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04-19-12, 4:19 PM

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~ There being only 7 days of the week. Each day can be by one person each month. Ex. if monday has been claimed for month 1, then no one else can claim it for that same month.

~ Each character, item etc. can be claimed by one person at a time
~ You can not claim a character, item etc. you claimed in the previous month, you will have to wait until the month after
~ Please chose a picture that is big, or it won't look right when re-sized
~ You may choose any picture, or you can simply put "Choose one for me" to let the banner maker choose a random picture for you.
~ If you choose to make your own banner, it must include: The club name (whether full or shortened A.C.P form), Month&Year of claim, what you claimed (Ex: Claimed Len Kagamine), and your name of course :)
~ Claims will end at the 28th of every month and re-open on the 7th of the following month.

~ Without Badge only 2 claims
~ With Badge only 3 claims

~ 4 claims

Month and year:
Day of the Week:
Banner: (Yes, please make one/No, I'll make my own)
Badge: (in link or spoiler)

Be sure to check the Claimed List to see which ones have already been claimed.

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