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Movie of 'Toaru Majutsu no Index' to be Released in February

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07-10-12, 9:53 AM

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Zero-94 said:
Kenju said:
The "I only watch for Accel, Biri Biri etc" fans.
GTF away from my series please.

Implying Accelerator is one of the three main protagonists of the series (and my favorite anime character of all time)... Mikoto is just another part of the harem but an important character nonetheless. I admit I'm kinda annoyed by the people going "NEED MOAR BIRIBIRI, KUROKOxMISAKA YURI PLZZZZ!!11" as well, but whatever, let's just PLEASE not drag the Index vs. Railgun topics to every single thread about the series. We have enough of those already, and they all are full of childish idiots.

IMO both Accelerator and Misaka should definitely appear in this movie, especially since it's the first Index movie and both of them are obviously important characters to the whole series. Of course, Accelerator is on the dark side of the Academy City so it would be natural for him not to appear, depending on the movie's setting.

PS. To all of those Accelerator and Biribiri maniacs... MOAR HAMAZURA PLOX

Oh yes I like both Misaka and Accel and I know they're important, it's some of their fans and such that that bothers me, the reason being what Ragix said

And yes More Hamazura

07-10-12, 10:00 AM

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I can't wait to see the movie I hope that the movie will based on the novel.....
I read it and it was really great!!
07-21-12, 7:11 PM

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All of this Biribiri/Accelerator debate is pointless - what really matters is HIMEGAMI AISA 6TH BILLING!

22+4 novels, 2+7 side stories, 24x2 episodes + 4 specials and she's finally a main character again!
08-29-12, 1:29 PM

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GOOD! Very GOOD NEWS! Now.......PLEASE COME SEASON 3! Index forever <333
10-07-12, 7:08 AM

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Where's my Last Order? =/ (and with her, comes the package of Accelerator.)
10-23-12, 12:11 PM

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this is so non canon it hurts XD

but it might be good we will see
This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.
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