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08-15-12, 8:50 AM

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According to the official website, Kokoro Connect was announced to be 17 episodes long. It's likely that Episodes 14 - 17 will be streamed online or Blu-ray only.

Chapter list:

Source: Kokoro Connect official website

Update Sep 30
According to Kokoro Connect official Twitter account, episodes 14 - 17 will be first shown at a live event, followed by the Blu-ray releases in March and April.

Source: Kokoro Connect Anime Twitter
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08-15-12, 8:51 AM

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08-15-12, 8:57 AM

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I'm fine with it being only 17 and not 24-26, it could as well have been 13 or ro.
But this Bakemonogatari-like faggottry is the worst thing possible and will hugely affect my enjoyment of this good series.
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08-15-12, 8:58 AM

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Strange episode count but I'm fine with it.
08-15-12, 9:03 AM

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Wow, I've never heard of a 17 nor 16 episodes anime before

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08-15-12, 9:03 AM

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dtshyk said:
Kokoro Connect was announced to be 17 episodes long.

watashi kininarimasu! maybe there will be a second season?

or one of the staff members switched with the director and told the staff to turn it into 17 episodes long because he was so tired and confused with the whole story o.O
08-15-12, 9:04 AM

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I don't know if it's a good news or not...
08-15-12, 9:09 AM

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Beats 12-13 episodes!
08-15-12, 9:10 AM

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That many add-on episodes which don't air regularly? What the hell?
08-15-12, 9:11 AM

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yeah whoo
the bakemonogatari like thing probably wont be delayed for A DAMN YEAR
so im glad
if it takes a year tho, screw that
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08-15-12, 9:16 AM

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At least it's better than 12 episodes
08-15-12, 9:17 AM

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online or BR only?

damn,The same thing with saki achiga..
08-15-12, 9:23 AM

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This has been known for a while.

But it's good.
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08-15-12, 9:27 AM

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17 episodes? Mhmm I'm fine with that.
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08-15-12, 9:31 AM

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08-15-12, 9:32 AM

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So it was confirmed. And why all people mention only BMG. How about Ore Imo?

There are 6 novels and two books of side-stories for now so it's a good thing to adapt first for novels for now
08-15-12, 9:33 AM

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It was estimated a while ago that it would probably be around 17 episodes. Nonetheless it really is a shame they couldn't just have a second season instead of shoving Michi Random into the end of this one.
08-15-12, 9:34 AM

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Didn't see that coming.
08-15-12, 9:34 AM

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Yeah it was obvious from the prices on the BD solicitation (some volumes are almost ¥9000) that something was up and some discs had more than 2 episodes. I was glad when I saw confirmation of 17 episodes.

On the other hand, it's the same exact mixed feeling I have every time this happens: More of a show I like? Good! Almost guaranteed uncertainty over when we'll get to see the extra episodes? Bad!

More good than bad, I guess, but I prefer the broadcast airing end on a solid (if not necessarily completely conclusive) note and not leave us hanging for months for a satisfactory ending or stopping point.

With this being arc-based I guess we just need Kako Random to have a solid ending. And of course the novels are ongoing as well, so there wouldn't be a completely conclusive ending anyway.
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08-15-12, 9:45 AM

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17 seems like a random number in terms of anime eps huh? But meh. Still beats 12/13 eps anytime considering how much I enjoy this show atm. :)
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