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06-28-12, 6:13 AM

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Seiyu Goto Yuko posted on her official blog that she has gotten out of critical condition and will be able to leave the hospital at the beginning of this August if things go well. She had been suffering from cardiac tamponade which derived from the autoimmune disease. Thanks to prompt treatment, the condition of her heart has gone completely back to normal. Although it's impossible to eliminate the autoimmune disease and other organs remain to be treated, she said she felt relieved to have her heart cured.

Source: Goto's official blog
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06-28-12, 6:23 AM

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be strong Mikuru-chan.....!

06-28-12, 6:38 AM

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It's a shame she can't get rid of the disease, but it's great that her heart is cured!
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06-28-12, 6:54 AM

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good to see some good news
06-28-12, 6:54 AM

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omg yes.

06-28-12, 6:55 AM

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I'm glad her heart is cured. She's one of my favourite voice actresses
06-28-12, 7:15 AM

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Very good news, but it sounds like the original condition was relatively serious and to a degree still is. Her health comes first... but I'd be lying if I claimed her ability to do Hidamari Honeycomb wasn't a close second for me. Like I've said before, I would gladly take a 1 or even 2 season delay if that's what it takes for her to get well and grace us with her lovely Hiro again.
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06-28-12, 7:19 AM

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Glad to hear this

06-28-12, 7:31 AM

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Great news! She's my favourite seiyuu and I can't imagine anyone else voicing Hiro. Stay strong Yuuko-san! >_<
06-28-12, 7:31 AM

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Glad to see she's ok.

Hopefully this means hidamari sketch is on track
06-28-12, 7:32 AM

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It's great to hear this, indeed.
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06-28-12, 8:06 AM

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This is great! Happy for her that she's feeling better!
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06-28-12, 8:21 AM

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Good news ^w^
06-28-12, 8:24 AM

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I'm so glad reading that ! I hope all will go well for her. We're all with you, Yuuko-san !
06-28-12, 8:25 AM

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That's a relief. I'm really glad that she's doing better. :)
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06-28-12, 8:28 AM

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I hope we can see the new Hidamari season in due time. Glad she's doing better.
06-28-12, 8:33 AM

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now she need is rest & relax due the recover time & she will be ok.
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06-28-12, 8:48 AM

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I'm so glad she's doing better.
06-28-12, 9:15 AM

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06-28-12, 9:18 AM

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thats good to hear, i dont give a shit how good her roles are acted out, or if shes annoying, or whatever, No one deserves to die and anyone that wishes something so drastically on other should be ashamed of themselves.
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This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.
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