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01-19-14, 8:44 PM

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this feels like some fantasy world a teen dreams of. The main character is OP and baddass. That's cool and all, but it pretty much kills his character development. Otherwise, the anime felt pretty bland and predictable. I was watching it with my kid brother and could predict almost every quotes during the battles.
01-23-14, 12:25 PM

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Whenever you ask "Why do people like this so much?" there is just one right answer: because it suits their tastes
04-06-14, 11:26 AM

Joined: Dec 2013
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Yeah I really didn't like this anime to much but the concept was cool and the characters were all interesting in their own way.
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04-07-14, 8:25 PM

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To be honest, 2 episodes in i was almost ready to drop the anime because the seemingly lack of character development and how accepting they were of the situation, but at about episode 4-5 it completely changed my opinion and actually made the first few episodes a little clearer, now i love it and i'm keeping it on my second season radar. The action was great and there was plenty of hilarious moments to keep me going, 9/10
04-10-14, 10:41 AM

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Why people like this? I think it's mostly because they are crazy about overpowered protagonist. That's what most of them told me when I asked. But that's not enough to me personally.

I gave it 6/10 since it was just about average. No real character development or any story development and since protagonist was overpowered for no apparent reason, it just resulted in boring fights and that's all there is to it.

I guess if only thing you care about is cool protagonist, then this is enough for you.
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