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10-01-08, 6:58 AM

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This is just a list of information that I have found that leads me to believe lulu is still alive. Sorry if some things are said twice _O_ .

1. the pink crane that nunnaly taught lelouch to make in the final scene.
2. “Geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you… well, I guess thats a little wrong… eh, Lelouch”. for multiple reasons
a. she seems to be talking directly to lulu
b. she is saying that the geass did not isolate lelouch(obviously since he is with cc now ;D)
3. Oranges willingness to let suzaku "kill" lulu. The way in that he protected lelouch with his life up until now I don't think he would just let suzaku kill him unless he knew that lelouch was immortal.
4. The fact that they were able to fake suzaku's death and the death of multiple characters up until this point gives the theory that they could fake lelouch's death plausability.
5. the driver of the cart has black hair. lol ;X

Second, however, and this is where the others have thought things through, Lelouch is alive because he got his dad’s code. He beckoned the World of C to lend him its powers, and he took Charles’s code before Charles passed on. The reason why Lelouch still has his Geass is because he didn’t take the Code from the same person who gave him his Geass: he took his Geass from CC, and he took his Code from Charles. Thus, he now possesses both immortality and a Geass. This is also a reason that the title is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

To further corroborate this, however, remember that when Nunnally held Lelouch’s hand he transferred his memories to her. CC also did it when Lelouch touched her accidentally back then, so it could be assumed that people with Codes are indeliberate telepaths. This leaves us with both immortals traversing the world for the rest of eternity.
- from
" target="_blank">

7. The name of the second season is R2, which is the pronunciation of R.R. (or Rurushu Ramperushu). The name is significant in that it presented like C2 = CC who is a immortal witch.
8. would CC be happy if she realized that she would never get her wish? I think not!

There is a scene where CC is praying in the church as Lelouch is about to be stabbed by the sword. At first glance, you might think the “punishment” for using Geass was death… However, why would she see that as punishment when she herself had wished to die so badly? Rather, she regarded immortality as a curse… And so the punishment of the Geass is that Lelouch would now be immortal.
10. The fact that CC says “Geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you… well, I guess thats a little wrong… eh, Lelouch”. is definite proof that lulu is not currently isolated in the world C. Also CC has once said that she sees the dead as painful memories and has never spoken to them before. Thus its not likely she would be talking to somebody who is dead.

11. from Nergal and 4chan

1. Charles grabbed Lelouch with his right hand, which had the Geass sigil.
2. Lelouch needed the fully evolved Geass to transfer a code.
3. The code doesn’t appear to activate until someone dies. Hence, why C.C. was wounded when she first inherited her code. Same happened with Charles in the World of C.
4. When Lelouch touched Nunnally, Nunnally got a flash of his memories. This ONLY happens when a high potential Geass user touches someone with the fully evolved Geass.
5. The title of the series is “R2″, which is similar to how “C.C” is pronounced. So Lelouch would be “R.R.” which is Engrish (I presume) for L.L., Lelouch Lamprouge.
6. When C.C. is talking on the wagon, she says “the power of Geass brings loneliness…that’s not quite right is it, Lelouch?” and nods her head in the direction of the wagon driver.

12. by Regulator

Lelouch is still alive. He has Charles' Code which he received when the man choked him. The Code activates first when you die, which happened. And before you say can't have Code and a Geass at the same time, the Code wasn't the one C.C. had, meaning that Lelouch was the first one to achieve Code Geass. He's now travelling the country-side with C.C., living as immortals.

That's the only reason for C.C. to be suddenly so happy again. Also, before you say that C.C. was just talking to the dead like with Marianne, that's not true. She could only talk to her because of the nature of her Geass which allowed her to implant herself into the "hearts" of others. That's how she was able to talk with Marianne. Lelouch's Geass was entirely different, meaning that she could only have spoken to him if he was there.

Also, the screenie of the cart driver who is masking his features competely supports this.

13 by immortal R.R

C.C. possesses the Code, which grants her immortality as well as other abilities, such as forming contracts to grant people the power known as Geass. Hers is not the only Code, as V.V. originally possessed one, later taken from him by Charles.
The Code Charles possessed until Episode 21 was taken by Lelouch either accidentally or on purpose, when Charles throttled him as he was about to vanish, devoured by the World of C.
However, Lelouch still possesses Geass, even after gaining the supposed Code. Why? Two possible reasons. Either the Geass remains until the Code is first activated, upon death, or Lelouch was the first one to achieve the “Code Geass,” having received his Geass power from C.C. whilst possessing a different Code from hers, V.V.’s.
What supports the idea that Lelouch has the Code and that it was no destroyed/devoured by the World of C is the fact that the geasses Charles had placed on Nunnally and Anya still held their effect. Geass draws its power from the Code, and had the Code been destroyed, the Geasses would have faded. That is why Charles’ Code still exists, now in Lelouch.
The Code is possibly located on his neck where Charles held him, or it appears on his palm when it activates upon his first death, obscured by blood from the wound in his chest.
When Nunnally touches him, she sees a glimpse of his memories, just as Lelouch did when he touched C.C. back in Narita. The reason for this is that the Code is activating for the first time, Lelouch possibly being unaware of this and unable to control what is shown unlike C.C. who forced shocking imagery into Suzaku’s mind.
As we see the memories flash by, we hear a sound effect, similar to the one whenever geass is used, though not the exact same, regardless confirming that a memory transfer is indeed what is happening. This is one of the main points that dictates why Lelouch is still alive.
Later on, in the ending, we see the cart driver, whose features are conveniently masked to cover any traces that might allow us to identify him as Lelouch, which makes perfect sense. Lelouch was the hated Demon King who seized control over the entire world, keeping everyone in check by threats of FLEIJA and so forth. It wouldn’t do well for someone to recognize him on the country-side.
The cameraplay in this scene is also an obvious indicator, they wouldn’t have gone to such extents to mask the features of a random peasant. Also, 2-3 frames of the animation show what appears to black hair under the hood and the hat, further supporting the idea that he is indeed Lelouch.
Finally, C.C. addressing Lelouch and tilting her head slightly upwards shows that she was indeed addressing the driver. This is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s also clear that C.C. would not have been as happy as she was had Lelouch truly died.
Therefore, with these solid facts, we deduce that Lelouch is alive, living out a secluded life, either traversing the countryside with C.C. or living with Jeremiah and Anya on their plantation.

from 4chan

1. The shadows under his eyes are 52% darker than the normal death shadows. This is not because he's more dead, it's because he's using mascara.

2. At 19:19 Lelouch's voice cracks a little. He's undergoing the effects of the code and having a hard time hiding it.

3. If you look closely, in the picture in Kallen's room you can see that Tianzi's skirt is puffed out more than it should be. Lelouch is clearly hiding under it.

4. Those horses pulling the cart are of the same kind used by the royal family, as can be seen during a flashback in R1. You can tell by the way their mane is parted and the color of their hooves.

5. Do you see that smug expression on Cheese-kun's face? Yeah, he's in on it.

The image of Lelouch the EMPEROR had to die. Lelouch himself has the code and does not die. When everyone touched Lelouch before no images or anything was seen even when he has FULL GEASS. When Nunally touches him after he dies she gets the same images Lelouch got when he touched C.C.

OK, so the Orange bastard, he knows all about the plan and puts it up for show and thus smiles when Zukaku stabs him. He himself stops everyone else and says he will fight Zukaku and just lets him hop over him with ease. Come on, it is damn obvious he knew of the plan. So yes, he knows all about the plan and yes Lelouch is the guy driving the cart or in the hay in the cart. All that is known is that is he is alive and isolated in the farmland with C.C.

Lies and memories are two completely different things. When she used that technique on Rohmeyer she had her repeat herself in order to discern whether she was lying or not.

If Nunnally had magical mind reading abilities then why didn't she know that Lelouch killed Clovis back when they pinky-sweared in episode 3 of S1? Or that he was Zero this whole time, they were shown holding hands on more than one occasion.

Saying Nunnally has mind reading powers with the evidence provided in the show is absurd. I can see many reasons for Lelouch having a Code, but Nunnally a mind reader? Give me a fucking break.
10-02-08, 6:20 AM

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there could be a possibility
juz hope its true :)
10-02-08, 7:44 AM

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It's not a possibility it's a fact.
10-02-08, 9:03 AM

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well these aren't realy facts but it are observations which aren't that stupid ^_^
10-02-08, 9:26 AM

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If you look closely, in the picture in Kallen's room you can see that Tianzi's skirt is puffed out more than it should be. Lelouch is clearly hiding under it.

i see now why Tianzi skirt was puffed
10-02-08, 9:37 AM

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ha yes indeed
10-02-08, 12:22 PM

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Nunnally saw Lelouch memories, you can only do that with a fucking CODE which mean you are immortal. Only that prove he is alive, no need for other point.
10-02-08, 12:35 PM

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Alright let me give this a try to I want to prove that Leouch is dead and your just in denial because such a great show ended. . .
1. Alright the pink crane . . . if you recall C.C was making cranes at the table in season 1 besides she's been alive for ever you really think she never learned to make one.
2. C.C spent the entire series talking to someone who wasn't there. (Marianne, C.C could only speak to Marianne if she was in C.Cs heart and that won't work because Geass doesn't work on her. Otherwise if Marianne was in someones else's heart then how did C.C talk to her, she is elsewhere. C.C's not all powerful.)
3. Orange served Lelouch SERVED you know what served means right it means he would do what Lelouch wants SERVED SERVED. Besides if Lelouch was alive and Orange knew it wouldn't Orange be serving him still instead of picking oranges. (Orange picking oranges I love it. LOL)
4. The only death they faked was Suzaku's everyone else lived magically the other so called deaths weren't on purpose someone just tried to kill them and they didn't die. Mao said it earlier Britannian medical technology is amazing.
5. Really that's your number 5?
6. All the people that said the king gave him his code. The king would have to want to give Lelouch the code or else the King could have taken it from V.V after he killed Marianne, but the king had to fake liking him until V.V gave him the code which he did.

The rest are just people pulling at straws. Stop looking for any reason to continue a series. A show that ends is a good show or do you want it to go on forever like Detective Conan and then the plot gets stale and repetitive and a good show is ruined. It's okay that it's over, I'll miss it, sure, it's one of my favorite shows, but it's okay because I wanted to see the end. I didn't want to be 50 wondering what's going to happen in geass. Besides think about it if Lelouch was alive he would be THE MOST HATED man in the world he would be more hated than Hitler. He could never show his face and if he revealed his intentions the world peace would be ruined. He would live forever as a man that everyone despises. Do you really want Lelouch to live that life. Is that what you want Lelouch to be the most hated man of all time. Because I'd rather he be dead. Let it go enjoy the show and move on. Lelouch was a great character but it's time to say goodbye. ALL HAIL LELOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
10-02-08, 8:38 PM

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And even if Orange-kun knew about the plan and acceptted her I don't think he could smile then.
and after that he called somone, I belive he called C.C. or somthing because they need to take the "body", they don't want somone will burn it.

and in the end, if you watch well, C.C. IS talking to the driver, and she's talking on loud, if the driver wasn't lelouch, it was an old man and he was pushing her from his carrige. :D
10-03-08, 2:13 AM

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Whatever :p I'd like to think he's alive, but anyways.. it was a perfect way to wrap the whole series up.
10-03-08, 2:12 PM

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Lelouch lives, it is fact
Need a new sig
10-03-08, 4:20 PM

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You have guys have changed my mind how could I not I have seen it before. Damn, you write sarcasm . . . Oh well even if he is alive and is hated more than Hitler, the show is fine as is anymore would be an insult to our intelligence.
10-03-08, 8:30 PM

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Omg that's funny 'cause I was gonna make a Lelouch is Alive club xD Thanks for making it!
10-04-08, 1:03 AM

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these clubs are popping up on all anime forums XD
10-04-08, 4:33 PM

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That thing about CC talking to Lelouch is somewhat like when in the end of Death Note Rewrite Ryuk was talking "to" Light... as if he had become a god... so what? Is Light a god ???
I actually like it with Lulu dead. It's an epic end. I cried my eyes out. Do you want all the crying to be in vain? Any more alive people [especially Lelouch] will make unnecessary drama. A 3rd season will be boring. That's it, the end of the end, get over it.
let's make a club Lulu's dead !

10-05-08, 4:59 PM

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No the thing is that it's a fact and some people don't want to admit it.

How much you don't like it, how much you do like it, Lelouch is alive.
It's a fucking fact, a F.A.C.T.
Yes it's not stated and it's still a fact. When you see a chair, a book or even someone in a anime it doesn't need to be stated so that it's here. That's the fucking same way.

Nunnally saw Lelouch's memories = Lelouch having a code = Lelouch fucking alive.

Some people may go: ''How can you tell that Nunnaly saw lelouch's memories?''
It's as simple as that: Sunrise don't do thing for nothing, they wouldn't have shown us all that for nothing AND ONLY AFTER FUCKING HAND CONTACT.

Shi-tsu wouldnt be crying about Lelouch dying, hell no. It's what she always wanted and in character perspective it's one of the best thing to be able to die. Yet she cries because Lelouch is immortal and that she didn't want to burden him with that like she said in the world of C.

Yeah code geass is finished, it's not because the main protagonist is alive that the show must continue, otherwise most anime would have a freacking huge amount of season. Peace have come, let's end it now.
10-06-08, 2:28 AM

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Fine... then shouldn't CC cry when Lelouch got the code in the world of C or something. Why is she crying when he's killed? It is true that she doesn' like immortality but so she doesn't want Lulu to die.
About Nunnaly... who said you need to have a code too see somebody's memories. It could be just from the Geass,Lulu's dying or something.
And if he had the code what if he gave it to Suzaku? In the end he told him multiple times that he has to be Zero forever.
"You will sacrifice all of your happiness for the world...eternally... "
"I accept that Geass" ....
but whatever, fine, let's end it, everybody has his own opinion :)
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10-16-08, 2:59 AM

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I have another reason lelouch is alive!
listen, remember, in the 1st Season, Lelouch put a gun on his head, and C.C. got nervous...
now I think I understand why at least...
think about that- there is a "contact".. in contact, if one of them die, the other one die too (and that's why there have to be one immortal.. for the contact sake)

and then, we can understand, that if lelouch died, C.C. would die too..
and I don't think we saw C.C. die in the end ;)
10-16-08, 11:48 AM

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Well ... personally im impressed how long u guys can discuss poor Lulu's "death". I think its a little morbid.
~I listen to Anime Theme and Opening Music, do you?~
10-16-08, 12:44 PM

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Its obvious he his dead, the ending wouldn't make any sense if he wasn't.

And also there is also official confirmation that he his dead
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