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05-20-12, 4:33 PM

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As I finish reading through all the novels again, I thought it only fitting that I create individual topic discussions for each volume entry. The Rolling Bootlegs happens to be the very first novel in the Baccano! series.

Absolutely adored this novel, the anime adaptation didn't leave much out but it did miss little minor details that would have made the onscreen experience much more enjoyable.

Overall the novel itself was written very well. I especially love those FiroXEnnis moments and the brief conversation excerpts Narita has with his own character Firo in a New York City bar.
10-05-12, 12:22 AM

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Wait. what. huge role as an Antagonist? O.o WWHHEEEENN!?
10-18-12, 5:57 PM
Manga Moderator
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I wouldn't count him as an antagonist as while he certainly causes a lot of problems for Firo in the 1930's in his attempts to cause grief for Huey,

It really sucks that the anime cut him out though since he's the one character in the series that hates all the chaos and tries to make things orderly despite the universe laughing in his face all the time. His job in the FBI also explains why none of the immortals are captured by the US government and like experimented on or something since he takes care of all their paper work.
01-22-15, 4:51 PM

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I guess he is more like one of those tweeners that just goes looking for his own ways. And as for this first novel, it was quite informative and I liked the majority of the dialogues and narrative. Very creative tart. Looking forward to reading the remaining novels!
02-08-15, 12:23 AM

Joined: Mar 2014
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Victor was in the anime and even had lines, during ship episode, though he wasn't named. And Ido believe it showed him during the where are they now episode epilogue at the end of episode 7. Hell, even Beeg got a scene despite his connection to the runnoratas and Czes being left out completely and having no lines or name.
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