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An introduction to Jazz?

05-25-12, 11:50 AM

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Pretty entry level, but I really like it.
05-25-12, 12:25 PM

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deadleeserious said:
If you're a fan of rock music, you could start with jazz fusion and move from there.
All these examples are albums

Try Frank Zappa's "Hot Rats"
Miles Davis "Bitches Brew"
The Mahavishnu Orchestra's "Birds of Fire"

General "must hear" classics:
Miles Davis - "Kind of Blue"
John Coltrane - "A Love Supreme"
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers "Moanin'"
Dave Brubeck Quartet "Time Out"
Charles Mingus "Black Saint and the Sinner Lady"

For vocal jazz:
Billie Holiday "Lady Sings the Blues"
Frank Sinatra "In the Wee Small Hours"
Chet Baker "Chet Baker Sings"

and any of Ella Fitzgerald's songbook collections.

You might wanna stay away from the free and avant-garde jazz for a time being. You can check some of those out if you find you like the more accessible stuff.

Some excellent suggestions here. Especially John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Billie Holiday are not only legends, but also well suited for 'beginners'. You can listen to their records 100 times and discover something new about them every time.

Other than the artists already named, I'll chip in a few additional names. I'm not gonna comment much, just check them out when you have the opportunity and see if you like them (all classic stuff. Roy Ayers has also a lot of Funk and Soul in his songs):

Bill Evans
Charlie Parker
Dizzy Gillespie
Thelonius Monk
Roy Ayers
Eric Dolphy
Freddie Hubbard
Oliver Nelson

And if you're feeling daring, you might want to ignore deadleeserious' legitimate warnings and eavesdrop on this weird Free Jazz thing ;)
e.g. Albert Ayler, Sun Ra
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05-26-12, 7:36 PM

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For some great fusion players (all pretty contemporary [as in still making music since '80's etc])

Dennis Chambers
Victor Wooten
Bireli Lagrene
Greg Howe
***Guthrie Govan!!!*** Modern and more on the rock side of jazz (that's fusion for ya lol)

As for the classics, many people already nailed it (particularly deadleeserious):

Miles Davis (Kind of Blue album!)
Thelonious Monk
Chick Corea
Ray Brown Trio
David Benoit
Bill Evans
John Coltrane
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

And if you want a latin/spanish flavor to your jazz (which is f'in amazing dude) check out:

Santana (obv)
Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Johannes Linstead

Finally... a couple of groups I discovered and liked:

James Taylor Quartet
Gregg Bissonette
Tribal Tech

Lol that's a lot of rec's but I hope someone finds it useful as I tried to split the recs into sections.

****P.S. If you really want an anime that incorporates jazz into it's soundtrack be sure to check out:

Cowboy Bebop
Darker than Black
Sakamichi no Apollon (currently airing and DEFINITELY a GREAT intro to jazz classics!!)
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05-29-12, 8:19 PM

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Hegemony said:

-fuckload of Jazz recs-

I am impressed
05-30-12, 3:15 AM

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Slurpentine said:
Hegemony said:

-fuckload of Jazz recs-

I am impressed

Haha, yeah! I'm very thankful! A lot of these are very good!
05-30-12, 11:13 AM

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Scruff said:
Slurpentine said:
Hegemony said:

-fuckload of Jazz recs-

I am impressed

Haha, yeah! I'm very thankful! A lot of these are very good!

I'm sad I was too late to recommend you anything; literally all of my favorites are here
05-30-12, 1:04 PM

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Lite Steely Jazz Rock I warn you!
05-31-12, 7:55 AM

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I'm rather new myself, but I recommend the opening for Baccano!, the opening and ending for Gad-Guard, and just Sakamichi no Apollon in general.
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DrunkenBlowfish said:
Ho-oh, I'd imagine its like a Skittles flavored turkey.

05-31-12, 10:39 AM

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I was just listening to some beats and I remembered this thread so I'm gonna post a bit for the ppl who are interested ^^



Sinitus Tempo


D. Locke
06-01-12, 3:59 AM

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I dont care for jazz but I love breakcore with jazz influences (one of my fave songs)

sadly Venetian Snares doesnt have much songs like these