2!!!

05-24-13, 4:13 PM

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Looking forward to the BD
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05-24-13, 4:21 PM

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Oh great, even more people that will religiously swear to this shows "greatness".
05-24-13, 4:22 PM

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Great visuals and amazing music is coming to Toonami! Enjoy!
05-24-13, 4:34 PM

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It's going to be so popular to lonely delusional 13 year olds. SAO is like the Japanese Twilight in some ways.
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05-24-13, 4:38 PM

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I'll tune in when they do the "KAYAAABAAA" episode to see how will it play out.
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