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toradora season 2

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05-01-12, 5:56 AM

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are there any chance that will have season 2??
05-01-12, 6:37 AM

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In short, no. The one season of Toradora! covers the entire story from the 10 volumes of light novels. There is room for some OVAs based on some of the short stories, like the recent "Behold my Bento" OVA that was included on the Japanese BD release, but there is not any more story left to animate.

I wouldn't want some production company to take the characters and manufacture some sort of 2nd season without input from the original writer. That would be wrong!

However, I have hopes that her current work, Golden Time, will see an anime adaptation sometime! Of course, it would be better to wait until she is done writing it, she is working on volume 5 at the moment (I think) and doesn't seem to be near the end, from what I've heard. (I have only read volume 1. It was really, really good!)
05-03-12, 10:12 PM

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:( I wanna have season 2
08-18-12, 9:50 AM

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me too... toradora gave me a dazzling 'wantsomemore' feeling...taiga and ryuuji are awesome and super sweet....
08-19-12, 12:37 AM

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Hi guys New folk in this club. I finally manage to see the series and all I can say is I FELT IN LOVE WITH IT. I do agree this series is prime for part 2 why because Tiga and Ruiji need to fullfill their promise of being together as husband and wife. I want this to happen so bad.
09-03-12, 5:30 AM

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but since the reality may says no.. guess I'll just go to fanfiction then
09-04-12, 1:02 PM

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I believe we all feel the same way. We all want a part 2 to Toradora because this story has touch us deeply and made us feel like "yeah love can conquer all" and bring us closer. I do too want a season 2 and I want the creator to be part of it.
01-08-13, 8:12 PM

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Guys, toradora's passion has been re-incarnated. Watch sakurasou. its sooo freakn good and similar to this amazing anime

01-09-13, 2:13 PM

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jimbo_extreme said:
Guys, toradora's passion has been re-incarnated. Watch sakurasou. its sooo freakn good and similar to this amazing anime

hey Jimbo i agree it shares a lot of similarities with Toradora but whats great of sakurasou is that the love triangle is so great it keeps you guessing who will Sorata will pick. I love it because is so touchy specially the supporting cast.
04-26-13, 11:50 AM

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There won't be a Toradora season 2, sadly D: This is my favorite anime of all time, and I wish there was more, but there isn't.
12-16-14, 10:10 PM

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You say, ToraDora is good? Well i give it 9/10. It amazing, unfortunately there is likely no s2 for ToraDora. However, Try Nisekoi! I give 10 for that anime♥♥ It is very similar to Toradora, plus, Nisekoi S2 is announced. For ToraDora, there is Tiger and Dragon, for Nisekoi, there is Yakuza and Gangster, haha, I mean it. ToraDora, the worst part is no s2. Well, all anime have it ending isnt? Even Naruto have meet it end.. All The Best, way to go, Yuyuko Takemiya.