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05-28-12, 3:07 PM

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Sound's like a case of the jade, yep.

In the end, "originality" is just a fancy term for the same old shit wrapped in different paper, maybe with some extra bacon, unusual spice or a side order of salad instead of the fries. Obviously you will be less excited about sinking your teeth in it once you realize this and can predict with unnerving accuracy what kind of plot twists and tropes they'll pull in the next episode.

But with such a small list, you've obviously got loads of awesome stuff left. LoGH, Ghost in the Shell, Rose of Versailles, Cowboy Bebop, Utena, Gundam, NGE, Perfect Blue, Macross, Nana, Aria, Votoms, Slayers, Baccano, Haruhi, TTGL etc.

The best thing to do when you're feeling like this is to ignore the currently running anime and go dig for some highly acclaimed classics for a while and see if that helps.

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05-28-12, 3:09 PM

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I've noticed this issue with my judgement on anime as well. You're definitely not alone on this one. It seems like to me it's more difficult to pick out a good number of anime per season as the year goes by.

I'd like to add that our ability to predict an anime's plot based on it's PV, description and/or promo picture enhances over the years but at the same time gets the best of us. When we read a description about an anime with a typical shounen hero who gains some mysterious power (typical, but bear with me,) we automatically are going to think that there's nothing special or original about that show because we've already seen it done plenty of times in the past. But what if there's that slim chance that this show may have some interesting qualities to it and we let our judgement decide that the anime is crap before it aired?

Looking for good anime is hard when you've seen some great anime in the past, but I believe they're out there. My suggestion to you is to try picking out anime that has the same director as your favorites. Some of them are still active in the anime industry, so yeah.
05-28-12, 3:42 PM

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Well, what if it's a question of genres? What if a lot of the anime being produced doesn't appeal to him? For me a few scans of the 2012 spring/summer anime season by a google search shows a lot school/romance stuff and a lot of shounen. Neither of those genres appeal to me that much unless they manage to be so good to warrant a must watch regardless of genre. Still, i managed to find several things from just 2012 that look interesting:

Uchuu Kyoudai, Ozuma,Zetman, Fate/zero 2, Eureka 7 AO,(maybe AKB0048), Kingdom, Madoka Box (it's gainax why not),Moyashimon Returns, and Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon II.

@rechbeets - 10 Episodes into mirai nikki the show is kind of dissapointing, the comedy sometimes kills the suspense feeling, yuno gets on my nerves because the only thing she thinks about is protecting yuki, the role of the diaries tends to be pretty arbitrary since they can change due to any action, so there isn't really a 'battle of wits' type thing going on. It's probably going to get a 6 from me. Still, I haven't watched anything else on that list yet so I can't make a claim about quality.

However, I'm hardly qualified to comment on the state of anime as a whole however since I haven't watched that much anime.
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05-29-12, 1:53 AM

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recheebts said:
Looking at your list, you hardly seem to have seen enough of a variety of anime as it is to be qualified to comment on the overall quality of any year or "era" of anime.

And going off of your MAL graph ( your thread title is more baseless than it already was; your average score for anime in the 2000s is 8.26, and it gets progressively lower each decade you go back. So really your opinion seems to be the opposite; at least until 2010, anime was getting better and better.

But those are just statistics, so it just seems that you can't seem to find good anime of recent years; not that "the quality of anime has decreased". You listed your favorite four and the most recent ended in '08. Here are just some anime that are generally popular and viewed as good/great by at least a majority of viewers, that were released in 2008 or later:

You say the quality of anime has decreased. Yet it's not like every studio out there has simultaneously started to churn out lesser-quality products. Every year, every decade, are a variety of "good" and "bad" anime. This applies for all mediums of entertainment, from books to movies to television. It's not as black and white as "anime from Year X is better than anime from Year Y" or "anime from back in the day was way better than the crap they're spewing out now." Those are just groundless statements.

Ive seen/given 8 of those shows a chance. Please dont use my list here as an list of what i ave seen. Its not accurate.
05-29-12, 2:40 AM

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Quality of anime hasn't decreased, there has been shitty shows back then and there are shitty shows now. In every decade there are good an bad series and as we are people time glorifies your memories. It's just the quantity which has increased and now it is easier to find than it was 10-15 years ago. Everything is available, not jus the few best series. Most of the series I have given 9-10 are from the 21st century as most of the series I have seen are from the 21st century.

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05-29-12, 4:59 AM

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not so much, we are just getting older and seeing the same ideas rehashed over and similarities between each of anime we have watched. that is going to happen in anything we do ^^ to anybody watching anime for the first time it will seem as awesome to them as it did for our first anime :)
05-29-12, 9:53 AM

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What do you consider crap?
I feel shounens that are on your favorites to be crap sometimes, with all its predictable patterns, and it's a lot of producing of that.
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05-29-12, 9:57 AM

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fantomu said:
What do you consider crap?
I feel shounens that are on your favorites to be crap sometimes, with all its predictable patterns, and it's a lot of producing of that.

Everything is predictable to a degree.
A story will have a protagonist and antagonist.
That protagonist will go though a series of trials until the end of his/her story and will most likely prevail against the main antagonist by the time the story is over.

The fun part of enjoying stories is usually the journey even if you know the destination.

05-30-12, 7:32 AM

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Vocaloawesome said:
not so much, we are just getting older and seeing the same ideas rehashed over and similarities between each of anime we have watched. that is going to happen in anything we do ^^ to anybody watching anime for the first time it will seem as awesome to them as it did for our first anime :)

I agree.
05-30-12, 8:51 AM

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Commenting on this subject can be really touchy but I'm going to attempt to give my opinion without sounding rude or offending anyone- So here I go..

In my opinion anime has gotten a lot better, and will keep getting better with time. Look at the new anime that was just released spring 2012, the animation and execution of these anime hits home base compared to older shows such as Naruto, Chobits, and Inuyasha. I mean sure they too got better with time but they still do not meet up with the quality of newly released anime.

Now with that said it does not mean bad anime are not being made now, look at Kill me Baby- Its rather new but blew chunks all over everything anime. I think your problem is that you are too picky with what you watch and have the mind set of a nostalgic anime and want to compare everything else to it. My advice would be to just watch something, even if you think its bad, after a few episodes it may grow on you.
05-30-12, 10:00 AM

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It's just you and probably your nostalgia factor.
Every year there are some good animes and bad ones.
And sometimes there are excellent ones.
So no anime in general hasn't lose quality. In fact, since the technology has been advancing, it should be getting better.

05-30-12, 12:14 PM

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Having looked through your list. I think I know what your problem is. The quality of anime has not truly decreased. However, the quality of SHONEN anime (which was already too low for me to get interested in many shows) has dropped exponentially. And that's all that's really on your list, Shonen or animes that have many shonen themes.
You don't have to go watch Cardcaptor Sakura or anything, but you do need to expand your horizons a bit. Try expanding the action/adventure genres to your list. There are way more of those and they are usually of higher quality. The one Shonen anime that came out this season is Zetman. Check it out if you wish but it's kind of a fail.
For you, I would recommend titles such as Black Cat, Record of Lodos War and sequel, Gankutsuou, GetBackers, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Hundred Stories, Mars Daybreak, Mirai Nikki (TV), Another, Outlaw Star, Paranoia Agent, Saiyuki and Trigun. Oh yeah. And Gintama.
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05-31-12, 3:48 PM

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I must say that recently anime is not as good as it used to be, I agree with THE name of the topic...

But you're quite an interesting one...For a person who gave a 10 to Naruto I think you have absolutely no right to talk about annoying fillers and etc... :D

Well I guess I should begin with the fact that your list is quite poor, so I don't really understand what exactly are you talking/complaining about...You haven't seen enough to make a comparison... But mainly anime is a repetative endless cycle, so you won't find many "original" ones...

IF you want something original try watcing animes aired before 2006. Don't put flashy sparkly faaabulous overrated bullshit like Code Geass(sorry I hated it) in the "originals"...they are NOT!!! -.-

Basically you need to see more older shows with not so sparkly art but very good story, OR stop watching more books -_-
05-31-12, 3:50 PM

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simple answer: you got older so your tastes changed
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05-31-12, 4:04 PM

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After many years of watching a lot of anime you start to think that you have seen it all. It is true that as you get older you won't like as many series. As i got older i looked at the first few animes i watched and thought they sucked, why did i watch them? I will admit that the past few season i noticed that originality is hard to come by. However there have been some pretty good animes coming out, but you just need to notice them when they do. I am not a very picky person with my anime so i can't understand how you feel.
05-31-12, 4:09 PM

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Some how i think the anime quality have increase! All 2009 to now the anime graphic and quality have a big difference :O Their getting better!!
05-31-12, 4:36 PM

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I don't think quality's dropped, but I do find that anime have become less 'experimental' in the past few years and just go with the flow. (But to a certain extent, I think this is true in every anime era.) This may well be because I don't enjoy the slice of life anime boom that's been happening lately, so I don't enjoy the majority of new shows.
I can still find a number of new series (in the past few years 2008 and newer)that I've enjoyed tremendously. However, my absolute favorite shows are all pre 2007 (then there's FMA Brotherhood, but I'd call that an exception, since it is a remake afterall)
I don't think that quality is decreasing, but the market is becoming orientated towards an audience which I'm not a part of, so I'm unable to enjoy the new shows as much. And that's pretty much all I'm gonna say about the topic. I'm sure the SoL/moe era will pass eventually and we'll get some new trend. Or at least I hope so.
05-31-12, 4:45 PM

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It's just you.
05-31-12, 5:10 PM

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Your favorite anime is bleach, you have many more amazing shows to uncover
05-31-12, 5:12 PM

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When we look back on older shows, it's always the same gang that gets mentioned, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Excel Saga, Slayers and whatnot. Only big names. That is because no-one cares about the the rest and as a result, they are also harder to find.

Today, we follow anime seasons and we watch EVERYTHING. That is why quality can seem mixed, as we don't know the "big names", since that is what history will tell us.

In ten years, the question will still be the same, but we will add, perhaps, Haruhi, Madoka Magica and other heavy hitters to the classics. And not care the slightest about stuff like Uppotte or whatever it is.


I like the older art style though, the one from about 10 years back. It clicks with me.
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