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08-05-12, 8:27 AM

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The subtle sound of his guitar managed to temporarily grasp the attention of the few pirates and marines surrounding the immediate area. As the rhythm of the guitar began to pick up some, another gut wrenching sound emerged from seemingly nowhere, completely drowning out Noah's play.

Some of the crowd shielded their ears in agony, while others found the sound much more pleasant and lively than Noah's. Noah himself ceased playing out of futility, or perhaps frustration. He finished playing and focused his ear towards the source of the sound, for you see a musician's ear is sharp and packed his guitar in its case, to leave the scene, having his fill of chaos for the day. On his way into the crowd he took one of the bottles filled with rum, waving goodbye to the chaotic group, and saying "thanks" for the impromptu gift.

As he disappeared into the crowd, back towards the source of the original sound, there was a temporary moment of silence between two individuals, as if the entire world went blank. Noah staring directly towards the short ragged woman whom drowned the sound of his guitar with her own. His bloody visage of a face momentarily staring into the non-nonchalant expression she wore. Although they were several feet away from one another their eyes met, but that would be all as far as interaction between them because Noah would eventually disappear into the crowd.
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08-05-12, 11:41 AM

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Sees the pirates fighting so decides to check there ships to see how much money both of them have she goes after the ones with no guards ornlazy and distracted guards and stealthily moves to there treasure rooms picks the lock then steals 80% of the treasure then secretly gets out and moves to. Look around which ship has best balance of guards and distractions like drunkards or them busy or ship design that allows to easily sneak aboard knowing that only waynto get to treasure is to disorient them and once that happens the other ships will be Alerted
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08-05-12, 12:52 PM

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she picks her ships then wraps something around her face and body to disguise her self quickly jumps board waiting for the guards to look at her for a sec then yells shine shine blinder and her body and a few feet around her glow as bright as the sun blinding everyone on board then she jumps up when there confused to further spread panic she covers the deck in poppers while throwing them at people hopinng to cause temporary hearing loss then goes to the treasure room puts a popper in the lock to break it open then does same if there any in there then grabs anything she can get money for and stuff it in bag then stealthily gets out in the confusion running as fast as possible to get away
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08-05-12, 5:15 PM

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(It is not a simple tranquilizer, you make it sound as if anybody could have one.)

As Levi is flying towards fast legs the Negation Bullet rips into his side, disintegrating and swiftly dissolving spreading the negating agent throughout his bloodstream. The effects of the Halloween Pill being reversed and his body returning to normal as he lays unconscious next to the man he had been trying to maul moments earlier.
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08-05-12, 5:30 PM

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Boomie looks around frantically, his loss of hearing being frightening to him, although he can feel it slowly come back, but during this silence his thoughts came to him.

Destroying the marine base was too easy, they won't let this place go unchecked...

Boomie fiddles around with his pockets, keeping a steady armament haki up out of sheer paranoia, which had been enhanced (his paranoia) with Levi's company.

Boomie was hoping to find one of his 'Special' Boomie Balls laying around somewhere.

"Guys can you hear anything?! Sound seems to have slipped away from me!"
"I come for all who grow, crawl, and walk. I am the perfect hunter. In the end, I am the victor."

08-05-12, 5:55 PM

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Jyou was about to see if she could try to catch another nap, despite the commotion that continued around here, but her eyes caught that of a man carrying a guitar case. Must have been the person she heard paying a moment ago. Not much was shown on his face and the smirk was still drawn upon her lips. Her attitude was almost as rough as her appearance. It was full of impudence, and almost as if she were daring him to do something. 'Want something, prick?' was the silent message her eyes conveyed.

But without another word, the man left. A light chuckle came from her, a little disappointed that that was it. Oh well. Maybe she would walk around and find out just what the hell was going on around here.

The woman stood, holding the guitar on her left shoulder. The neck lay horizontally behind her neck and right shoulder and she pocketed her free hand. Her arms and belly no longer showed the holes which produced the screechingly loud sounds. Nothing but smooth fair skin could be seen.

She casually walked, turning her head left and right. It was hard to get any kind of information out of this lot. Even with her playing halting the majority of the chaos, she wasn't able to pick up much from this lot. Something about marines and pirates? Doesn't exactly help her. Jyou passed a few people, some very strange in appearance. Some she actually dug... like the woman that had just shot someone with a tranq dart (Cassandra). Her style of dress actually looked pretty damn cool.
08-06-12, 1:12 AM

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Ohhh god... Of all people to pick a fight with you choose creepy... he thought to himself as he saw Rain spring into action and kick creepy with an incredible force. It appeared that if he fought creepy as he was then he might be able to win. He then heard Rose ask where Rain had gone he turned his head and replied. "He picked a fight with creepy over there.. Be prepared to jump in if needed." he said with a sigh as he watched the fight develop. It looked like things would go Rains way if they continued this way. Maybe he can win... he thought to himself right before creepy popped a pill into his mouth and manifested into some creature he had never seen before.

What the hell is that?

He wanted to jump in when the creature got onto of his friend Rain but shorty shot something at creepy that appeared to knock him out. It turned him back into ordinary creepy and laid motionless next to Rain.

"Geeze and I thought I was a tad bit reckless.. You realllly shouldn't pick fights with such weirdos Rain.." he said with a sigh as he helped Rain off the ground and put Rains right arm around his shoulders. He then carried him in the direction where Rose was standing.

"I mean I know you wanted revenge on that creep for what happened at the base but there will be a better time forrr.." he stopped abruptly as he just realized he inadvertently made Rain aware that he was the marine base as well. Shit... I really gotta stop blurting things out... Hopefully what I said will go in one ear and out the other. If he probes me I can just play innocent!
08-06-12, 7:09 AM

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As she's walking by the auction houses on her way to the market she sees the fight and says Baka then keeps walking when she gets to the market she sees a girl in punk clothes walking by and decides to avoid her she then goes up to the merchant and says I'd like to sell this stuff
08-06-12, 1:39 PM

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Both rain and "Amy" have gone off somewhere, leaving Rose alone. She continues to walk straight toward the auction house hoping the Heart hasn't started yet. Her left side felt better so she was able to walk normally. Where the hell did those two go, they didn't even say where they were going. She thought to herself.
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08-06-12, 8:58 PM

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Sergio pulled the stranger (Leia) up. Something was a little off with their voice, but Sergio didn’t think too much of it. They didn’t seem too phased by the wet clothes which had now become covered in dirt. Suddenly he heard music from a guitar coming from another part of area 20. He enjoyed this tune, and he wished he could figure out who was producing it. Then another source of music appeared that drowned out the original guitar. It sounded like nothing that Sergio had heard before, though that didn’t mean he thought it was good. The music felt like it attacked his ears. It was neither soothing nor enjoyable for Sergio.

“What on Earth was that racket? How could anyone enjoy that kind of music? They should learn something from that first musician.”

He didn’t have too much time to complain about the music, however, as the stranger had pointed out a new sight heading in their direction. A ghostly type of girl that had this aura which made everyone she walked by step away from her. Sergio didn’t know what to make of it.

“This is the first time I’ve seen that person. As far as I know, she isn’t the cause of anythin’ here. Though, I wouldn’t doubt she could start somethin’ later. That is sure drawin’ some attention.

He focused his attention back to the stranger then.

“Are you goin’ to be alright in those clothes? Stayin’ in wet and dirty clothes is just asking’ to get a cold.”

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08-07-12, 5:42 AM

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Walks in the marketplace buys some sushi with her new money then donates 10%of the money she got from loot to charity like orphanages then goes back to auction house and notices the fights over so jumps on top of a building then watches what's going on while eating her sushi
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08-07-12, 9:43 PM

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“What the fuck!”

Profanity was not something that would slip from Celina frequently, but now was a special occasion. Suddenly out of the silence that Aki had lead her into, with apparently a group of Kuro’s new “friends,” a loud, horribly played, piece of trash guitar sound hit her. It was enough to almost make her enhanced hearing go out on her. Her ears were ringing, and she began to growl deep in her throat. She heard the insult that the man, now strung up in a tree said to her friend.


She stepped in the direction of the boy, (Simple) and lashed out aiming to slap his face. Instead, her hand traveled up and out for his side. She was not in a good mood, and her Conquer’s haki was threatening to break free, and begin to gnaw at everyone’s minds around her. Pure ignorance of her skill’s kept it in check.

“Do. Not. Ever. Call. Aki. A. Faggot! You. Sack. Of. Shit!”

◦It feels so close to me, yet i can't grasp it even if i extend my hands. Even so ... Even if i cant reach it ... there are things that will stay in my heart. Being in the same time and looking up at the same sky, If i can remember that, then even when we are apart from each other, I believe that we can be together. I will run forward now. If i set my goal far enough, then someday .. I'll be able to reach what I aimed for.
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08-07-12, 9:45 PM

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Feels a odd angry/sad sensation and kinda feels like a piece of shit for a second. then digs deep inside and uses all her will power to over come those disturbing feelings. then goes back to sitting on roof top eating sushi
08-08-12, 12:20 PM

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Akimoto immediately noticed that Daisuke's wounds reopened. Although he did not know that the trajectory would be successful, his original intention was not to cause Daisuke any injuries. At best, it would be another practical joke of his. After hearing Celina yell and slap Daisuke, who was currently bleeding, Akimoto approached Daisuke and Celina. With one of his arms, Akimoto blocked the two and tried to prevent them from fighting.

"Oi oi, Celina. I understand your good intentions, however, It seems as though my joke did cause some harm. He has a right to be mad at me."

Daisuke's wounds were still bleeding as Akimoto talked.

"Sorry about that. My joke's gotten a bit out of hands."

Akimoto threw a small, convenient med pack that he had with him to Daisuke.

"Use that. When you get better, I'd enjoy fighting you," smiled Akimoto as he stared at Daisuke.

(Note. Akimoto might've given Daisuke the wrong, "gay" impression that he once gave him LOL. Also, he was focusing on Daisuke a lot and didn't really bother with Celina - Which may cause jealousy? Hehe.)

“Kill a man and you’ll be labeled criminal, but kill a hundred and people may praise you as a hero. Slay a million and they shall know you as a conqueror; destroy the entire world and you’re nothing short of a god.”
08-09-12, 3:41 PM

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((This is an Extremely Long Post, Even for me, It really has to be this long, as it is a VERY important post for this thread and the rest of the club, know that there will probably never be a post this long again, and take heart that you did not have to write it three times as I had. Since its very long there might be a good deal of typos and places that aren't exactly top notch quality, but still, try to enjoy :).))

You people should calm down..

The ones who had been making a ruckus suddenly found themself englulfed in shadow and addressed by a booming voice looking up they realized that they found themself beneath the gaze of a giant, his eyes glaring down at them with a rather unsatisfied look. He was wearing the pelt of some kind of giant lizard and wielded a club made from some sort of green metal. He was not that tall for a giant though, he could probably be climbed with a really long ladder yet he extruded an aura that blasted away any thought of tempting a fight with this one. Your being watched.. He was not wrong, looking towards the crowds who where not more than a stone throw away they could see a large number of eyes looking in their direction.. The amount of people there made it impossibly for everyone to have heard and seen them, but still a eyeballingly large number of pirates where looking in their direction, and they did not seem very happy.

Find a spot, and sit down..
Or ill make you!

The Giant stepped over them and headed towards a hill that he quickly turned into a bed as he layed down to watch the event. The pirates that had been watching them quickly lost interest as things died down, especially since the increasing suspense was making it all but impossible to look away from the auction house.

As The Sun neared the end of its journey, its fiery eye resting just above the edge of the sea, creating serene rays of light that showered the valley and the old trading house house in rays of golden glory. The Pirates and the Marines were tense, not even the loud mouthed ones or the people considered insane spoke a word, every eye was on wooden scene that had been built in front of buildings main entrance. Several more minute past, some pirates were even starting to think he was not gonna show and was about to make a ruckus when the doors were suddenly opened, a burst of dust marking the arrival of a man dressed in a heavy dark raincoat.

The Man walked without a single error in his step, a perfect gait with clear purpose and design, the sword he carried on his back perfectly aligned with his hooded skull. The Crowd watched in silence as the man walked across the stage until he reached the right end of the recently built construction, some newbies might have taken him for the awaited man, but a few recognising eyes quickly proved them different. Hey..? Ain't that..What is he doing here!? What the hell is going on!? Where is Fork!? Thats, thats, The Crimson Rain! The warlord!?

More Info on the man know as "The Crimson Rain"

Thousands of weapons were leveled towards the swordsman, the paranoid pirates fingering at their triggers, only the fear of being the first one to shoot, for the renown of the man killing skill was such that everyone, despite being in the thousands, feared that the first to shoot would also be the first to die.

Oh, Its sure is lively out here.

Out from the darkness arrived a man dressed in a flamboyant red garment with rims and details of tarnished gold, a black pirate hat with the same golden detail as the rest of his garment rested on his head, flanked by a parrot matching the color of his attire, its black dead beady eyes watching the crowd with fading interest.

Pirates and Freemen, Ladies and Gentlemen of the humble marines that has honored us by joining in from the outskirts..
Welcome to this very special event!

As he reached the stage it became clear to the crowds that beneath the garments there was nothing but bone, the only pieces of flesh to be seen was a couple of red eyes that gazed out towards the crowd. It was not a very unusual sight on the grand line, but to be confronted by such a being when one expected something completelly different was still a big shock and as a result a murmur of confusion started to grow amonst the pirates.

I Am Fork D. Heart.. Though as you can see, I now clearly lack the latter! Fahahahaha!!!

Bone JoOOOooke!

There it was! The Legendary bad humor of those afflicted by one of fruits of the "revive revive no mi" family, the revelation to the orgin of the mans bonefull existence quickly became evident, ending the murmur replacing it with the dread that only a bad joke can bring. Though for those who had doubted him it now became clear that it was indeed the legendary Fork D. Heart that stood before them, for the knowledge of his fruit was a thing of fairy tales, a common known fact, though still the world knew him as a man of flesh, not bone, thus the confusion had initially started, the joke might not have served a good purpose in the eyes of most, but the attention had been very much drawn away from Rain who had now been almost forgotten in the corner where he was standing, solemnly gazing at the crowds.

I know that the patience of the marines is not as famous as our own, so I will go straight to the reason we have gathered here.. Well, for most of you I am sure you've heard the rumor that I am looking for fresh bodies, and I can confirm this, I will be taking in any willing man ready to confront the New World, you will all be welcome, but this is not the reason for why I have called you all here... No, the reason I have gathered you here is to bring you all a Message, and a gift, a gift to the world!

He was clearly an oreator, his skills with his words, his charisma reached out to everyone in the gathering, no matter how cold or twisted or how dumb and happy-go-lucky, everyone seem to hinge at his words, no matter the subject.

As most of you know, I was the chef of the pirate king, but even more importantly I was also his best friend, and the first to join his crew. Together we saw the entire span of Paradise, seeing things we could never have imagined, we conquered this incredible ocean before driving further into the new world, where he finally became known as The Pirate King upon defeating all four Pirate Lords. By this time we had started to age, the signs of fading youth were evident and it was because of this that I went to my friend and asked him to settle down, take a break, maybe even retire. You all know this period of time as "The Calm", a time in which true peace reigned across all six oceans.

Families were settled, time was spent on things that we once considered out of the reach of lawless men, I myself took up sewing, quite an interesting profession don't you think? Well, as time past it seemed that this would become our life and we would slowly drifted away on the serene winds of peace.. Though One day after many years of peace, the Pirate King came to my door, I had not seen him in many years but there he was as if I had never left the ship. These words he said to me that day:"Heart, you've had your break, now I will have One Piece". I could do nothing but comply, together I and the aging pirate king gathered together our old crew and set out once again.

There where whispering from the crowds, most of the Pirate Kings life was common knowledge, stuff that any pirate would know, but this last voyage was something new to them, to everyone else the Pirate King had just suddenly gathered his crew and then vanished out to sea, never to return, well atleast until the news that his Chef had appeared, the whispering quickly vanished as the Chef waited for the pirates to calm down, but once he started again it was as if he had never stopped, utterly entrancing the listeners in his story.

As you all know..
The only way to access Raftel in which the legendary One Piece is said to be located, was destroyed by the prior Pirate King in a great cataclysmic war of his era.. And as such the world has thought One Piece lost forever, to the point where we have stopped telling our children the tales. However my freind never stopped believing, and yet even if the way to Raftel was deemed lost forever.. That man.. found it!You can not imagine the joy of our hearts when we stepped onto the shores of the island that would eventually see us safely on the way to the island of dreams.. Gateway Island! However it is here where my freind came to me once again, this time with a heartbreaking request, this he told me as the sun was starting to fall on the distant sky, very much like the sun today.

Heart, the route to Raftel is dangerous you know? Its felled migthier men than me, and I am old Fork. There is a chance that I won't make it.. And because of that I have to ask you something unforgivable.

I was given a letter and one of the smaller boats in our fleet.. I was forced to say my good byes and take the Journey home, I have never felt a pain greater than when i had to watch my freind and the crew I had come to call family sail towards that legendary Raftel, leaving me behind.

There was a long pause in which the murmur of the crowd rose again, some people started shouting about lies, accusing the chef of making up stories, other called him crazy, while others were slackjawed, not knowing what to belive. One Piece had indeed been all but forgotten, yet it had always been close to people hearts and to bring it up as if there was still hope was painful to anyone who had ever hoped to chase after the legend of legends.

Its been three years since then..
The Era of the peace is long gone; Wars and Conflicts between both free and serving men are spreading like wild fire and The Pirate King has not yet returned! So as I promised on that sad day, I will fulfill his last wish.

The reason one can no longer reach Gateway Island, the island that one need to reach in order to find Raftel, is that the island has had its magnetic pull removed! Something unbelievable happened there that made it lose its effect on navigation poses.. This is why nobody could find it, however.. I found out that during the time when I and the others of our pirate crew had taken our long break, he had been searching the entire world for a legendary item, but not just any other item.. A Map, a legendary map drawn by the navigator of one of the very first pirate kings.

The Map Of The World!

Yes indeed, while many world maps exist.. The only that map shows every island in the new world, and the routes to get there.. Including Raftel! Its the greatest tool any pirate can have at his disposal, and a piece of this map was given to me. The skeleton chef picked up a piece of paper from one of his pockets and held it high into the sky, showing everyone in the crowd a leathery surface in which a detailed route were described.

The letter I was given includes the piece of the map that shows the way from the end of the new world, across the great wide and to the Gateway Island and onwards to Raftel, The Way to One Piece!

At that moment all the previously sealed windows blasted open, and out came swarms of birds, acompanied by a storm of paper and before people could blink the entire valleys sky was covered in falling paper maps, the birds kept going, spreading out to all directions imaginable, intending to send more maps to distant islands. One by one every pirate in the valley got their hands one a copy, their eyes opening wide in shock as they gazed down upon the detailed layed out route to the treasure island of dreams.

The Pirate King has not returned, but it was his dear wish that if he were to fail, that others would still have the chance to see their dream come true, his final wish was to not allow the Legend to die with him!

And as a result..

It had been close to fifty years since the dream of One Piece had been crushed, yet people had kept trying and the legend had been kept alive by those hopeless individiuals. However, eventually the pirate world had become one of harsh realities rather than dreams, the fading myth of One Piece had been on its death-bed, but now that was in the past, it was washed away, and before long the entire valley was roaring like an awakened dragon, cries of determination, declaration of dreams and challenges to the heavens were thrown towards the sky, the passion of everyones hearts, even the most cruel and cold blooded man rose together in a cresendo that caused the surrounding marines to tremble from the sheer intensity, even doberman felt the cold sweat of fear pimple down his brow, an ancient dream was being revived, and it was earth-shattering.

This Cold Era Of Dying Dreams..
Is No More!!!

End of Episode Two

- All Participants have received a 100 SP Reward -

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08-09-12, 3:44 PM

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The New Era
Episode 3
The First Battle of the New Era
The Grand Free-For-All



Soft Posting Rotation

Battle Location


The Pirate King is no more.. The space is vacant.. The Legend of One Piece still glows bright..! Follow me, those who dare!
I don't care if your going to betray me, cheat me, or have goals that differ from mine, sail with me! Ill be the one leading the spearhead towards Raftel!

I will be the one to give light to this New Era!

The Chef was about to turn around to leave towards the entrance when a mighty voice called him out.

Forget it! Your Ambition shall be end here. Forkland D. Heartfield!
This "Era" of yours shall not find root.

Even if they had been expected, when the marines finally showed themselves it was a quite scary sight. On all sides of the valley rows upon rows of soldiers emerged with their rifles aimed towards the pirates hordes, creating a ring of death that intended to choke the life from the pirates, even cannons were pushed out into their positions on the the higher overlooking hills. At the entrance to the valley, from out of a hidden door in the ground appeared Vice Admiral Doberman and a squad of elite marine soldiers.

I Will be using your bones as decorations for my home, Fork!

At this moment hundreds of trapdoors were pushed open as Veteran Marine soldiers rushed out from their hiding spots underground, taking the pirates by surprise. The Figthing started as quickly as it had been announced, swords clashing and guns firing from all direction, causing a picture of hell to enfold in the valley. However this orderly battle fell into chaos as soon as it had begun, the ten thousand pirates quickly started dispering its outer ranks, going after the riflemen in the hills while others clashed with the vets down in the valley itself. However this was far from everything, for the inspirational speech had left many pirates booming with ambition and hunger, this passion was directed into battle and as if nothing had held them back before, old rivalries flared up and battles between pirates started popping up everywhere, indeed it never became a battle where pirates stood against marines, instead it became a giant free-for-all, even the marines sometimes mistaking friend from foe.

Thirteen Thousand Combatants, The worlds grandest free-for-all rumble royal has begun!

Arc Tips and Essentials:

- There is something to fight everywhere, cut loose!
- The time for calling out people for the purpose of quick duels is now.
- If your not in the valley its not the admins problem if your bored.
- This is a giant free for all, pirates are not necessarily your allies.
- This is not a good time to introduce your character to others.
- Trying to escape should be deemed pointless.
- This is your chance to gain some fame!
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Memories are the materials of a Soul, it is what makes and defines you.
And as such, blood is the currency of the soul, the silver plate of the will.

(Work in progress)
08-09-12, 7:04 PM

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Amidst the sea of pirates, Noah sat down on a small open patch of grass, peacefully swigging away at his new found bottle of rum. He even shared a couple of sips with the neighboring pirates, but it’s not like he had much of a choice really. Actually before he knew it, the bottle seemed to disappear from his hands, or the hands of the last mate he passed it on to. However, the time for lament was nay as the legendary cook finally made his grand entrance, and for what? To trigger a shit storm of epic proportions!

Noah was surrounded by three marines, by the looks of which seemed to be seasoned but not quite veteran as of yet. He let out a sigh as the marines cocked their weapons and demanded he put his hands in the air and comply.

“Gentlemen, surely you are mistaken, I am nothing but a showman,” he stated while bowing down in front of the marine standing in front of him.

“Sorry mister show time but everyone here is considered a criminal and shall be treated as su-, Guwaaaaaah!”

Noah stepped up to the marine, smashing his right elbow atop the marines rifle to disarm him, then grabbing the marine’s left arm, he pulled himself over to the marine’s back while holding the marine’s arm, and effectively using the marine as a human shield. The marine standing in front of Noah trembled in pain. Noah’s right arm held the marine by the neck while his left hand controlled the marine’s left hand. The other marine’s were caught off guard by the agility, but could do nothing to free their comrade, that is until two pirates snuck behind them and cracked their heads with bottles, knocking them both out cold. Noah let go of the marine with a shove to the ground and even thanked the pirates for the help.

“I suppose I owe you guys one,” he replied with a smile. “Let me show you my gratitude,” he told them while raising his right leg up to his hip then twisting in so that the ball of his feet faced his right. “Rankyaku!” he shouted while kicking outward across his body. The movement unleashed a sharp compressed air blade that pushed the whole crowd back. He then mockingly saluted the lot, and disappeared into the crowd once more.
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08-09-12, 7:20 PM

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Waking up half-way through the grand speech he was stunned. Where am I and who? He stopped his train of thought as he realized that is was Aimé that he was leaning against.

"What is going....." He paused as he focused in on the figure standing before the enormous crowd. At first he felt like something was wrong with the person but after several moments of straining his ears and logical deduction he realized the figure standing there was the fabled cook. Yet even from a distance Herain could tell there was something wrong with him but Herain's attention was quickly draw away from the cook to the figure standing just behind him. Missing that part of the gossip he studied Rain but as he did something stirred inside himself that he had never felt before. This unknown man radiated power but not just any kind of power. This power was something special, something that even a rookie like himself could see. That power was the kind most people lusted and even killed for though ninty nine percent of them could never fully grasp the power to stand next to one of the best and be considered an equal. It was at that moment in time when Herain realized that nothing short of that type of power would ever satisfy him.

Then as the birds burst forth from the enormous building his attention was draw back towards the cook. As Fork explained what the pieces of paper were for a sudden rush of unease crept into Herain's heart. What is this fool of a cook thinking?! Something this informative shouldn't be released to just anyone!? Especially them! Even though he continued to rant about the idiocy of the cook he reached up and grasped a piece of the paper. That's when he saw his blood stained hand and all at once the pain came swooping back in.

"Urgh!" he gasped as every pain receptor in his body lit up like a Christmas tree. "Dammit it all....... to hell!" he said gasping for breath. The wounds were still bleeding but due to his recent bout his endurance for the pain seemed to have increased tenfold. Well I'll take whatever I can get at the moment. he thought to himself. Then all at once a massive force of marines appeared and everything went to hell. The order to attack was given by some formidable marine that Herain had never seen before and in the blink of an eye the plaza erupted into chaos. Bullets and cannons flew all around them killing any who found themselves unlucky enough to be on the end of the sights, but the battle was furthest thing his mind at the moment. The only thing he cared about was finding out who that man was.

Then out of nowhere he sneezed. What in the hell was that? He asked himself as a sudden chill swept over him. When he looked down through the matted gore that was his body he realized that he wasn’t wearing anything, save for his briefs and his shoes.

“Well this could be a problem.” He murmured to himself. He started to look around and after a few seconds he saw the perfect outfit. “Well Aimé” he said as he stood up on his own two feet. “I’m pretty sure that you won’t ever see me again after tonight so it’s been nice getting to know ya, but this is goodbye.” He smiled and then disappeared from view again leaving Aimé to fend for himself.
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Boomie was silently observing throughout the entirety of the 'presentation,' and he too got his hands on a piece of paper, when the marines attacks. He liked this, and what made him like it much more was that he found 3 of his special boomie balls loose in his pockets as he threw them at one side of the outer walls, all close together.

As the Spec boomie balls hit the walls they detonated with impressive condensed power, destroying the hill's structural integrity, causing a landslide beneath the marines on the edge, which also came down atop the marines and some pirates already fighting near the wall, devastating a portion of the area with soft soil and rubble.

All the while Boomie maintained his haki, deflecting bullets from there far range, and some marines that delivered some week sword attacks which he clobbered with his cannon, and utilising his cannon's jet dial in bursts to slow down or cease the progression of oncoming cannon balls and forcefully push bunches of people out of his way as he works to reconnect with Levi and Cass.
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Cassandra became confused. Cassandra hurt random marine #1657 in confusion. A bullet going into his ribcage, felling him.

It was true that she had come here to meet Fork. But there was an absurd amount of people gathered and now that the marines had joined in, she had no clue what was going on. She ignored everything else, focused only on getting Levi back to conciousness.

Cass bent down over Levi, avoiding the crossfire and attentions of nearby fighters. She tried to slap some life back into Levi but she gave up after her hand got sore and there had been no progress. She thought she was angry with him for using the pill so recklessly. The reason why she angry was with herself for shooting him so quickly, not that she would ever admit it or even realise it. A random hostile person having their throat ripped out was a great trade for a concious Levi, someone to hide behind.

"Wake up!"

She kicked Levi in the ribs, hurting her own foot without budging him. His eyes remained shut, his face calm and tranquil, sleeping peacefully in the middle of a battle royal. She wondered if he was dreaming.

"Wake up!"

She gave up the careful approach, stood up and stepped on his face, expecting a result. When there wasn't any she lost her temper. Levi was being so unreliable and unfair. Leaving her alone in the middle of this battle. She forgot any previous inhibitions and began to jump up and down on Levi's torso, yelling.

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

After venting her anger she stopped, but not after attracting attention. With her mind calming down she was able to think properly, hitting herself on the forehead with a palm.

"Look Levi, BODY PARTS!"

She screamed it almost directly into his ear. There was an immediate reaction.
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