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Bakuman Chapter 7 Discussion

Poll: Bakuman Chapter 7 Discussion

09-28-08, 8:47 PM

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Oh you tell me guys XD... Yup it's movin' quite fast and I'm really okay with the speed that Ohba and Obata are taking in this manga, but let me make clear that the time leap got me a little bit iffy XD but nothing to get pissed with them XD... Oh dunno if you remember but Death Note got time leaps too!

Now I'm beginning to feel that this gonna be a short story (but oh so much potential it has!!! >>), call me crazy but it would be cool that it could last as long like um let's say death note and some more chappies XD...

Two Earth's cover kinda had a Death Note flava with that Raito pose cover XD... And even like someone said Azumi's is becoming into a stronger character than Misa, but don't forget the other female of DN... College girlfriend of Yagami... which was her name... dun remember that it was a better female role than Misa for sure... whatever it is Azuki's the best!!

Sooo... well... let's wait for next week publication...


09-29-08, 8:34 AM

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nice chapter, fast development. it was great to see more of azuki, aspiring Seiyuu are love.

i guess 'Two Earths' is either really good (shocked editor at shueisha: 'How did these two...??!') or really bad (editor is laughing at the them non-stop).

Looking forward to next week.
09-29-08, 11:29 AM

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I'm with you guys, I think the 'Two Earths' manga will show a rushed feeling that the editor won't like

I'm also a sort of romanticist so, I think Takagi ends up getting along just fine with Kaya, even more so then the sketchy "We'll go straight into marriage" relationship between Azuki and Mashiro, thats stands together on a promise and nothing much else but a few inconsistent stares.

Since Kaya already confides in Takagi, the are already closer then Azuki and Mashiro.

10-02-08, 7:59 PM

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Ah no! a cliffhanger
Its really interesting how this is supposed to be a comedy manga and it has all the romantic stuff. its like the perfect combination :D yeah
11-02-08, 11:16 PM

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lol they finished it on my birthday >.>

This is really fun to read and I love the bits of romance, can't wait till they get a bit more serious. Now on to chapter 8!
12-15-08, 5:07 AM

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Momo-Hime said:
lol they finished it on my birthday >.>


So jealous of Azuki's friend.
04-10-09, 8:37 PM

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I have a bad feeling that, the editor might use a...
04-25-09, 11:11 PM

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One thing I love about this manga is the pace of the chapters, they don't drag out an idea but move on at a great pace, now with the manuscript done I'm pumped!
07-19-09, 3:51 PM

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"I wanted to talk to you" XD
I loved that moment, especially the reactions of the characters XD
11-19-09, 3:17 AM

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I think that was Yagami Light on the cover of their manga. =O
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02-26-10, 5:46 PM

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I can't wait to find out if "Two Earths" is sugar or sh*t. I'm a bit surprised that Takagi is already targeted by a female.
10-14-10, 10:51 PM

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It would be good if both side's bestfriend would like each other - tight connection

Mashiro = Frequency as for Takagi = Wavelength, nice terms they use
From 19th to 6th nice,

at last they finished it on time
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02-04-12, 1:38 AM

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They can do anything. Come on!
05-24-12, 6:47 AM

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Wow! They already finished the manuscript. I hope it gets accepted. It better be! That's the least possible way to catch up to this Eiji person. But the way I see it, the staff doesn't take kids seriously.
05-07-13, 1:44 PM

Joined: Nov 2012
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This series really inspires me as a writer!

But actually, I hope they don't get published right off the bat. Or at least have to deal with some harsh criticism. Getting published your first time out isn't very realistic. I think since this manga seems to be reaching out to wannabe manga artists, it should take the more real route.
10-28-14, 1:51 PM

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Good they completed it, the art does looks nice.
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