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Favorite Fate/Stay Night Route

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Poll: What is favorite Fate/Stay Night Route?

11-11-11, 1:38 PM

Joined: Dec 2010
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Fate route. Although very sad, it feels right, like that's the way it was meant to happen... kinda hard to explain what I meanXD.
I like UBW a lot too, whereas HF was ''meh''.
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11-11-11, 7:12 PM

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Ixalion said:
Fate route. Although very sad, it feels right, like that's the way it was meant to happen... kinda hard to explain what I meanXD.

I have that feeling too. The end is very, very sad but this is just the most beautiful route.
11-12-11, 8:05 PM

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Unlimited Blade Works was the most epic out of the three in my opinion. It's also the route where romance isn't the central theme (Not that romance is bad).
12-23-11, 4:16 PM

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Figured I'd drop this here as it more or less summarizes my opinions on the three routes.

In short, I loved pretty much everything about this VN. The characters were phenomenal, particularly Shirou (I count Archer as a part of Shirou's character,btw) and the three main heroines. They were wonderfully developed three dimensional character and, let's not forget Ilya and Kirei who were great in their own rights.

But, ultimately, if I have to choose I'll have to go with Unlimited Blade Works as my favorite. Archer's betrayal, his gambit to have Rin win the war, Rin punching out Caster, her contracting with Saber, Archer and Shirou clashing over their ideals, Shirou's epic Unlimited Blade Works scene, and finally the final scenes in the true ending. Gripping stuff.

I loved various things about the other two routes. Sakura slowly going mad in HF, Kotomine in general, Ilya in general, Shriou throwing his ideal away, Saber vs. Shirou (bad end), being forced to kill Saber in cold blood, Rin kicking ass, and that final fist fight. The only thing holding this back was the sort of weak ending in comparison to the other two routes. I still liked how Sakura smiled at the end, though and having the epilogue from Rin's Pov was a nice touch.

And, in Fate I liked the romance, Saber's characterization was remarkably handled, the You Are My Sheath scene, Shirou saying he can't take the Holy Grail when captured by Kirei, and the Saber vs. Gigamesh scene which is my personal favorite of the final battles. The first time Emiya was used was freaking epic.

But, anyway, UBW barely wins out for me. But, the other two are great in their own way.
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01-22-12, 4:06 AM

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Shocked said:
"Saber's staring at me with cold eyes. I...

1. ...Save Saber.
2. ...Bring my arm down."

..........Freaking hell.

I chose bring my arm down first time. Man, that was painful to watch.

Anyways, Unlimited Blade Works. Rin<3
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04-02-12, 10:57 AM

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But if you consider the emotional part a bit more, Fate goes as 1st.
The best relationship was definitely Saber-Shirou, but UBW gets the 1st place for it's main idea...
Best scene: HF/"Sparks Liner High" (bad end tho xD )
04-04-12, 3:33 PM

Joined: Aug 2010
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Valik93 said:
But if you consider the emotional part a bit more, Fate goes as 1st.
The best relationship was definitely Saber-Shirou, but UBW gets the 1st place for it's main idea...
Best scene: HF/"Sparks Liner High" (bad end tho xD )

That is all bias of course. I can argue that Sakura-Shirou was the best relationship, or that HF was the best route.
04-07-12, 7:52 AM

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Of course... There are as many opinions as there are people =))
I can't say that HF didn't touch me, but for me Sakura is a bit weak of an individual (and I can understand even this, considering her "childhood"...)
P.S.: I hate worms xD
09-09-12, 12:55 PM

Joined: May 2012
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Although HF is pretty interesting with lots of great moments and it IMO stood out the most, I have the greatest affection for UBW. I liked the confilct between Shirou and Archer, Rin is favourite girl from F/SN, we got lots of Lancer, lots of Archer (I adore these guys <3).
I'm not fond of Sakura (her story was touching and strong, I agree, but after some time I got tired of her constant suffering). As for Fate - it was a good introduction to the world of Fate/, but wasn't so epic as the next two routes, at least for me xD
09-09-12, 1:10 PM

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Well I would choose UBW, but HF and Fate are great also. I chose this route because of GAR moments.

The plot was very interesting and my favorite moment was when Shirou vs Gilgamesh fought and that legendary sentence: "Do you have enough swords King of Heroes?", Rin is also very interesting (& pretty) character.
I liked HF for such tragic and beautiful story, and Fate becasue of Saber (<3) but UBW is my fav.

PS. Why prologue is in the poll? It isn't a normal route.
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09-22-12, 2:32 PM

Joined: Apr 2012
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I must admit, that Heaven's Feel was clearly the best route, but UBW is my favourite. I have fondness to epic stuff. In Fate there was just too much of Saber (yes, I don't find Saber awesome like most of people :). Plot in HF is great, but worms, rapes, worms, cannibalism, worms, nymphomania and more worms is not enough to beat epicness of second route. Archer's story + fights + Gilgamesh + professor with terminator mode on + most awesome skill in the world (UBW) = ftw :)
11-14-12, 11:32 AM

Joined: Oct 2011
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UBW was my favorite route just because it was so epic, although I loved the romance with Saber more than Rin. Heaven's Feel is depressing, but in a good way.
11-25-12, 2:42 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
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UBW > HF > Fate.

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01-05-13, 9:39 AM

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Since the release of Realta Nua, My favorite would have to be the Fate route. Saber's my favorite heroine, and I'm a sucker for those happy endings.
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01-15-13, 10:58 AM

Joined: Jul 2012
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I never saw heavens feel so would love a link so I can see it but I prefer ubw because it has the best ending I didn't like fate/stay nights ending
02-28-13, 10:55 AM

Joined: Sep 2011
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MikuIzumi said:
I never saw heavens feel so would love a link so I can see it but I prefer ubw because it has the best ending I didn't like fate/stay nights ending

Check XerBlade's channel on YT. He uploaded all the scenes on each routes of F/SN, including Heaven's Feel.

I have a sickness called gettingarousedbyhorieyui'svoice syndrome.
04-20-13, 10:21 AM

Joined: Jan 2012
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Unlimited Blade Works, no doubts. Mostlty because Tohsaka is my favorite heroine and Lancer really was badasss in the route. The route was bit poor when it came to love but it still had some love moments that make it out just fine.

It was a bad idea that the made a movie of the route and not tv anime of it
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04-28-13, 11:15 PM

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Can't really choose one for my favorite, UBW has Shirou and Archer being total badasses, HF looks like more canon (which i prefer) than the others + the Shirou vs. Kirei fight and Ninelives Revolver arc, Fate has Saber which is my favorite character in all of nasuverse + the Realta Nua Golden Separation arc where i shed a tear the first time i saw it.
08-25-13, 4:50 PM

Joined: Jul 2013
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I prefer the SaberxShirou romance in Fate and the ending, but UBW has to be my most favorite route out of all of them! XD Heavens feel? No. Its not that its too dark, its just that I don't like it plus the length~gah
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10-30-13, 4:03 AM

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I always love main route. Dunno why but Heaven's Feel is just too sad.
10-31-13, 7:54 PM

Joined: Apr 2013
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Heaven's Feel because of all the god damn FEELS.

9 Bullet Revolver, Spark Liner High, dem Illya moments especially the end. At first it used to be my least liked route til overtime it grew on me for its bold attempt to do things completely different to the other routes.

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11-04-13, 8:37 PM

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Fate>Heavens Feel>UBW

Fate is my first because I prefer the romance and story line better than the others, though the fight scenes are indeed inferior it still doesn't take away from my opinion on it. Plus the true ending (Yes, I view the LE canon) of the route is my favorite.

As for Heavens feel being my second, Yes the fight scenes were one of the best and Shirou being all GAR and stuff...However the parts I can't really stand...Sakura.(I personally just really dislike her.) Too much kitchen scenes, and H scenes(T_T), Gil getting killed off in such a stupid way, and of course the deaths of my favorite characters(Saber and Illya) Though, the romance is not that bad nor good, Sakura's backstory was made quite well.

UBW. Love the GAR fight scenes(Especially with Archer vs Shirou), Rin my second most favorite heroine (out of the three :p), ARCHER's backstory was well made though, the romance IMO had no chemistry. And the general story line ain't that interesting. Minus points for killing Ilya in such a way as that XP It was the most boring one for me.

EDIT: After years I reread the VN for the 3rd itme and MO changed XP
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05-01-14, 9:05 PM

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Favourite route has got to be HF. That one decision Shirou has to make sealed the deal for me. To either uphold his ideal of being a hero by saving many lives with the killing of one life, or to destroy his own ideal and protect the one he loves, valuing her life more than other people.

That conflict made me love the HF route.
05-13-14, 2:39 PM

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I know it is technically the worst one but I'd be lying if I said any route got me involved more than Fate. I just really like Saber.
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08-27-14, 3:15 PM

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I don't hate any of the routes, but my fav has to be UBW, since it's got the most action.
Heaven's Feel I like cause of the fact he value's Sakura's life over just a majority.
11-24-14, 9:38 AM

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I honestly loved HF the most with UBW coming a close second. Honestly though, all the routes support each other to assemble one great story.
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03-04-15, 4:51 AM

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UBW for me.This is the route in which we truly see the potential of Shirou.Plus, I like Rin.
04-15-15, 9:01 AM

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i'm not really that big a fan of Rin but UBW has the most Assassin and the most Archer and maybe the most Lancer idk but i think they deserve more time in the other routes. the action and story are in my opinion the best in UBW as well meaning i don't have that much trouble choosing. even in HF rider needs more time imo tho.

Assassin (F/UBW) > Archer > Lancer > Kuzuki > Rider > Gilgamesh (he's better in F/Z) > Sakura > Saber > Rin
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