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34 64.15%
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13 24.53%
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5 9.43%
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06-01-12, 10:03 AM

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 6306
It seems like the show went with a more realistic approach in possibly letting Saki move. Of course, as realistic as having a wish granting rock gets.
06-01-12, 10:13 AM

Joined: May 2012
Posts: 683
prismheart said:
It seems like the show went with a more realistic approach in possibly letting Saki move. Of course, as realistic as having a wish granting rock gets.

Well, the rock's been a device to help them cope with the problems of life, but it hasn't physically improved their lives at all really.
06-01-12, 6:15 PM

Joined: Oct 2007
Posts: 3367
This is a show about a life of 4 girls and some people make it sound like it is a show about a Rock doing magic >__<

Oh and where is my "annoying girl" comment, tsubasalover? I am disappointed!

As for the show, I am more interesting on where are they going to end the show.

"A Legend is just a tale of a beautiful lie."
06-01-12, 11:30 PM

Joined: May 2008
Posts: 5206
KaitoDash said:
I find Saki so... flexible? I mean she can go naked in a broad daylight.
Did she not think about suddenly becoming visible on the taxi or the boat?

So... you wouldnt freak out if you see a floating shirt and pants? Niceeeeeeee

Yuka was really mature in this episode, respect gained :D

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06-02-12, 3:09 AM

Joined: Aug 2008
Posts: 787
greenmush said:
KaitoDash said:
I find Saki so... flexible? I mean she can go naked in a broad daylight.
Did she not think about suddenly becoming visible on the taxi or the boat?

So... you wouldnt freak out if you see a floating shirt and pants? Niceeeeeeee

No, I mean she should just stay naked in her room for the time being.
06-02-12, 9:41 AM

Joined: Feb 2012
Posts: 5371
The rock has a cousin and he creates funny situations like the other one.

Koharu is a girl, it's the second girl I mistook for a boy this season, come on.

Seems like Saki is ready to move to the island, let's see if Natsumi can really accept that.

The drama with the doctor was forced in my opinion, I couldn't take it serious but I can imagine that he is a really close person to everyone on the island.

The faces looked good after last week's disaster, still makes laugh so hard when I see that one shot on the boat.
06-02-12, 10:51 AM

Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 34
Almost got a little teary-eyed watching this episode. I wonder if the season's going to end with Saki moving.
06-02-12, 1:45 PM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 2854
So this Koharu "guy" is actually a girl, a tomboy! Can't believe Saki actually turned invisible. It's like she wanted to disappear. Everyone didn't even question the fact that Saki wasn't with them on the trip and that she just suddenly appeared naked. It was kinda unrealistic. xD

So in de end Koharu was being rude and irritated because of the fact the old doctor would be replaced and not because she didn't like the new people.
06-03-12, 9:45 PM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 659
This show is just fun :D its not that good but its just fun
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06-05-12, 1:26 AM

Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 330
I think I'm in love with rin. She wonky as **** but she actually glues the whole group together. Some of the stuff in the episode is a bit too melodramatic, but I guess middle school girls are prone to these situations (like the whole explanation of harvesting middle school girls because they are at the cusp of sexuality and are highly volatile emotionally. Forgot from what series though).

The whole "she has bigger boobs than we do" thing with the tanned sister was hilarious though. Love those tan lines by the way, in anime and in real life, it's excessively sexy but only if it's natural.
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06-05-12, 4:42 AM

Joined: Apr 2009
Posts: 7743
Should've known invisibility was the next trick in the book to happen. Lol at Rinko trolling them to pose for a picture when she was taking a video. What boggles me is why Saki never worried about being naked the whole time. So daring. She could've materialized in an open public space and caused a scandal. Good thing Natsumi was well prepared, and only girls were the witnesses.

Also, the twins were only surprised at first. They probably know something about the abnormal powers of their own rock. Maybe those two rocks are linked, and could end up like terminal portals or something to allow for some quick travel later on. Crazy, but then again nothing but crazy things have been happening for most of the other episodes.

A twist on the usual 'cute girls doing cute things'. Cute girls doing crazy things.
06-07-12, 8:03 AM

Joined: May 2011
Posts: 3470
Wow wonder how it feels for Saki to just walk around town naked like that. Especially since no one can see her and it doesn't cause her major embarrassment.

Oh so Koharu is actually a girl... The town seems pretty cool but it'd still suck to see Saki not being with this group.
06-07-12, 8:48 AM

Joined: Aug 2011
Posts: 1153
Huh, so Koharu turned out to be a girl afterall. I thought she was being a little selfish towards the previous island's doctor, consider his feelings towards his circumstances.

Quite surprised at how Saki adjusted to being invisible. She seemed to not mind being naked around everyone everywhere: inside, outside, on a boat, taxi and in school. I wonder just how many of these magical rocks exist. Maybe it could be any rock but it needs the level of friendship that these characters share in order to make these phenomenons happen.
06-08-12, 6:49 AM

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 1941
The transfer practice crushed almost all my hopes of Saki not moving. After that scene, the last episode will have to show how it happens for real...Still, the wish granting stone is there to be abused to hell and it's not like this would be the first show to pull off an ending undoing the message it conveyed through the episodes (and since I doubt this show would ever achieve critic's acclaim regarding the story, the creators might as well please the happy end lovers). The episode itself was okay 3/5.
06-14-12, 11:01 AM

Joined: Jan 2011
Posts: 2309
I didn't like this episode that much.
About next episode's typhoon, it won't get animated or it'll be crappy so don't raise your hopes too much.
Honestly speaking, I would prefer this show being 10 or 11 episodes long instead with better quality per episodes, some signs are so obvious it's almost killing me...
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06-14-12, 4:14 PM

Joined: Jun 2008
Posts: 3355
There was a norwegian flag on the boat O_O
06-14-12, 4:45 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 2619
Chibi-Alice said:
There was a norwegian flag on the boat O_O
The Rock? ... nah. Maybe the captain is just lost. Or, perhaps he came looking for some really good sushi and decided to stay.
06-29-12, 11:01 AM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 1394
I loved this episode! Saki turning invisible was so symbolic, and there was so much character growth here overall! Very well done, with a nice dose of fan-service to spice up a meal made mostly of emotion!

Saki is amazing!

Does anybody have any theories as to why Saki was having a nosebleed right before she went invisi? Was she aroused looking at her yuri love, or is it something else?
07-01-12, 8:19 AM

Joined: Oct 2007
Posts: 806
When did annoying girl get boobs? I thought they were all DFC except Saki. Maybe it's not rocks couisin, but a dimensional wishing portal?
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07-02-12, 7:24 PM

Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 48446
Saki! Your clothes

Saki: Ahhhhhh!

Fucking lol'd.
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