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best show of the season

04-11-12, 9:23 PM

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"your taste sux cause it's not mine": the thread


Shirokuma is a nice anime though.
04-12-12, 2:35 AM

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"your taste sucks cause you don't agree with me" thread

everyone has their own taste,respect that please! :D
04-12-12, 4:26 AM

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One of my fav shows this season so far. Love the cozy/lazy atmosphere and the humor. Wish they're were more shows like this.
I'm a little fearful it will get repetitive.
04-13-12, 4:50 AM

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spring 2012 tiers:
Godly tier - Uuchu Kyodai
Great tier - shirokuma cafe, (moretsu kaichou uuchu is about here), sakamichi no apollon
Good tier - jormungand, kuruko no basket, (mirai nikki is about here), zetman, lupin, F/Z, Nazo no Kanojo X (borderline Ave)
Average tier - sankarea, Accel World, (aquarion EVOL is about here), Acchi Kocchi (borderline BA)
Below Average tier - everything else except the stuff not airing (examples include upotte and sengoku Collection, Kore Wa zombie)

Uuchu kyodai is the next planetes, it makes nearly every other series out this season look shit

Rated them within their tiers in order of naming
04-13-12, 11:00 AM

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Accel World! hehehe
04-13-12, 6:10 PM

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This, Kimi to Boku. 2, Tsuritama, and Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Of the Dead are the best this season for me.

Anime that are the best that are still airing are PoyoPoyo, Gundam AGE, Fairy Tail, and Sket Dance. Love these four series to death. xD
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04-19-12, 11:19 AM

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hmm the best maybe not but on top for sure with tsuritama jormungand and sakamitchi no apollon
05-03-12, 8:42 PM

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IIT people who take their own personal opinions as law.

So fun!
I am a seiyuu nut. I nerd out pretty hard when it comes to Toyosaki Aki and Hikasa Youko. They seem to be such lovely people.

I'm translating Hikasa's blog which you can find here.

I just started a blog translating snippets or posts from random seiyuu blogs that I find interesting or moving. Seiyuu Blog Snippets
05-07-12, 3:28 AM

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this show has better jokes than acchi kocchi
05-11-12, 7:55 PM

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Funniest...darn straight

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