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Beelzebub Chapter 165 Discussion

Poll: Beelzebub Chapter 165 Discussion

07-19-12, 1:43 PM

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lmfao I love how everyone was so surprised by Kugayama looking like a girl in the video game scene. I honestly got confused there for a second and thought there was some new character who was a girl... and then I realized... lol

And wow, The Young Master's mother is so beautiful. I wonder what about it made people go crazy. Probably the amount of horrid demoness that resides in both the painting and herself. Now that I think about it... what ever happened to his mother? Why haven't we seen or heard of her before? She's not dead, is she?

Or did I just forget her being mentioned?
07-19-12, 1:48 PM

Joined: Jan 2012
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Shaduge said:
it's his mom like I said last week, beelzebub is not predictable but that idiot lord sure is, he probably just remembered he had a wife
Good call.
07-19-12, 2:18 PM

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LOL lovin Himekawa's hair and Furichi's reactions to the story, i like how he is the only one with common sense.
beautiful painting though, just shows how skilled mangaka really are, excuse me i mean the Demon Lord

07-19-12, 5:32 PM

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Beel's mom? Hmm, that's interesting.
07-19-12, 5:47 PM

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wow, i did not see that coming. with all the silliness they actually plugged a serious note.
07-19-12, 8:08 PM

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Interesting chapter... That answers why Demon Lord wants it..

I would have thought Kugayama is a girl all the time if they have showed us the flashback before his appearance..
07-20-12, 1:43 AM

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Kugayama REALLY look like a girl. Maybe he's a girl? And she's beautiful.
Ahh. Beel's mother.

Say something.
07-20-12, 4:37 AM

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Doesn't Beel's mom look a bit like Kunieda ? Or am i the only one who though that xD
Or could she be Kunieda's mother (or a relative) ? :o
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07-20-12, 9:14 AM

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the more and more I look at him, the more and more Kugayama looks like a girl

maybe he's really a she but has a complex or something :))

can't wait for the next ch
07-20-12, 11:24 AM

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So the demon's lord is not as useless as we think if he can paint. I knew the portrait wouldn't be what we expected to be.

Kugayama is way too pretty for a boy, but I wish they show Himekawa bishie style along with him, that would have been quite a picture
07-20-12, 2:12 PM

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too pretty
07-20-12, 5:00 PM

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A little back story is nice every once in a while and he so looks like a girl
07-20-12, 8:13 PM

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Well, that was interesting. Figures Himekawa would get pissed over something so trivial, tbh.
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12-24-12, 6:15 PM

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SD_CV said:

Doesn't Beel's mom look a bit like Kunieda ? Or am i the only one who though that xD
Or could she be Kunieda's mother (or a relative) ? :o

I thought the same thing SD_CV. It seems like the story is pointing more and more toward Oga ending up with Kunieda. T T
02-12-14, 7:27 PM

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I was thinking it was some absurd painting made by the demon lord.. but to think that it was Beel's mom is a big surprise.
03-29-15, 8:44 PM

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uhmn,, fujoshi bait?