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07-24-12, 8:30 PM

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As Adam's momentum was focused on cutting down Blue's back flesh, he saw that the brute was countering. Unable to completely dodge the assault, Adam lowered his left arm attempting to guard of the strength, as much as he could. Unfortunately, Blue's own momentum, from his swing at Adam, made guarding look pointless as Adam was sent flying to another wall, this time one that was metal, leaving the shape of his body on. With the impact, the damage was excruciating. It only added the blunt pain he had before. He certainly had broken bones, and the pain was clear as he fell on the ground, dropping both his scabbard and katana.

"D-Damn it..."

Adam felt unlucky. It was as if he was getting the worse of the hits compared to girl and the other swordsman. On the ground, trying to let himself rest for second, which he knew he had since he wasn't Blue's only opponent, he started to think of a plan. To him, this.was just a test of skills and abilities. It wasn't like he actually wanted to help a thief. For the man, based on what he said earlier, this was a competition for the sword. Unfortunately, Adam wasn't interested in a sword that belonged to someone else. As for the girl, he had no idea why she was actually getting into it. Processing his thoughts, he looked forward to see Alex actually attempting to fight Blue one on one.


Come to think of it, this wasn't fair at all. Since he thought this was a test for him, there was no real test if it was three on one. Although, clearly it shows that it would be better, Adam had no intentions on making Grateful Blue his enemy, nor take hos sword. He just wanted the marines to come so he can collect the bounty... Except no marines was in sight. Letting out another deep breath, Adam grabbed both his scabbard and katana. He then used the scabbard to help lift him up and keep balance, since he couldn't push himself on his own, for obvious reasons.

Not wanting to move from his location, to not strain his body too much, he analyzed the situation. He looked at everyone's distance from each other, with him being further away. Then he looked at everyone's wounds. Like him, the girl and boy only had blunt wounds. Blue, on the other hand, had the worst of the wounds with cuts all over him, which proved they could get close enough to him to actually strike him. If they were gonna take him out, it would have to be a fatal wound, or at least a large enough wound to make him faint from loss of blood. Although, since this is a test, he would need to deal wig the other two and to do that, he would need help because of his current state.

"Time to shake things up a bit..."

Taking advantage of him being behind both Alex and Daisuke, he kicked a rock,that was the size of a fist, at the back of Daisuke's head and threw his.scabbard at the back of Alex's head. Adam attempted to make them lose focus, even if it was little, for Blue to have an opening to strike at them. An added bonus was to damage their head, to at least daze them. Meanwhile, Adam kept his guard up in case Blue would charge at him, or even the other two. He wasn't gonna get caught of guard this time...
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07-25-12, 9:49 AM

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Blue did not think about how or why but he finally managed to get a hold of his family sword, its ornate blade glowed brightly at the recognition of its owner hand, runes of old flaring up with blue fairy light. The blade had looked pretty normal until this point, but now the beauty of the blade was fully realized as its power shone outwards at the three who where now steadily apporaching from all sides.

Idiots! They let him have the sword!?
Are these guys mad?
What the hell are they thinking!
Thats Grateful Blue, he is a swordsman ain't he!? Why would they let him have his weapon!
Ive heard he can level buildings with a single slash!
Hey, lets get out of here before he starts swinging!?

As blue rose up with his sword in hand, the crowds started whispering maniacly, a great number of them started to disperse and soon there were almost noone left, only the bravest standing back, looking out from the cover of building and so on, only the pirates watching on were left, now no longer covered by the crowds.

These guys are seriously insane, they are all asking me for a one on one duel!? They first try robbing me, they slice me up when I am still weaponless, and now they are asking me for ONE ON ONE!?

Dammit, this pisses me off!
Ill skewer all of you bastards!

At this time Adam threw his objects towards the two, Alex quickly realized the scabbard heading towards her(this is due to the observation haki and his perc) and managed to avoid it, but Daisuke, while he did see it eventually was not able to avoid it and was forced to break out of his stance to block the incoming missile, though in the end they were only minorly inconvienced, though it did allow for what Adam had hoped, though maybe not in the fashion he had initially planned.

Take this; Blue Special:

Blue used his amazing burst of speed to do an extremely fast rotation causing his body to look like a tornado for a very fleeting moment, cutting his sword through the empty air in a circular motion. Though while at first this action seemed pointless, as his blade were far from cutting into any of them, when they looked closer they could see thin lines in the air, and thats when they realized that Blue had cut the air itself.

((Fairly known legend, if you think your character would know it, click the link))

Blue Day Twister!

It had only gone a split second since he had stopped his rotation, only allowing him to say his last line before the cuts in the air suddenly expanded out towards them, and before they could react they felt an invisible blade cut into them, scoring lines or red in their flesh, clothes and flesh and all violated beneath a spinning tornado of air blades. It was over as quickly as it had began, but they all had taken considerable damage, fortantly none of them were mortally wounded, though they were still littered with painful shallow cuts, nevertheless the situation had turned in Blues favour, despite his earlier troubles.

Did you feel that? Huh!? With my blade I am unstoppable, the very idea of you snotty children trying to take me on one on one, ridiculous!

If the situation was different, a one on one might have been possible, but how things had turned out now, taking on blue alone would be ridicelous, they were all bleeding and by now they should be feeling tired, plus if they took more damage now, being able to attend the event of the decade would become unlikely. It should be clear to them that they had to take him down as a team or he would kill them with his next attack.

That first blow as just a taste..
The next attack will go deeper!
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Memories are the materials of a Soul, it is what makes and defines you.
And as such, blood is the currency of the soul, the silver plate of the will.

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07-25-12, 9:55 AM

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As Noah approached the amusement park, he bumped into several groups of people rushing out of the park in frenzy. It was like a mad rush, everyone running for their lives, and all the while Noah fought against the current of people in order to get inside. One woman grabbed Noah by the collar and protested to him, calling him, “insane! You must be if you think you’re headed there!” Yet he gently pulled her hands off of his collar before assuring her that he would advance.

The sea of people slowly began to die down, and he found himself navigating through the crowd a lot easier. Finally, he made it to where the rumors lead him, and the rumors were certainly true. In the middle of the park stood a man of gargantuan proportions laced with curly golden hair. He appeared to be engaged in a duel with three other swordsmen. Not too far from them were a trio consisting of an elderly man, the famed black smith Ringer, and another person that looked like a child.

“Finally,” he stated with an exhaled, as he reached into the inside of his shirt and pulled out a flask. The liquor tasted like heaven right about now, especially after the long jog and swim through the sea of frantic people, but the frenzy didn’t end there, oh no, it was far from over. When Noah returned the flask into his shirt, he was met with an agonizing squeal that couldn’t have come at a worse time.


A girl seemingly jumped out of nowhere and tackled him to the ground, followed by the dog pile of more women, ravaging him like some sort of mad dog.


He protested but to no avail, soon he was carried off from the amusement park, towards area 20.
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07-25-12, 10:40 AM

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Alex watched as Blue rose up with his sword in his hand. As she watched she noticed that the sword itself started to change. although it looked fairly normal before it was now shining blue and Alex eyes widened in shock.

Imposible, i never expected to encounter that in such a place, it was foolish for him to let him have his sword but there is just no joy in taking someone unarmed down

Alex raised her sword to block any attack that might come her way. just as she did so she felt like something was coming from behind and she managed to avoid the scabbard hitting her. She watched as Blue called out a special move that included his name and span in a circle. a second later he stopped and alex thought that the move was pointless as nothing had happened.

"Tch i dislike people who name moves after themselves"

As she was taking she had just noticed what happened. blades of air were moving for all 3 of them. It was far too late to dodge the attack and blocking with her sword would be futile. so alex did the only thing she could and raised her free arm to protect her face. the attack hit and she felt cut into her. although it didn't do considerable damage it angered her that her outfit was destroyed.

"It is you that is ridiculous Grateful. the very idea that you are unstoppable is pathetic. noone is unstoppable. Granted you are formidable, however i was never going to take you one on one. but it's been a while since we've fought together that we've forgotten how to work together"

Alex dug her sword into the ground and lifted herself up onto her feet. she was panting slightly from exhaustion however she still refused to give.

"My name is Alex Odair and you will do well to Remember our names Grateful. as we will be the one's to bring you down"
"Just like a person holding a sword trying to protect something. That maybe one's life, or place in society, or reputation, things that one loves, things that one believes; it matters not if it's good or bad, the will to 'protect it' does not change."- yoruichi
07-25-12, 10:41 AM

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"Good swordsman...?" Milo wasn't sure if they were talking about the same person since the Daisuke he had seen had spent the majority of this fight being airborne in between greeting new kinds of foodstands.

"I think he seems better at getting his butt kicked around..." Milo said amusingly. But suddenly a whole lot of things happened at once. First he reacted to someones dying scream for help and turned around to see a flamboyant man getting dragged away by a group of women. He had been inclined to help the man, but he got the distinct impression that said man had just called him a child and immediately thought otherwise, leaving the man to whatever fate that lie in wait for him.

Turning back to the fight, Blue had begun yelling triumphantly while grasping his sword firmly and suddenly made a fast twisting move. Milo reacted when he saw the thin lines moving outwards from him and quickly sat down to not get hit by a stray.

"Woah, I'm definately keeping my bet on that guy! What do you say grampa, it's not too late to win a couple of beli from Ringer."
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07-25-12, 11:31 AM

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"Now hold on, just wait. I have faith in him. I've made enough swords in my life and met enough swordsman to tell them apart, this one carries himself with a swordsmans pride." Ringer replied with a smart grin.

No sooner had he voiced his faith in Daisuke when suddenly Blue unleashed his attack. Ringer hit the deck and pulled Kagari down with him, who only grunted and gave Ringer a sharp look for yanking him into the ground.
"I already own his ass, why would i need his Beli? Besides the poor sod is broke as a church-rat! Whahaha!" Kagari laughed, much to Ringers dismay as Ringer only shook his head at the old mans stinging remarks.

"That blue fella, he's packing some serious firepower in those swings.." Ringer said, continuing to observe the fight. Somewhere within he wished that they had just kept on walking instead of going after the sword, but he understood the swordsmans resolve to aquire this blade now that he had seen what it could do in the right hands.
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07-25-12, 2:32 PM

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His eyes narrowed as he saw the legendary blade's true power unlocked within the hands of blue, but he wasn't about ready to let him use it. Leaning forward and bending his knees, he was about ready to burst into a Soru when he heard a slight whiz through the air.

"I said I'm serious now... like I'd let you-"

Turning his body to find a large rock flying at his face now, he used the back edge of Annabelle to deflect it and swerved out of the way before hearing a distinct sound only heard before when he had seen higher ranking officers come for inspection and put on a demonstration. Air being cut. Turning his head back, he quickly held up the other blade to protect himself and braced for impact. Blood spurted from his right shoulder but it wasn't too deep of a cut. A sharp twinge of pain on his left cheek before warm liquid began to drip down it. Then a much more intense pain hit his left arm as he realized his sword was cut straight through. Damn shitty marines and their cheap grunt katana!

Is that Ringer guy still backing me? Damn... can't lose now.

In a swift dash of his arm, Daisuke tossed the useless broken sword at Blue, then stepped forward with his right foot and slowly sheathed the lovely blue blade on his left hip, his eyes narrowing. He leaned his weight over and tried to gauge Blue's pose and stance within a second to see where looked vulnerable and found a good patch of flesh under his left arm with maybe a good organ or ab muscle he could split in two and held the scabbard of his blade with his left hand and the handle with the other.

"Ittō-Ryū Iai:"

Straining his legs to go into another Soru, this one more of a fast dash, he ran past Blue's left side in an instant and unsheathed his blade to slash across his body, carrying his arm from right to left and putting all the power in his strongest cutting technique before he came to a stop moderately past the hulking man and re-sheathed his sword, hopefully cutting away a large part of the enemy's left abdomen.

"Ō kama!(King's scythe)"
07-25-12, 2:41 PM

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Of course, by now, Keratani was fast approaching Grove 20. She was almost there.

Along the way she heard about some silly sword and a demonic fruit of some kind. Neither of which piqued her already waning interest. No, she was there for one reason and she would hunt that down with the single-mindedness of a starving lion chasing its prey. Her estimated time of arrival in the grove would be five minutes, however she would have been there by now if the streets weren't so crowded and rowdy.
07-26-12, 2:12 PM

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Adam's plan had been successful only half of what he wanted to happen. It was successful as it did distract Alex and Daisuke, as he wanted, so that Blue would attack them, but it had failed because Blue did an attack large enough to attack all three of them at once. Adam wasn't expecting for a giant like Blue to spin in place. Honestly, it looked kinda funny, except the attack wasn't something to laugh at because as he stopped, Adam felt something similar to tiny blade cutting all over his body. It also appeared that Alex and Daisuke had their own.share of cuts. Lucky for Adam though, because he was further away, it didn't have the same effect on him as it had with the other two. Still, he heard about legendary swords with some unique abilities but he had never encountered one before this. In a sense, it was thrilling although dangerous as the brute wasn't gonna be nice and spare their lives, so he thought.

"We need an opening. Attack at once is futile as he can do an area attack. We have to strike the moment either before or after his strike... We also need to have our own distance in order to not get caught in the attack. That boy over there has Soru, and that girl has good reaction as she was able to dodge my scabbard with her back turned... Maybe..."

This wasn't what Adam wanted, to be a fight.of three versus one but considering the circumstances, they had to. This man was at a higher level, and with his sword, they could and would definitely die. Thus, he was thinking a plan. With his injuries, he would charge at Blue, as bait, to gain his focus. If he can get him wounded, that's a bonus. Meanwhile, Alex and Daisuke would keep their distance and Alex would observe an opening then when she sees one, she signals Daisuke so he can strike using Soru. Unfortunately, Daisuke had dashed and strikes before listening to his plan.

"Damn idiot!..."

Being fast and striking first would be able to wound the giant but if they didn't think things through, then he can counter and they would get hurt also. They had to play it safe with the injuries they had already but this guy didn't care. It aggravated Adam. Then, he had thought of just staying out in the sidelines so that he can recover a bit as well as observe what other abilities Blue had, with the sword, but there was no guarantee that he would let him be. So, Adam decided, still somewhat sore, to jump on one of the floating bubbles, that was near by him, and jumped on the roof of the building that he had crashed on. Sitting there, watching the fight, as he was on guard, recovering and observing.
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07-27-12, 12:13 PM

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I had planned to kill you anyway for the disrespect you have shown me!
So Ill take the opportunity to show you why I and the Oshikiri are truly unstoppable!

He swung his blade out to the right and was about to head of towards her in a charging motion when he suddenly heard an attack get called out "Ittō-Ryū Iai:", causing him to drop out of his intented attack pattern, his attention changed to the sudden attacker, first deflecting the thrown object.

You again!?

Daisuke had been so fast that most people would not even be able to see him move, his form but a glimmer of light.. Yet his sword did not taste flesh, it was stopped by nothingness, to people looking on it would look like he suddenly stopped, his blade suddenly clashing with an invisible force.. To Daisuke it was different; he had been able to see the legendary blade swing out before him but it had continued out of where it had to be to block his blow, and now he was blocking air itself, an invisible cut stopping his blade as if it was as solid as steel.

Ill show you and the girl the true horror of the Oshikiri..

The real sword came about in circle, and was now plunging towards him from his left flank, the man using his large frame to get a advantage in reach, and at the same time the invisible cut he was blocking suddenly started pushing outwards, similarly to what had happened in the earlier attack, making him unable to drop out of his block as the real thing came in for the kill.

Blue Air Style:

This was the true advantage of the sword in a fight versus other swordsmen, the man wielding the Oshikiri did not hold in his hand one sword, but a limitless number of potential blades, enabling him to block and attack at the same time! And now, this ability was being used to hold him in a block that he could not cease without taking the force of a real sword to the face, while the real sword was attempting to plunge into him from the left.

Thrust of the blue sky!

Things went into slow motion as the blade rushed towards him, the legendary tip diving in first, a tip known to be able to cut anything, it would most surely cut straight through him as if he was made of cotton, leaving there to be no doubt that it would indeed end his life, yet Blue had left himself open for attack by both Alex and Adam which the latter had managed to get himself up to a fairly safe position!

Memories are the materials of a Soul, it is what makes and defines you.
And as such, blood is the currency of the soul, the silver plate of the will.

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07-27-12, 10:13 PM

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~A tremor can be felt coming from district 60, getting weaker as it progresses through the other districts~
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07-27-12, 10:40 PM

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Ringer didnt hesitate a second this time. It was as if he didnt even take half a second to think about it, becouse the moment Daisuke was stopped Ringer was already moving like a runaway freightertrain towards Blue. Still, Ringer wasnt a fast runner, and was some distance a way.

"Kagari! Metal!!" He shouted, almost shrieked. The old man behind was already face-down into his rucksack and pulled out a bar of copper. "Stupid boy!! Here!!" With a disgusting grunt only an old man could make, he tossed it to the charging Ringer.

Ringer caught it with his right hand, and with all his might he swung the arm around in front of him where it was met by his left hand. "Tekkai-Crunch!" he roared, and pummeled the copperbar between his hands, bending the soft metal to a diskshape. He rolled it into a rod, twisted it into a spiral, stretched it beyond its own length. The solid copper looked like spaghetti in Ringers hands as he worked the metal until it was a long rod of twisted metal 2-meters long. The copper was red with heat from being handled so brutally, the friction having made the metal hot and malleable, and was now cooling down again.

The steps of the blacksmith could be felt in the ground as he charged straight in with seemingly no plan at all. The sheer force that was now in motion would be hard to stop even for the strongest. Ringer was now a mere 5 meters from Daisuke and Blue, and there was no stopping him.

I'm not gonna make it in time!!
Ringer thought, and tossed the rod with all his might towards Blue like a spear. THe pointy end wasnt very sharp, but with the force it was thrown at it could easily scewer a man.
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"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known" -Carl Edward Sagan
07-28-12, 8:15 AM

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Alex listened as blue couldn't even say her last name. well he either couldn't say it or remember it which pissed her off as it was so simple to remember. Alex lifted her sword up into a defensive position as she knew he was about to attack any second.


Grateful was just about to charge at her when he suddenly stopped and turned to his attacker. he was so fast that alex hadn't even seen him move and yet here he was right next to Blue and yet it seemed his attack had been stopped.

i was using myself as bait but i suppose this will do

As soon as his attention was away from her Alex started running at Grateful. she ran around first so she was running directly at his back. she watched as Blue lifted his sword and she knew that he was going to attack sweetcheeks.

Damn it, there is no way he could block that attack

That was when she noticed another man run towards Blue and he was doing something with his hands. she couldn't pay attention to it as she had her own Goal. Grateful was busy with Sweetcheeks and because the man now running at him looked more of a threat than she did left him wide open from an attack from her.

Got you

Alex was about 2 meter's away from Grateful and she jumped into the air. as she did so she brung her sword around infront of her heading straight for Grateful. on it's current path if Grateful didn't move or notice her then her sword will enter his back and just pass by the left side of his heart and come out the front.
"Just like a person holding a sword trying to protect something. That maybe one's life, or place in society, or reputation, things that one loves, things that one believes; it matters not if it's good or bad, the will to 'protect it' does not change."- yoruichi
07-28-12, 10:31 AM

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"Huh, Ringer?"

Milo was startled as Ringer got up and charged off towards Grateful, but he felt that Ringer wouldn't stand a chance coming in head on like that, so Milo quickly got to his feet, drew the gun on his right-side hip while opening his satchel. He emptied the chamber of the gun hastily into the bag while digging around for eight new bullets that he loaded the chamber with and then slammed it shut. He readied the gun at hip height and placed his free hand over the hammer of the gun just as Ringer seemed to brace for throwing the hunk of metal at Grateful.

"Trippleee... Round Burst!"

A single bang was heard as Milo fired three shots in such a quick succession that you couldn't distinguish the three different shots from each other. They licked past Ringer just after he let go of the spear with one bullet grazing over it and heading for Blues face, another passing just below it and heading for his sword arms elbow and the third a bit to the side of it and heading for his chest.

(Milo has changed Ebony's ammunition to explosive rounds, he has now 5 left in it. The rounds will explode in a 5 centimeter radius upon first contact after being fired)
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07-28-12, 6:04 PM

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They really care... too bad a sword is still heading for me so quickly.

Daisuke either overestimated his own speed or underestimated the reaction time of his target, but despite two distractions Blue managed to put up a strong defense and add a fatally powerful counterattack to the mix. Adam lazily sat off to the side and left Daisuke wide open... he'd get him back later for that. Two attacks... what a huge pain. Ittoryu really wasn't his specialty. Another Soru could possibly save him but his legs couldn't muster up the strength. He was low on options and time. Of course... Daisuke also always had more than one blade on him.

Tilting his whole body to the right on a bent leg, his left leg kicked up with incredible force and his right leg unbent to boost him back, springing him back. The air blade pushed him back as his left leg released an air blade of his own, rather weak but headed straight at Grateful's face to provide a distraction, one worth noting since if he didn't at least close his eyes, blinding him to the other attacks, it may cut his eyeballs and leave him permanently blind. Okashiri managed to cut open the top of his abdomen and he winced and bled sorely, his muscles cut open. At this sensation his whole body felt weaker and his body began to fall straight down, the air blade cutting into his right leg a bit. He put all his power in his arms and grasped the edge of Annabelle, tilting it to deflect the air blade as he fell on his back and his body was turned slightly. On his right hip he slid on the ground and braced for impact, hoping Blue couldn't focus enough to run him through.
07-29-12, 7:37 AM

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Adam was just watching, as Blue made his next attack. At first it looked like he was gonna attack Alex but quickly changed his attention to Daisuke as he was about to strike. Of course, Blue was ready for him and was about to counter. At that moment, one of the spectators had jumped in, some older guy that Adam didn't know, at least not yet. Not until he had used tekkai. That's when Adam knew who he was. The reason for why Adam came to this place in the first place. The well known craftsman, Ringer. It appeared that he knew of the man that is about to be strikes by Blue, it also appeared that another spectator had Ringer's back, as he drew his guns.

With more people jumping in the fight, he wondered how things would play out. More numbers gave them the advantage. It also allowed Adam to rest a bit more as at this point, Blue would lose focus of Adam since he had two more jumping in.

"In the ninja world, those who break the rules are trash, that's true, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash." ~ Kakashi Hatake
07-29-12, 3:41 PM

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((Ive written alot, so some details might have been forgotten in the chaos, I am sorry if I forgot something but it can't be helped.))

The sudden flash of agility took blue slightly by surprise, but he had not really expected him to just drop down and die ether, but instead of closing his eyes like the guy had hoped he instead brought his free arm down upon the wind slash, breaking the thing as if it was nothing but a simple gust of wind. He had managed to still wound the boy, it was time to finish him while he was still down.. But then suddenly he heard noise coming from a bit up ahead, looking up he saw a large man, just a bit smaller than himself, throw a large rod like object towards him like a spear, and a guy a bit closer drew guns at him, firing three shots in short succession.

Blue Dance Style: Heavenly Weave!

In unbelivable display of skill, his body moved in a way that scholars would deem impossible, his body twisting and turning like crazy, his blade working at a furcious pace, and when it all was done a thousand small cuts littered the air, all done before the speeding bullets could even reach him, and now instead of finding flesh they were deflected as they hit the invisible wall of hidden swords, the bullets falling harmlessly to the ground. Then without taking a moments break, he took a slight jump and grabbed the incoming spear while it was still in flight and threw it back towards Ringer. It was at this moment that the girl was about to leave a fatal blow from behind, though it might have looked like he had forgotten her in the chaos, he had not.

Armament Haki!

The girl stabbed her sword with the intention of skewering her opponent, but instead of burning through flesh she felt the familiar feeling of metal meeting metal, the blade could do nothing to penetrate the Mans body which had now turned to something similar to steel. She was forced to use the mans body as a platform to jump to safety. It had all gone down so quickly, he had performed an impossible feat and blocked the simultaneous attack of four different people, with only seconds between them! This was the true power of his "Burst" style, a taxing art that would leave most people fatigued after a single use. Grateful blue himself still looked capable of dealing with them, despite his numoerous wounds, he looked more than ready to unleash hell upon them.

Ive had enough..
I was trying to avoid using my strongest attacks in order to not draw attention..
But you bastards.. You fools! I have no choice anymore..!
I Will utterly destroy you all! Every Fiber of your bodies shall disintegrate before the legacy of the grateful family!

Blue crouched down, his sword moving back into its sheet which was cleverly hidden beneath a part of the blue cloak that enveloped most of his body, just like how Daisuke had used his Soru strike right previously, he started going into that deep samurai sword drawing stance.

Run away! he is going to use "That"
Oh shi-
Get out of here!

The remaining people watching got up on their feet and ran as fast as they could, their legs working them past their limits to take them as far away from blue as possible, leaving only a certain few. Blue seemed to be stretching his body into a twisting stance, his entire body shaking as it got ready to perform his ultimate ability, an attack that used the very extent of his burst styles capabilities and the power of the Oshikiri to utterly destroy his surroundings. "Fasten your eyes upon me, you mongrels! This will be the last beauty your eyes will ever witness!.."

Grateful Style; Oshikiri Final Technique: Go-

The world suddenly stopped. The loud bang echoed through the minds of the combatants, their eyes and mouths wide open as they took in the change from a common brawl to cold blooded murder, a gunshot had been fired yet the man who had fired it was nowhere to be seen. Blue was still standing in his stance, but his heart was no longer beating! The mans eyes was filled with horror, bulging with both surprise and denial.

No, this can't..
This can't be...
I was supposed to deliver the message..
I can't..

He rose from his stance, somehow still in control of his body, he brought his free arm over and touched the wound on his back, a small entry wound was painted there, just next to where the girls sword had been unable to enter. He let his hand touch the wound before bringing the evidence before his eyes, his blood was mixed in with gold residue Golld..?. Unable to really fathom what had happened he took a single step forward, his treasured family blade dropping from his hand.

Not now..
Not when I..
Am soo..

Unable to keep himself up anymore, he took another, last step forward, before falling to his knees. His breathing came out of order and blood was running down from his the corners of his mouth, Daisuke was just a short meter away from him, and before the boy knew it his eyes were locked with blues fading light. There was a sea of regret hiding behind those fading orbs, he opened his mouth in order to say something but all that came out was more blood, forcing the upper part of his body down into the ground, breaking the momentary link the two had held.

Father In Heaven..
No words could express how sorry I am..

With a last moment of conciousness he brought about a last fragment of power, his body shaking from the strain as he shouted with all his might, his final voice resounded through Sabaody, a final roar of life before he collapsed onto the ground, the blue glow of the Oshikiri giving of a faint blue pulse before fading out along with its master.

Damn your cold heart..

End of Episode One

- All Participants have received a 200 SP Reward -

Memories are the materials of a Soul, it is what makes and defines you.
And as such, blood is the currency of the soul, the silver plate of the will.

(Work in progress)
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The New Era
Episode 2
Words Of Power


Soft Posting Rotation

Gathering Spot


The Archipelago is in flames, the lack of security from the marines and the increase in pirate aktivity had set most of the islands ablaze with fighting and struggle, even the Marine Base got decimated within the chaos, turning all the areas into lawless zones where no law or justice was to be found. In The Park a great battle took place that saw the demise of the legendary Grateful "Smiling" Blue at the hands of a band of nameless pirates and a hidden assassin, yet this was but the start of this eventful day as the volume was still increasing! The Crescendo had yet to explode.

Time was now drawing short as the big event was about to begin, the gathering pirates numbered in the thousands, not including all the civilians that somehow had managed to become a part of the crowd and the countless marines hiding in their secret look-outs.

The World Goverment, The Pirates, The Civilians, Many eyes from all over the world was watching as the countdown neared the finish line.

Arc Tips and Essentials:

- There is little time left, everyone who wants to take part should hurry to Area twenty, remember its not enforced but not being there could have some sour consequences later on.I highely recommend you take part, one way or the other.
- Its starting to near night-time in the timeline as of now.
- This is a good time to introduce your character to others.
- The map is there for your use, as long as you don't leave the island you can go anywhere.

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Memories are the materials of a Soul, it is what makes and defines you.
And as such, blood is the currency of the soul, the silver plate of the will.

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Amidst the flames of anarchy, looting, and frenetic crowds of people rampaging through area 20, one man merrily pranced through as his guitar gently bumped against his back with each step. Each leg rose up to about waist level with every step he took. He truly was in a good mood, or apparently mad, but then again if you saw a man with two women’s bras hanging from his neck you figured he most have had a lucky encounter or some odd form of fetish. Accompanying his cheery march, the sound emitting from his mouth as he whistled a tune that every, or most pirates should know. After whistling the tune for several seconds, the lyrics followed, sung in a soft melancholic manner as he would usually when he performed on stage.

“Yo-hohohooooo! Yo-ho ho ho!
Yo-hohohooooo! Yo-ho ho ho!
Yo-hohohooooo! Yo-ho ho ho!
Yo-hohohooooo! Yo-ho ho ho!

Binkusu no sake wo, todoke ni yuku yo
Umikaze kimakase namimakase
Shio no mukou de, yuuhi mo sawagu
Sora nya wa wo kaku, tori no uta


What Noah had failed to notice however, that his while he proudly sang, he attracted very much unwanted attention, as the sound of swords being drawn “cut” the continuation of the song. He was also too busy keeping his eyes close to realize a band of pirates had been following him the whole time until they decided they could no longer put up with his care free attitude. When Noah did manage to finally open his eyes, he saw the crazed faces of five pirates, all giving him a look that meant one thing and one thing only, this was going to be a long night.
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Alex was sure she had him. all the other attacks had been swatted away by blue's attack but she was sure he had forgotten her. However as soon as her blade touched his body she knew something was wrong. she knew what steel touching Flesh felt like. this felt like a sword fight. and sure enough as she pushed her blade buckled and broke.

Damn it

She had no choice but to use him as a stepping stone and she kicked off him into a backflip before landing on the ground. She held her blade close to her even though half of it was lying on the ground at Blue's feet. Alex watched as Grateful was about to unleash an attack. she didn't know much about him but seeing as those around were sprinting for their lives she was guessing that it was bad news.

"oh shit"

Alex was expecting a devistating attack hit her however as Grateful was calling out his attack there was a very loud bang. Alex's eyes flickered in every direction trying to locate where the noise came from but she couldn't tell. hell she couldn't even tell what it was. it wasn't until Grateful collapsed that she knew what had happened.

"Well i'll be damned"

Alex quickly ran over to blue. once she got close she slowed down slightly, When she reached his head she kicked it with her foot just to confirm he was dead

"well i'll be double damned. all them attacks from us and he's killed from one bullet."

She bent down and placed her hand over his wound. as she pulled away she examined the blood and noticed Gold mixed in with it. she had no idea what it meant and just wiped it off on her pants. she bent down again and picked up Grateful's sword.

"hmmmm a legendary sword how fascinating i'm sure we could get quite a bit of cash for this. unless one of you lovely young chaps wants it for yourself. i would be interested but i have my own sword...Lilandra"

As she spoke her swords name the part of the blade on the floor turned into water as did the bit that was left on the handle. the water on the floor flew back to the sword and a few seconds later the sword was in one piece again. Alex sheathed her sword as she walked over to Daisuke and as she was right over him she held out her hand to offer him a hand up.

"as you probably heard me shout earlier my name is Alex. Whats your name Sweetcheeks?"
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"Just like a person holding a sword trying to protect something. That maybe one's life, or place in society, or reputation, things that one loves, things that one believes; it matters not if it's good or bad, the will to 'protect it' does not change."- yoruichi
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