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Poll: Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 31 Discussion

04-22-12, 10:03 AM

Joined: Apr 2011
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Ahh I like Kazuki, so honest with his feelings. Lets see what he can do to get Sayaka to fall for him
04-22-12, 10:04 AM

Joined: Jun 2011
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Wow, in front of Sakuraba Kazuki's a bro, in front of Fukuda he's like a girl in love. Or just a puppy. Seriously, almost every time he talks to her he gets so happy - so many panels were filled with him smiling.

Hopefully we'll get to see development in either of the two relationships, which are still pretty much very good friends. For Kashiwagi, she sees Sakuraba as a treasured friend, for Fukuda, she sees Kazuki as a trusted friend.

...We're up to date, so really long waiting periods now D:
04-22-12, 10:08 AM

Joined: Apr 2011
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Yeah :/ i think the magazine of which this manga is published is monthly, so this will become a monthly release i presume.
04-22-12, 10:14 AM

Joined: May 2011
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Explicitz said:
My guess is that she would want to know what love is like and will date him only as an experiment. We all forget that she is twisted in some strange yet cute way.

man, im a fucking genius.

I actually like this idea. We're most likely going to be swarmed with the very slow ass cliche development between Kotone and Yuuto. This will be a nice break from it since most relationships dont develop this way.
04-22-12, 10:15 AM

Joined: Jun 2011
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Reading the note at the end, next chapter is released on 24/4, so I guess the next release is closer than expected if the new group gets the raw.
04-22-12, 10:57 AM

Joined: May 2010
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Oh they started dating nice, gud luck Kazuki
04-22-12, 12:37 PM

Joined: Mar 2008
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Soooo.... tell me again why Kazuki isn't the MC?
04-22-12, 1:50 PM

Joined: Nov 2007
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Kung-Fu-Jesus said:
Soooo.... tell me again why Kazuki isn't the MC?

fucking THIS! Kashiwagi is moe as fuck and all but damn the Kazuki x Fukuda dinamic is very interesting.

Cant wait to see what kind of swag he is gonna have to pull to get her to fall for him
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04-22-12, 2:06 PM

Joined: Sep 2010
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I like where this is going.
04-22-12, 4:36 PM

Joined: Jun 2009
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Kazuki's pretty awesome, honest with his feelings, bro for Sakuraba. A perfect side character... *sigh*
I look forward to him making Fukuda fall in love in a month.
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04-22-12, 6:18 PM

Joined: Apr 2009
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That's our bro Kazuki for you. The lucky wingman (because he actually loves the girl he's aiming for) who won't get shot down that easily.

SayakaMagica said:
Kazuki has a tougher road ahead of him, but he's also made of tougher stuff than Yuuto is.

Called it. He's also made more progress than Yuuto did in all of this time. Now he got himself a month to melt the ice queen Sayaka's heart.
04-26-12, 11:39 AM

Joined: Nov 2007
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Yuuto didn't even know his bro liked her. So she didn't reject him, but didn't really say yes either. Now she will begin to like him. he's already made more progress than poor Yuuto.
04-26-12, 12:13 PM

Joined: Nov 2011
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Yeah Kazuki, that's how a man should act with the girl he likes. Btw I don't know why but this manga makes me laugh a lot xD And the face expressions of the characters are very good, you know exactly what the characters are thinking
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04-29-12, 2:56 PM

Joined: Mar 2012
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So why is Kazuki the main character instead of yuuto?
Like seriously the side relationship is way more interesting then the main one..

I hope sayaka falls for kazuki. there so cute together :D

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09-19-13, 6:50 AM

Joined: Aug 2013
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SayakaMagica said:
Called it. He's also made more progress than Yuuto did in all of this time. Now he got himself a month to melt the ice queen Sayaka's heart.

Well, he did make more progress, but it's mainly because Kotone is as dense as Yuuta - she doesn't recognize what love could be or not. Sayaka is much more aware of such things, so even if she doesn't really know the rules of the game, at least she knows that she's a real player and she's able to give our bro a proper answer.
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11-27-13, 8:55 PM

Joined: Apr 2012
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This manga really is full of harsh, selfish females...
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09-04-14, 10:29 AM

Joined: Mar 2012
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Supporting couple is better than main couple's progress. Wish Yuuto wasn't so extremely shy.
10-15-14, 9:49 PM

Joined: Feb 2014
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Kung-Fu-Jesus said:
Soooo.... tell me again why Kazuki isn't the MC?

+1, Kazuki so pro this chap lol loling at him smiling throughout the chapter XD

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01-07-15, 3:56 PM

Joined: Jan 2013
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Kazuki so moe!
I do hope that he passes the trial :3
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