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12-18-08, 9:37 AM

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Oh no...Not Keanu "Emotion?" Reeves. Spike has too much personality to be played by him.
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12-18-08, 9:40 AM

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well you know hollywood. they will try and find a way to fuk it up. they might do a good job though, but keanu being spike might now work too well. although i cant think of anyone who could pull Spike better.
12-18-08, 9:42 AM
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Eh...Keanu as Spike? I liked him in a couple of movies, but I can't imagine him as Spike. Oh well we don't even know if he has the role yet so there's no need to be too worried yet.
12-18-08, 9:48 AM

Joined: Nov 2007
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Gaaaaaaaah, I hate hate hate Keanu Reeves. Only role I've ever liked him in was Constantine.

I have to admit he does look the part. But personality? Hell no. Spike may be a bit emo and of course a badass, but he's also freakin' hilarious. I don't think Reeves can pull it off.
12-18-08, 10:01 AM

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I guess the film will be completely diffirent to the source material, always thought Spike was meant to be cool.
12-18-08, 10:06 AM

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Red_Zealot said:
Keanu Reeves has confirmed that he is indeed involved in the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. Reeves recently spoke with MTV and confirmed his involvement. Reeves shared some details on the project as well:

“We’re taking the Red Eye [story], the beginning part of the series,” he explained, “and then we’ll deal with the end of the series. We’re trying to figure out [the time frame]. We’re looking at the story right now.”

“Yeah, it’s so episodic and so disconnected. We’re trying to figure out what pieces to put together to tell one story,” he explained. “Because it’s such a short form, to make a 2 hour version [will be tough]. And it’s got so much of an origin-story obligation; you’ve got to get people up to speed, but you don’t want to do much of that. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, but we think we can do something good.”

There is no official word to what role Keanu will be playing, but he hopes to play Spike Spiegel. The film is being produced by Erwin Stoff and an unannounced writer is working on a screenplay.

For some more info:

Keanu Reeve also plays the movie called "the day the earth stand stood" its now showing on cinemas in cebu... :)
12-18-08, 10:15 AM

Joined: Dec 2008
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Spike is a multi-dimensional character. Keanu Reeves only has one setting - Super Serious Monotone.
12-18-08, 10:25 AM

Joined: May 2008
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I really don't see Spike as much more multidimensional than Keanu.

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12-18-08, 11:33 AM

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The heavens have abandoned us.
12-18-08, 11:43 AM

Joined: Nov 2008
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All this time I've been looking forward to a Cowboy Bebop live action.

Now not so much.
12-18-08, 11:51 AM

Joined: Sep 2008
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That's just wrong.

12-18-08, 11:51 AM

Joined: Jun 2007
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Well... thats kinda weird...Lets hope he does a good job :D (and they make his hair a bit fluffier)

12-18-08, 11:55 AM

Joined: Oct 2007
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I suppose it was too much to ask for the overall positive attitude from the first couple of pages to stick around.

You don't know how it'll turn out. Wait until you see it for yourself.
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12-18-08, 12:00 PM

Joined: Feb 2008
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I don't want Spike to turn into Ted...
I'm not very positive about it but lets see how it turns out.
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12-18-08, 12:14 PM

Joined: Nov 2008
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A live action version of Cowboy Bebop? and with Keanu as Spike???

I really do hope that they don't ruin the awesomeness of the storyline....
12-18-08, 12:15 PM

Joined: Jun 2008
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It could be worse.

12-18-08, 12:20 PM

Joined: Jul 2008
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Meh, could be far worse, could be better. We'll just have to see how he does.
12-18-08, 12:34 PM

Joined: Apr 2007
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I have faith in this film yet.
12-18-08, 12:41 PM

Joined: Nov 2007
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He has to be kidding us, i mean how the ************************** can you fit a entire series in a movie which will probably have to be like 90 minutes. And if they'd indeed take Keanu Reeves as Spike then they might as well cast Jacky Chan as Jet Lee and Hall Berry as Faye. Maybe they could find a roll for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Matt Damon as well and then it'll be a successful movie for sure...
12-18-08, 12:44 PM

Joined: Oct 2007
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Keanu can be a decent actor sometimes. Emphasis there is on sometimes.
If he does get to play Spike (and it is most likely he will be) then I just hope he doesn't screw him up completely. There is still that chance he wont...must...hold
This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.
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