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05-08-12, 2:49 AM

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According to Newtype magazine, Mayumura Taku's sci-fi juvenile novel "Nerawareta Gakuen" was announced to get an anime movie adaptation. The director is Nakamura Ryosuke and the production studio is Sunrise. The novel was published in 1973 and four live action TV drama and two live action films have been produced.

Abeno 6th Junior high school is a high-ranked school but the morals of the school begin to deteriorate due to the stressful atmosphere. A beautiful girl named Takamizawa Michiru becomes the chairperson of the student council and controls the school through force and brainwashing. Seki Koji, one of the students, opposes to her violent ruling but finds there is a psychic boy who pulls the strings from behind.

Source: Scan of Newtype

Nerawareta Gakuen on MAL
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05-08-12, 3:01 AM

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>student council

05-08-12, 3:06 AM

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Interesting director, terrible synopsis
05-08-12, 3:08 AM

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The only interesting part is the psychic character.
05-08-12, 3:14 AM

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SurferDude said:
>student council


dtshyk said:
The novel was published in 1973

And some people blame modern anime for using school as the most common setting...
05-08-12, 3:15 AM

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What? This is a horrible plot synopsis, hopefully it will be more than that.
05-08-12, 3:16 AM

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SurferDude said:
>student council

> people making this same damn type of post in every single thread that's ever mentioned school
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05-08-12, 3:18 AM

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the Novel os very good but sunrise adpting things that is not made by them[ ie not Gundam Novels] is bad most of the time
my 11 main things i rate on

1 Impact on Impact on industry both the anime and Original Manga had
2 TV Ratings in Japan [ Gross for movies Unit sales for OVAs 3 Manga Ka of the Sourcework
4 how loyal the anime stayed to its source how well the compare to other big name in its genre
5 Seiyuu casting [ how many i know by voice i use the royal I here ]
6 Impact on General Pop Culture in Japan and the West 7 Impact on Otaku Culture in Japan and the West
8 Music[ Instrumentation]
9 merchandise sales
10 art style 11 Studio who produced the anime[ and what thay have done for the industry]

05-08-12, 3:37 AM

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I don't think so. I'm interested in works of Sunrise but director and synopsis are enough to scare me away.
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05-08-12, 3:58 AM

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I for one find the synopis intriguing, mostly due to the fact that novel was published in 1973. I don't expect to find cliches of modern school anime there, at least not that much.
Sunrise is also a plus but director not so much.
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05-08-12, 4:23 AM

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I don't see a problem with anime set in high schools, I for one actually find it more interesting, and don't really give a damn if it's set in a high school or garbage dump or whatnot, though with a synopsis like that, I wouldn't be surprised if we move away from the typical school setting relatively early.

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05-08-12, 4:26 AM

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Not really that interested.
05-08-12, 4:26 AM

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Will watch, the director knows his stuff and the setting sounds mildly interesting.
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Ratohnhaketon said:
I can hear the anti-SOL purists gathering outside with their plotforks.
05-08-12, 5:44 AM

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I'm interested with the psychic and sci-fi part.
05-08-12, 6:54 AM

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BigSimo said:
Interesting director, terrible synopsis

This. I'll still probably end up watch it anyways.
05-08-12, 7:10 AM

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It seems interesting. Might still watch it in the end. *Since it's by Sunrise
05-08-12, 7:17 AM

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*new Sci-fi
*studio is Sunrise
*The director is Nakamura Ryosuke

not bad ))
05-08-12, 7:20 AM

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Seems legit. Nice director Nice Production = me gusta!
05-08-12, 8:04 AM

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1970s sci fi is always great, the director is an interesting choice, and it's done by Sunrise...this has potential to be great.

But I'm still waiting for their official unveiling of G REKO. I truly want to see what kind of hilarity Tomino can bring in the 2010s.
05-08-12, 8:06 AM

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I am SO down for this movie. Plus it's Sunrise too! I just wish it could be an anime instead...
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