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03-18-12, 9:03 AM

Joined: Oct 2010
Posts: 10142
Another excellent episode where the focus slips in towards Akise. One of the greatest safest things I can say of this episode is that Akise once again owns pure simply due to his sheer better visually shown in the anime.

About Akise Aru, I have to say that with all the shit I totally got a relief of the following,

And I have to say I fully support Yuki x Akise cause Yuno was a total BITCH in this episode that needs to be put down like a wild animal that eat everyone up. From the very beginning I loved Akise’s face here because it was serious and nicely done. Nice teleportation effect of 8th here with Akise. I liked it. It was also nice to see that 8th here was controlling and monitoring Akise from the real world. Since only most likely Diary users can access Deus at anytime. However when Deus does grab Akise in the spoiler
I got shocked. The blood splatter!
Oh dear that was just the start on top of that. Murmur was interesting with her ball heresince the manga did not feature it at all. Very well shown how Deus is huge and any human is a grain of sand in his hand. I was kind of wondering WTF was up with Akise glowing here and even starting to flow. I could only guess at this point Deus got a hold of him and he is going to do something bad. Despite that Akise’s face was surprised here, he none the less re-affirmed himself here. The setup and scenery that is present right here was totally gorgeous and something the manga could never dream of doing so nice.

Then the worst shit happens in the spoiler
OMG Akise is being decomposed in pieces. OMG thinking of each piece being flesh and skin along with blood still soaked in them. Oh God! I cringe and cringe. It totally got grossed out. Then Akise disappears here and it’s total panic/rage until that last moment with his hand. When he comes back I was totally happy! A total joy. The BGM totally helped in that part. They changed the following part in the spoiler
the manga did not have the space part nor of course it could be showing the whole Vortex above Deus so well.
When Yuki meets Akise in the house obviously Yuno went ape shit here and her expression is nice. Can’t believe the stab here still and of course it did leave a impact of Akise having a knife in the chest here but the blood kind of made strange. Until it’s revealed it was a iron plate and the rubber glove was nice of course. The pinning down of Yuno was perfect and it sure gave Akise a superiority sense. Despite all the deaths Akise going forwards towards Yuki, makes him a EPIC man. Like I mention earlier that kiss along with Yuki’s expression before it and Yuno’s expression while seeing the kiss in the spoiler
made it worth the while along with Akise smile of satisfaction after the kiss. Repeated the part 5 times. Just to say a BIG FUCK YOU to Yuno.

The reason for that is not really the rage she got after the kiss and going to kill Akise here. It’s cause the bitch needs to die now. She slices Akise’s throat and makes him bleed out in the spoiler
FUCK YOU YUNO! GO DIE! Furthermore despite the Diary destroyed here, she fucking smiled cause she knows better of having all these extra diaries and concealing them. So no one knows she is the new Deus. It’s obvious by now. What a bitch! Moreover that made Deus crumble more. Bad! Really bad! However that did not stop him for thinking of skeleton 1 image and skeleton 2 image to find out about Yuno. Indeed till the very end Akise despite the wound rose up to tell his findings to Yuki in the spoiler
sadly Yuno cuts his head off.
T_T Akise R.I.P. I really liked you a lot. For killing you Yuno can go DIE! I totally got 180 degree flip here. Totally mindfucked and lost it. I don’t care about Yuno anymore after this episode. She can die in hell and be completely erased out.

About Hinata, Mao and Kousaka’s deaths. I RAGED so bad! I think it over 1 billion if it had to be said. I needed to take a break with a cigarette and relax. I drenched myself in tears and I screamed out WHY DID YOU DO THIS YUKI! THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS! THEY WERE ALWAYS GOOD TO YOU! WHY! All of that and really loud. Many times. Many times I could not believe the horror I have seen in my eyes. I did not get in the manga to that part so it minfucked me totally. I felt like someone stabbed me 3 times in a row and I am heavily breathing. It was a total chaos spiral of depression and destruction. That’s how the RAGE was strong. Of the few moments before their deaths. I can say that I liked Hinata/Mao having smiles here and the other thing is Kousaka in the following,

That’s all Yuki deserves! I HATE HIM NOW! The list tells you all why.
  • Fucking kid punk kills Hinata in the spoiler
    Oh the RAGE! RAGED so hard it’s amazing. That poor body that was shown so delicious in fan service is ROTTING AWAY! No more! She got shot in the breasts! Fuck you Yuki! Die! Punk shit! You got influenced by Yuno just like that? Well go die! Poor Hinata. Can never have a family and never have joys of Yuri with Mao. Terribly depressive when fan service was shown of her and nor rotting away. I liked her a lot. Her comedy and stand up for Yuki and all she did for him were nice of her. She really tried her best to tell the truth to Yuki but he is a FUCKING PRICK! So he should die. Even after killing Hinata, Yuki’s tears are no excuse and I refuse them!

  • Mao! Oh dear God Mao nooooooooooo in the spoiler
    her too I liked a lot. For hey Yuri with Hinata, for her comedy/MOE and her face/coloring design. Poor Mao shot in the chest too most likely in the breasts from the looks of where the bullet went around. That further pissed me off. I really wish Mao’s would have thrown that rock and Yuki gets hit along with him dying of blood lost. Mao is right! Yuki is a chicken shit prick of a SOB when it comes to facing his fear of the truth. A sad genetic shit like 11th said and he was right now that I think about it when he killed Mao and what she said to him last.

  • Kousaka was a man to have taken Yuki’s shot in the spoiler
    I clap him of the GIF and what he did to Yuki. A true BRO fist to wake him up, which sadly resulted in him being killed. I really highlighted Kousaka loads when he saved Yuki but now that he is gone another hard hitter finished. Kousaka even being shot resisted rather well and just fell down. He kind of encased the shot.
I think the list says more than enough of why I hate Yuki and Yuno most of all cause she influenced Yuki into doing it. No words can describe a rage kind of like a Gorilla who lost their sibling is and you are in front of it. That’s how I felt at the deaths. I loved all 3 of them! They were great and now they are dead. T_T Just so hard to take all 3 in one episode. God, this is a total mindfuck.

About Yuki/Yuno, despite hating her she had some interesting moments. For one the when she asked Yuki about if he is willing to kills his friends in the spoiler
the eyes and expressions were done nicely. I am also kind of surprised of a black hole ball still being in mid-air but that is just me. Yuki on the other hand I already had a bad feeling about him with his gun here. Yuno was mad bat shit insane in the brain in the spoiler
stabbing yourself with a smile and the blood splatter? Oh WTF mindfuck of Yuno alright.
Moreover Yuki’s expressions such as this one. Give out more creepy feelings of that he was going to kill his 3 friends. On top of that I though that was bad Yuno while telling to Yuki to kill off all his friends cause they betrayed her in the spoiler
had even worse and more sick ass expressions.
It’s unbelievable how Yuki became here due to Yuno’s make belief voice. What a fucking moron. It looks like despite being immune to wounds that Yuno still feels the pain here.

Surprisingly Yuno is still able to grip that well after such a wound. Only feeling pain apparently from how I have seen the part as. That was kind of evil the way she kills 8th in the spoiler
like a stab that deflates. Looked more bad than it appears. So in thee end we are left with a Yuki still emotional after reading the last of Akise’s diary. A rather nasty and evil Murmur here along with Deus’s core here. That will play some role I think.

About other elements, personally I think the parts in the spoiler
before Hinata is killed off was nice since one of them showed a shoe of a kid which may mean they got killed in the crushing pillar that fell on them. Kind of gave out a sadness of Deus’s destruction on the world. And no, no, no to Yuki’s sad face of a excuse here. Killing Hinata ain’t going to convince me that you did not want it to happen at that Yuki. You got fuck all controlled by Yuno due to her protecting and now it backfires on you. Sure made you kill YOUR TRUE FRIENDS! Ones who never did use you for fuck all. They all had a change of heart and you spit on that Yuki! You spit at who saved you and most of all you spit on people that supported you. DIE YUKI! I hate you now like I hate stepping on shit and smelling it from my shoe.

Anime VS Manga differences

Been some time since I did one. The list says it
  • The following in the spoiler
    just points out the ball was extra indeed in the anime. Murmur does not seem to have it there.

  • I have to point that Akise’s part with Deus in the following spoiler
    should have been adapted despite the space part being nice too. I think the SFX and impact could have been better with the part in the spoiler.

  • They removed the picnic part in the spoiler
    too bad cause it could have been a nice moment of Yuno x Yuki before everything becomes sour.

  • I would have preferred they used this shot of Akise in the spoiler
    they zoomed too much into him on that part despite still being not so bad, I think it would have been better like that.

  • They should have kept it like in the spoiler
    being cornered and protecting 8th would have been a better impact IMO. It also looked good. Why in the world would they change that part?

  • I find Hinata’s gun shot wound in the spoiler
    to have more impact but due to the animations, I can say it was on par except not enough splatter that the manga had.

  • Mao’s gunshot in the spoiler
    was better too cause she was closer to him, it was a more direct shot and it was not a shot from below which is lame or could be seen as harder to shoot at person but still I did not like it.

  • Kousaka’s punch in the spoiler
    was better. They should have zoomed in like that and make it EPIC. It would have been better. More impact.

  • Akise’s kiss in the spoiler
    was remade perfectly in the anime as the GIF shows. It was flawless and I would like more of that in this series.

  • They removed a stab of Akise by Yuno in the spoiler
    right before she slashes his throat. Could have added some value.

  • They made the explanations of Akise less and the manga explains more in the spoiler
    recommended to check out for.
    At least more explanations = to better comprehension.

  • They failed to show the 2 Yuno in the spoiler
    it would have been nice to see. I hope we get to see this in the next episode but possibly not.

  • The censored part of the anime uncensored in the spoiler
    shows that yup it’s Akise’s head that got chopped out.
So despite all these elements the episode more than made up with its animation and BGM.

In conclusion, I am pretty much happy with Akise in general as is. It was a most RAGING episode to me. That being said in general Mirai Nikki continues to impress with its setups and animations of many scenes previously not having impacts such as now when things are animated.

BTW Image Stitches done in the spoiler
some of Yuno and some Akise.

Rest of GIFs in the club:
The Akise kiss!

PS: Most raging and emotional draining episode since a while that had impact of such scale towards me.

I envy all who don't give a fuck of those 4 people cause it could have been the easiest episode for you to go through.
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03-18-12, 9:07 AM

Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 56
Wow. Now this was something. I didn't expect them to make this part this good.
03-18-12, 10:10 AM

Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 18
I've absolutely no idea what they're going to do the next 4 episodes. At this rate the remaining material should take only 2 episodes to animate.
03-18-12, 10:11 AM

Joined: Nov 2011
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Well, looks like Akise is the star of this episode but he messed with the wrong guy here:

Luckily, 8th made him a Future Diary

Akise dies???!!!

I think not.

Yuki also learns the cold stone truth about "God" and its limits.

Mm, not sure if pissed off, confused, or just stupid but:

Kousaka speaks true tea in this episode.

So, this entire episode was one giant mindfuck imo especially when I saw this:

Akise also shows Yuki something in the end.

And holy shit, this episode was epic.
Modified by Stark700, 03-19-12, 9:15 AM
03-18-12, 10:16 AM

Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 10
Yuno sure was ahead of Akise this week.
03-18-12, 12:57 PM

Joined: Dec 2009
Posts: 433
Wow, I'm stunned ! They did a very good job with this episode and with so many crazy yuno faces, I simply loved this episode :3

In fact, best episode yet, can't wait for the next episodes^^

03-18-12, 1:46 PM
Anime Moderator
Joined: Apr 2007
Posts: 5443
Damn what an intense episode. The BGM, which I hardly ever pay attention to, really helped set the mood. Seriously, WOW.

And Akise was so awesome as always <3333333 Even though he just died.
03-18-12, 2:28 PM

Joined: Aug 2009
Posts: 154
Four episodes left to cover the final 8 chapters. I'm okay with that. I was hoping they'd rush the final arc a bit so we didn't get the God-awful epilogue, but I'm pretty hopeful that they'll leave it as a Bluray bonus or something.
03-18-12, 2:31 PM

Joined: Mar 2010
Posts: 79
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK what did his diary say at the end....

03-18-12, 3:26 PM

Joined: Sep 2009
Posts: 1639
Haa. it's not only me who thinks that where are too much episodes left. And I hope they won't anomate awful Future chapter too. whithout it ending woulkd be much better
03-18-12, 5:00 PM

Joined: Oct 2008
Posts: 1736
heiismyhusbando said:
Wow. Now this was something. I didn't expect them to make this part this good.

03-18-12, 6:26 PM

Joined: Oct 2010
Posts: 10142
Monochrome said:
The BGM, which I hardly ever pay attention to, really helped set the mood.
IN response to your BGM statement I would have to say in the list:
  • At the exact moment that Akise introduces his Detective Future Diary! Yeah Baby! in the following spoiler
    that really did that segment Over 9000.

  • At the exact moment Akise grabbed Yuno’s hand and what followed with the tazer in the following spoiler
    that EPIC! Akise totally pawned Yuno in that moment and the BGM totally made it Over 9000 in excitement totally. Yuno's face was pretty nice of her fear of Akise.
those are the parts that totally changed the scenes into totally EPIC. It amplified the mood of it. It gave a sense of excitement I find that the manga could not.

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03-18-12, 6:28 PM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 2151
So much emotion in this episode and dramatic scenes. Great stuff! My only worry is there's still four episodes left and it seems like it should be concluded within two.
03-18-12, 8:07 PM

Joined: Jun 2011
Posts: 604
A lot of lines getting skipped

I don't feel that they emphasize on the emotions enough

Chopping off head is too bloody so it turned into throat cut and stab


Yet this show is still awesome to watch
03-18-12, 11:48 PM

Joined: Dec 2008
Posts: 97
Ugh you start from the beginning loving Yuno and then the series slowly makes you dislike her more and more ESPECIALLY in the anime. And what she did to everyone else was acceptable infact its what made you love her Yan side, but when Akise gets involved now thats going too far. Depressed
03-18-12, 11:56 PM

Joined: Feb 2010
Posts: 2086
Wow they actually did this episode somewhat good.

They skipped the deus reviving thing explanation but it's probably gonna be in next episode, same with the yunos thing.

the whole akise-deus part was done really good.
03-18-12, 11:57 PM

Joined: Aug 2011
Posts: 584
Can't believe we are already to all their deaths and only episode 22, doesn't seem like their is much more to fit in 4 episodes, should be interesting though. When I read his friends deaths in the manga, I have to be honest I wasn't surprised. He is going crazy, more and more with his obsession.
03-19-12, 12:02 AM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 1962
Great episode,Bye bye Akise.....

This was the episode i was waiting since the start of the anime...i must i didnt disappoint me!!

The adaptation may be not that great but i think in total they made a good job,they made cut some dialogues,maybe some scenes in the manga are better specially when he got his head cut and Hinata dead was better in the manga at least more impact besides that...i love it!!!

Akise was a badass most of the episode this part of the manga made him my favorite character he was amazing and give a huge boost to this manga but got beat by the Yandere Queen......

This was the episode that made me hate even more Yukki he is just a big fucking coward not accepting the true,he killing his friend like that made me RAGE BAD!!

I think Kousaka hit was to soft for what he done i want to beat his ass of

Akise will be missed so great character is always sad to see him die

Well for those non manga readers you will have what the cellphone said next episode....and expect the biggest YunoxYukki next time for some but.....and then will enter the last arc!!
03-19-12, 12:12 AM

Joined: Aug 2011
Posts: 2382
This was...... one of the best episodes I have EVER watched in an anime, not just Mirai Nikki. Holy fucking shit. My jaw was dropped the entire time. I've got goosebumps everywhere. Wow. Raising this to a 9 right now.

Number one, I officially hate both Yukiteru and Yuno. And the kiss between Akise and Yukiteru was just wow. Did not expect whatsoever. I love you Akise, RIP. I can't believe how big of a fucking sick douchebag Yukiteru is to kill 3 of his only friends. I guess his mind has completely snapped now, but I guess I am not entitled to blame him - considering the amount of trauma that he went through.

Fuck. Tears are streaming down my face. I can't even type properly... oh my god. I just....... Ugh. Please die soon, Yuno. And Yukiteru as well. Frickidy frick.
03-19-12, 1:02 AM

Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 502
Oh my he killed all hes friends. <.<
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