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5 out of 5: Loved it!
81 50.63%
4 out of 5: Liked it
51 31.88%
3 out of 5: It was OK
12 7.50%
2 out of 5: Disliked it
12 7.50%
1 out of 5: Hated it
4 2.50%
Voters: 160

04-27-12, 1:48 AM

Joined: Nov 2010
Posts: 1174
Starting to remind me of Phantom Requiem. sooo many WTF bullshit moments but still really fun to watch.
04-27-12, 2:27 AM

Joined: Apr 2009
Posts: 5
The shootout was pure garbage... shame for an anime thats focusing on weapons.
04-27-12, 3:15 AM

Joined: Jun 2008
Posts: 5081
Morthoseth said:
The shootout was pure garbage... shame for an anime thats focusing on weapons.
I think the Anime Upotte!! is much more focused on weapon.. This Anime rarely explain the spec of the weapon.
04-27-12, 4:15 AM

Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 2614
I find the shooting scenes very enjoyable. Love the show so far.

04-27-12, 5:47 AM

Joined: Mar 2011
Posts: 1061
Awesome episode. Gunfight was great
04-27-12, 7:06 AM

Joined: Feb 2007
Posts: 840
Ridiculous gunfight. D: But I guess it does follow the manga nicely, so no point in complaining. Anyway, it was entertaining. Sayaka-san, your Valmet voice is absolutely lovely. <3

I'm so tempted to read the manga now and find out what happened to Valmet in the past and how she got that eye-patch >.<
04-27-12, 1:55 PM

Joined: Mar 2012
Posts: 1079
and again this show became better,

Jonah doing math is so funny :)
04-27-12, 2:15 PM

Joined: Apr 2011
Posts: 1013
Glad I'm not the only one who thought the gunfight this episode was kinda poorly portrayed ... especially Jonah's suicidal charge directly into the face of a firing AK-47 on full auto. You'd think a richochet or stray shot at least would've had a good chance of hitting him, much less with the guy firing directly at him the whole time. Especially considering he later got two police snipers a few minutes later with headshots from well further away. OK, he was under fire himself and shooting around a tower shield, but they could've at least shown the bullets whizzing by millimeters from Jonah's screaming face.

Despite that (and no real indication of why Lehm decided not to take the clear shot on both of them when he first took position), I'm still digging this show. I don't have a horse in the anime v manga debate, since I don't read manga before I watch the anime for this specific reason. And it's apparently a direct enough translation I probably wouldn't need to.

Apparently Jonah was not told there would be math on this exam ;) 3 x 14 = 42, I actually missed the Douglas Adams reference (if such was made, it could've just been a random number). Amusing, I wonder if he has a learning problem or if he's just bad at maths.
04-27-12, 6:26 PM

Joined: Feb 2008
Posts: 2604
I think that Lehm didn't shoot because he wanted more fun with them. It's just his type. He loves hunting. His gun was fully loaded in that scene, so it's probably this.
04-27-12, 9:38 PM

Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 2359
Why did this episode remind me of Trigun?
04-27-12, 10:21 PM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 281
Well, it's interesting that some people refer The number 42 from the answer 14x3=42. Since Jonah has been a child soldier probably in a west asia and never been to school, he answered "a lot." But I noticed the difference between the manga and the anime.

In the manga chapter 6 ("Musica ex Machina" arc), Valmet says "There are fourteen of them on there." So the original author, Keitarou Takahashi, made that three airplanes have 14 wheels.

BUT in anime, Valmet surely says "22 (nijuu-ni)". English subtitle is wrong. I guess the number was changed so as to follow the actual number of the wheels on airplane. According to this article, Airbus A380 has 22 wheels.

It's not big deal, but did the author write 14x3 on purpose? Was there any reason? What do you guys think?
Modified by kusushi, 04-27-12, 10:32 PM
04-27-12, 11:20 PM

Joined: Apr 2011
Posts: 1013
Hmmm, if she actually said (in Japanese) 22, then it was probably the subbers making a Hitchhikers' Guide joke. Or they thought the proper number of wheels on a plane actually was 14, and they fixed the 'mistake' figuring people watching the fansub wouldn't pay attention to the actual number stated.

In retrospect, after looking at how hard it is to actually hit someone with sustained full-auto fire, much less done around an obstacle and from the hip, I'd have to say Jonah's chances of not getting hit did increase dramatically. Granted, Jonah's head-on charge is actually the way he could have best assured that he WOULD get hit, since all Jaws would've had to've done is stopped firing madly for a second to get the recoil under control and just sweep the kid's legs out from under him with a spray. Even if the recoil drove it up he'd probably get a center mass shot even with a wild spray. But clearly neither Jonah nor Jaws was thinking clearly at the time, both of them busy screaming and firing automatic weapons at each other.
04-28-12, 3:43 AM

Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 311
Finally got a feel for this anime, man i love the Tori/Kimi Aoi smile that Koko and the other characters seem to be rocking. Also " You get free hatred for everything you sell. I've amassed a real supply & would like to sell...but no one wants to buy it from me" that was hilariously awesome.

As for the shootout, i'll let my boy Jules explain it for you guys.

Seriously the car chase in the very first ep was a dead giveaway that a realistic portrayal of gun fights is not what they're going for here.
04-28-12, 11:47 AM

Joined: Apr 2008
Posts: 131
sarroush said:
Yumekichi11 said:

All in all I can say stupid fucking staff at the studio. Makes no sense why they would do this to drag shit around. Just kill the SOB team to move to other enemies? How hard is to understand viewers would love to see many bad guys to be shot and variations. Don’t drag the shit. I noticed it a lot in animes nowadays.

It has nothing to do with the staff. That's how the manga plays out. If "Teacher"/Shisho were to die during that gun fight a lot of scenes would be cut out. And given that they have been following the manga really well up to now, I doubt that will happen anytime soon. And at the time Lehm was probably more worried about Valmet's injury and Koko escaping, since he knew they would be capable of finding Chinatsu and Shisho eventually.

That's exactly what I was thinking. They follow the manga, so it's not the anime producers fault. I mean maybe they could have worked around it to seem more real, but who knows what really goes on behind the scenes.

Sentress said:
Ridiculous gunfight. D: But I guess it does follow the manga nicely, so no point in complaining. Anyway, it was entertaining. Sayaka-san, your Valmet voice is absolutely lovely. <3

I'm so tempted to read the manga now and find out what happened to Valmet in the past and how she got that eye-patch >.<

Yeah that part is in there as well. Except the team stopped subbing a while back, but maybe since an anime came out they will start back up.
04-28-12, 7:35 PM

Joined: Jun 2008
Posts: 2696
I think I'm in agreement with most people here about the firearm physics going on here. Most of shooters (both sides) would have been dead if they carried on like they did. Oh well, that's the entertainment industry, you don't want to kill off your main characters except near the end.

Enjoy it while we can.
04-28-12, 9:43 PM

Joined: Jun 2011
Posts: 57
i always said that snipers were noobs and this episode proves it! LOL
04-29-12, 11:14 AM

Joined: May 2011
Posts: 3470
Chinatsu is god damn awesome, she's cute and crazy too. Hoping she'll come out of this alive. This show just keeps on getting better tbh.

Dno how Jonah came out that alive, but that fight was pretty cool.
04-30-12, 4:45 AM

Joined: Apr 2012
Posts: 6
Episode after episode this anime give me alot amusement , The art is the biggest problem here I barely know the characters, thanks to hair color, They people who read the manga how poor they are xD.
04-30-12, 4:47 AM

Joined: Apr 2012
Posts: 578
This anime is getting better and better.
It's really good for a seinen considering my age.
04-30-12, 4:53 PM

Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 290
MorningGlory said:
The worst was how he shot those two cops in the top of the building but couldn't shoot the kid running at him.
moving object are more harder to hit compare to stand still object?
Jona is a mountain soldier,maybe moving skillfully to avoid bullet can be one of his skill .He is a fast runner ='P
(Jona's past will be revealed later )

True that moving objects are hard to hit, but Jonah was running straight towards them (when zig zaging would have been realistically better in order to avoid those bullets). Plus, let´s not forget that Lehm´s intervention part was really dangerous, since if Chinatsu hadn´t stopped the Orquesta dude´s shooting, we would have had a swiss cheese shota right now.
Still enjoying the series so far, though ^_^
Modified by Karura_Jiinsaru, 04-30-12, 4:59 PM
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