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ef - a tale of melodies Episode 10 Discussion

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Poll: ef - a tale of melodies Episode 10 Discussion

04-23-11, 3:58 AM

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^ That death did came abruptly. I don't really get it, I mean, suddenly there's a vehicle in the midst of that peaceful city. I swear, I don't remember seeing that in the previous episodes (though I tend to forget). What makes me wonder even more, is that that "car" (or at least those driving it) didn't even got out to help Yuuko. Wouldn't you usually apologize or call an ambulance in such a case?! It's kinda freaky. o.O
04-23-11, 8:16 AM

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What the fuck was that?

I mean, they finally can be happy, then you get "owned" by a car?

Are you serious?

Horrible men, extemely rushed.
04-23-11, 9:01 AM

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Sattyricon said:
What the fuck was that?

I mean, they finally can be happy, then you get "owned" by a car?

Are you serious?

Horrible men, extemely rushed.

How can you not "rush" a car hitting someone?
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06-05-11, 10:56 PM

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why didnt they send her to the hospital
06-26-11, 1:56 PM

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I hated the way Yuuko got hit by the car. I mean wtf, it was so random, yet extremely predictable. When I saw the scene where she went to pick up the ball, I was all like "She's sooo gonna get hit by a car." and then the next moment, BAM. I don't get why the driver didn't stop to help her, doesn't make sense at all. The city also seems deserted all the time aside from the main cast, the driver appearing out of no where and the random death just killed the episode.

08-05-11, 7:22 PM

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ryutoSei said:
why didnt they send her to the hospital

She was already dead by the time they reached her.
08-12-11, 6:45 PM

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:( WHY?!?!?! :(
09-05-11, 5:56 AM

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Awwn, poor Yuuko. ;3;
12-02-11, 5:43 AM

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... really? That came so suddenly and had no build-up or impact whatsoever. It's just "Wait, she's dead now?". This could have been handled much better. And why wouldn't she be in an ambulance or brought to a hospital? Blah.
01-02-12, 5:53 PM

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It was hilarious.

02-04-12, 8:48 PM

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So what, killing Amamiya really was the answer? But there was a scene that existed just to say that something simple and violent like that wouldn't work!

I think this whole series has a habit of betraying its own premises (remembering the first series' unfeasibly happy conclusion to the bitter love triangle and the convenient conclusion to the amnesia story). A self-loathing, hateful, mentally ill girl like Yuko as seen in episode 6 wouldn't so easily become happy. This just makes her seem like a shallow character.

I'm starting to think it's trying a really raw form of manipulation; first it's tempestuous to create tension, then it's idyllic to dispel the tension...and in this case, goes right back in the other direction with SUDDENLY A CAR.
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02-14-12, 3:25 AM

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It pains me to say, yes, her death was done so poorly it was laughable...

interestingly, Yuuko's character page (I assumed it happened in the VN) says she died trying to save Mizuki and was pregnant at the time. I'm saddened that her tragic death was so watered down for the anime.
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02-21-12, 11:41 AM

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Karhu said:
It was hilarious.
03-12-12, 6:33 PM

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It was clear that something is going to happen, but this... It was so ridiculous!.. And it happened on Christmas eve... Too much cliche. Was it so difficult to think of something better? I`m dissappointed, rather good storyline was spoiled...
03-16-12, 12:55 PM

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masterpiece art - check
eye-orgasm animation - check
ear-orgasm sound - check
shitty plot - check
overrated - check

yup.. sounds like the Shaft we all know and love.
03-28-12, 11:33 PM

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DAMN YOU SHAFT! You killed an awesome character. D':
BALLS! HOW FUCKED! RAGE! NOT COOL! Well, at least the rest of the characters have to die sooner or later. Then can they all COME TOGETHER...RIGHT NOW....OVER ME! :D
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04-09-12, 9:17 PM

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How on earth is she perfectly lying behind a tree?
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04-12-12, 10:09 AM

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An unnecessary tragedy. Their aim was not rendering a good story, they just tried to make the audience cry as much as they can. A cheap way to become famous and sell a lot of DVDs. Result? Epic win of theirs. There are a lot of up votes for this series in every website. I don't believe that they actually reserved this high of a rank with such a second class show.
04-18-12, 10:55 PM

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They did it way better in the VN. Here her death just seems rushed and it was way less emotional. Still liked the episode for the most part though.
04-29-12, 3:55 PM

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So I JUST finished ep 10 and holy f.....

Right when Yuu and Mizuko found her and the music kicked in, I started bawling. Omfg.
He left her alone under a tree to die!
Seriously, that was the most horrible way for her to pass away.
04-29-12, 3:56 PM

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AhmedHan said:
An unnecessary tragedy. Their aim was not rendering a good story, they just tried to make the audience cry as much as they can. A cheap way to become famous and sell a lot of DVDs. Result? Epic win of theirs. There are a lot of up votes for this series in every website. I don't believe that they actually reserved this high of a rank with such a second class show.

05-28-12, 9:12 AM

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the end was just absolutely heartbreaking....

so much was building up in this episode up to that point.
from their encounter with mizuki, their time spent together, how they were sleeping back to back, and then for something like that to happen?!

they went through so much bullshit to find happiness together, and it ends in such a tragic way ;_;

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07-13-12, 10:15 PM

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i cried my eyes out on the last 3 episodes of this anime xD
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07-17-12, 11:44 AM

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The death of Yuuko was better in the VN, at least she died trying to save Miki
08-09-12, 1:01 AM

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NO!!! YUUKO!!!! I cried my eyes out...
08-17-12, 4:35 AM

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I was expecting her death at some point since in the first season she was some kinda ghost or something but this was such a cop out way of handling it. Also the Engrish song made it worse.
08-21-12, 2:04 AM

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Damn ! This scene really make me sad ! Plus the ebullient song sung softly future..
Goodbye Yuuko..
11-05-12, 7:23 AM

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Why just Why? It was such a nice episode but that ending made me cry :'( how they managed to get every character connected with each other in this Anime is amazing, how much you can care for someone and how the character are developed is just beautiful! They really manage to get the story over to you perfectly!

Really great episode but so sad :'(
11-19-12, 11:48 AM

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Damn I got teary eyes because of this, I realized that all of this had been two different times at the beginning of this episode. It's so damn obvious now that I've realized this, but even so that car crash really got me. And who the hells keeps on driving after you hit someone and notice it?
This'll probably stay with me forever like quite a few other moments from shows I've watched so far.
This sucked, but how will Mizuki's story end? Will it end with Kuze dying? I hope it doesn't.
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12-31-12, 2:23 AM

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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo D:
01-01-13, 10:24 PM

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Hit & run....Son of a....
02-14-13, 10:42 AM

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This show is really good. When I rate a show the voice acting for the dub doesn't usually play that big of a role since they're having to match they're voice to the movement of the characters mouth, but if the voice acting/actor is really bad I usually take off a couple of points. This however can be countered if the show makes up for that, that's how good this show is. I might end up rating this show pretty high unless of course the ending sucks.

What the heck is with those blank screens with numbers placed randomly in the episodes. Is it to mess with my mind? Is it to keep me guessing? Maybe this is part of the psychological genre.

They sure know how to keep the openings and endings from getting boring, but now they have to add a new genre 'mystery' who is the hit and run culprit?
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03-04-13, 1:01 AM

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God dammit. This was my 3rd time watching melodies and I still fucking bawwed like a child (keep in mind I watched this in 2008 while it was airing, so it's been some time).
06-27-13, 1:02 AM

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Well, that wasn't really a surprise, but still.......why? It was really sudden. And seeing all bloody like that.......that's not ever cool. Very sad episode.
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07-16-13, 2:56 PM

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I really have a hard time with that song's English, should have skipped the vocals if they were gonna use it.
07-26-13, 12:20 AM

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I haven't been this saddened by an anime since berserk. I can't imagine what the final episode will have after this episode. Everything else just seems like side story to me.
09-01-13, 9:26 AM

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So it was already hinted that Yuuko was dead since memories but the actual event came very suddenly. I guess that's how death is; not something that is expected. I teared up a bit throughout the episode. One thing I have to mention is that Yuuko is very strong, especially given what she's been through. At least she was able to spend some time with the person she loved.

Every time I hear the "Can you hear it? The melody of truth" in Japanese I swear I get chills.
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09-07-13, 8:15 PM

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HOLY SHIT! :((((((((((
so thats how it is end.. YUUUUKKKKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what an end :"(

I really need to watch next episode now!

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09-24-13, 1:26 PM

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Uhmm excuse me but is no one civil enough to call an ambulance/police/anyone?
I realize that hit and runs happen but Yuu just carries her away...

I know I shouldn't look for realism here but this will bug me for a while.
11-06-13, 1:35 AM

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Wow really now? Instead of giving me feels her death just downright pissed me off. Came here expecting a really good anime but it just seems overrated.
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01-05-14, 3:55 AM

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What is with people getting hit by cars in this series?
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04-15-14, 7:14 AM

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How can the life of yuuko be so sad...
I could cry such a sad life -.-
"Even villains have standards"
05-01-14, 2:55 PM

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I have never thought about that her parents began suicide. That gives me a totally new view on her.

What a sad ending. I just started liking her
06-29-14, 8:27 PM

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Wasn't a surprise that Yuuko died, I mean she always appeared as a ghost in season one. But Jesus man, how can you be so careless?! And the car driver kept going...
08-30-14, 3:43 AM

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Wtf.. why?
Too much drama, memories was better. I got spoiled with Yuuko's death anyways before I started watching melodies anyways..
"Well, it was good while it lasted… We killed some boredom, didn't we?"
10-07-14, 3:02 PM

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goddamn wow.

christmas, young miki+her past, the development of yuuko/himura's relationship, the date, the ball...

once i started putting two and two together..... i freaking knew it.

lost my shit when the insert song came on during the carrying scene

EF why you so cruel.

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03-29-15, 8:23 PM

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I can't even makes me sooo sad
04-06-15, 3:38 PM

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Yuu and Yuuko now live together. Simple but happy life.

They met a girl who turns out to Mizuki. I think Mizuki is Yuuko child, it was not.

When starting a new life, they again received a trial of god. Yuuko hit by a car. Why should a car? In the city as lonely it why there are car?

The closer to the last episode. What will happen next?
05-07-15, 7:49 AM

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What happened to Yuuko was very sad.

Young Mizuki was so cute though.
It was interesting that Kuze was the one who gave her that ribbon and that she had heard him play in the past.
It explains why she had such a strong reaction to hearing him play the violin.
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