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04-02-12, 10:12 AM

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Kaori did not bat an eyelid as Kerushii defended against her hellfire dragon. She may not be smart or good with tactics but she had good, solid instincts from a lifetime of fighting and after having fought Kerushii before she was not even mildly surprised by her actions. Before the dragon, joined by Henrietta's own wind dragon, had melted through the block of ice Kaori was already weaving together her next move with hand signs. The ice block was hit with the full force of both dragons, each feeding the others power to create a firestorm on impact that ravaged the frozen barrier. The block of ice melting under the assault, but not before taking the full force of both dragons with it. All that was left of the clash now lay in a pool of super-heated water and steam clouds around Kerushii. The attack did not appear to have had any effect on her herself but the evaporating sea of almost molten waters made it difficult to control the temperature of anything but her own body.

Kerushii was granted no respite, as soon as the first attack was over the second had begun. A large fireball in the shape of a dragon's head exploding out from the ground underneath her. It was joined almost instantly by five more, rising up to form a pentagon around Kerushii's position. A wall of fire rose with them, intertwined between each dragon's head to form the shape of a pentagram in which Kerushii was placed at the center. The entire attack was executed in a split second from the time the first fireball burst forth. A tribute to and result of the mastery Kaori held over Ninjutsu and her ability to use combine ordinary jutsu into something incredibly potent.

As the dragon fire balls rose fully out of the ground and the wall of fire leaped to its full height the inside of the pentagram created was ignited and a pillar of fire rose upwards from the ground high above the village, a beacon of destruction. The air being singed and shimmering with heat hundreds of meters away from the blast. One nearby building was almost completely destroyed while several others were roasted with a charred black ash. It was lucky that the village hidden in the stone was true to it's name or there would be nothing left but cinders.

~In the Sky~

Kaori took no notice of the dragons above, it was not clear if she did not know they were there or simply did not care. However, she was finally prompted into action when she saw Henrietta make her move, now there was no question of her knowing they were there. Kaori lazily ordered the hydra to deal with the problem for her. Eight of the nine heads moved in an efficient and organised manner, snaking out above to intercept the dragons. The heads split into pairs with each pair closing in around and encircling one dragon, the heads moving up past the dragons as they came down and spiraling around to wrap and pincer the dragons with their fiery necks. The ice quickly begins to melt under the pressure of the choking grip and soon loses shape to break apart into the water that formed it. One head from each pair losing it's flame to the frigid ice and tracking back to the core to split in two and regrow. The water in the sky was released to a cloud of steam as four of the hellfire hydra's remaining heads clashed with it in the air.
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04-02-12, 5:54 PM

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~In the Sky~

*As sister used her tails of fire to melt the ice a large amount of water began to fall. We moved quickly; winds howling all around the area, a storm being brewed (Howling Winds) as dark clouds begin to cover the sky. The fires of the hydra being fueled by the constant refreshment of oxygen but that what not be enough to stop the water. Without any hesitation two large hands (Violent Gale Palm) were formed out of air, the compacted air moving so tightly within the form of hands that they were as if the wind was solid. These hands shot upwards, 'punching' the water before it spilled out of its original shape, the force of the wind palms blowing the water back upwards and crashing it into the above above resulting in an 'explosion' of water. The water spreading out all around so as to fall in a rain rather than a column, any droplets getting near the hydra being turned to steam.*

~On the Ground~

*We leave the ground to sister for our and focus protecting the sky however the dragon heads and walls of flame on the ground begin the flare with life as they are fueled from the swirling winds (Howling Winds from above paragraph), fresh sources of oxygen being continually pushed into the flames*

(Howling winds is like a 'terrain' jutsu. It does not harm anyone however dark clouds cover the sky as gale force winds blow through the area. Any wind or fire techniques used while the wind is blowing are stronger.)

(OwtW upkeep - 1cp
Howling Winds - 15cp
Gale Palm (x2) - 10cp
Remaining cp = 204cp)
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04-02-12, 11:14 PM

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"Hey I recognize you... Could it be? Ohhh my god it is... You are Amane the Jinchuriki from Kirigakure. I must say it is rather random running into you here." he said cheerfully as he was not intimidated by Amane at all in fact the thought of possibly fighting a Jinchuriki excited him as it would give him a chance to see how his gates would fair.

"The fact that you guys think you could beat me sooo easily hurts my ego a bit but then again I have just barely started making a name for myself so it is understandable that you would think I'd be a typical drab shinobi, Well anyway let me introduce myself, I am Yukio Shizuoka and I am the youngest of the lords of the underground. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." he said with a smile as he offered Amane his hands.

"You want those rocks? I have a preposition for you but you would have to do something for me as well. I mean I could get you into the village and you wouldn't have to sneak in." he said calmly as he awaited Amanes response.
04-03-12, 6:46 AM

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He was slightly startled by the fact that the young nin immediately recognized him. His eyes opened slightly then he became visibly upset for having to interject between Yukio and Nekki. His identity had been compromised, which did not help the mission at all. From here on out, the outcome came down to two decisions. One, dispose of the nin right here and proceed, or two, cooperate and hope that he is telling the truth. Nekki also fell into alarm quietly whispering into his ear,

"Amane, this is bad.....,"

"But killing him here would surely prove disastrous. He is part of an elite group, they'll come looking for him eventually," he responded.

Amane hesitated to shake Yukio's hand, because of his years of experience and dealings Iwagakure. Instead, he cross his arms in front of his chest, awaiting to hear this proposal.

"We don't shake hands until we've accepted the offered. So then, let's hear it."
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04-03-12, 6:20 PM

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There was no doubt in anyone's mind now...the village was under attack. The alarm went off, thousands of shinobi took their battle stations and the kage would be taken to a shelter undergr-...wait...where did she go?

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04-03-12, 8:25 PM

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He sighed and retracted his wrapped hand. He wasn't surprised by Amanes reaction at all as he was an Iwagakure ninja and thanks to the old regime a lot of shinobi still hold them with such disdain. He had hoped the younger generation that had nothing to do with the various acts of aggression would be looked at differently. He was dead wrong but was optimistic to show through his actions that there are still honorable shinobi left in Iwagakure.

"Well I know for a fact that an attack on Iwagakure is imminent.. I witnessed the Kazakage destroy Konagakure with the Kuromachis.. The fact of the matter is the old regime left us in a bit of a mess as we lost quite a few shinobi fighting this pointless wars with Kirigakure, Sunagakure, and Kumogakure. I personally only fought in the conflict in Sunagakure... But that was about it.. I would hope that you wouldn't blame me for the sins of the shinobi that came before me.. The fact of the matter is my village needs as much help as it can get.. If I help you get you into the village and get that rock you need, would you help me defend my village? I will also help you in whatever future endeavors you might have as I know my request is a big one and a couple rocks can't simply be enough. " he said eloquently as he offered his wrapped right hand to Amane.
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04-03-12, 9:23 PM

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"That's a bold move you made just now young man," Amane stated in a cautious tone. He sighed again, taking a moment to look back towards Nekki who shrugged at the offer. He knew however, that to her, this opportunity was too good to pass up on. So he proceeded to answer the nin.

"Those attacks weren't pointless, for if they were, then they would not have taken place. The world is filled with those whom wish to carry out their intentions in a brute manner, which often results in pointless bloodshed. I will not blame you for what happened to my village, nor claim revenge for it, because that would make me look as fickle as those whom caused us harm."

After a quick nod towards Nekki, Amane gripped Yukio's hand firmly as a sign of acceptance.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend or so they say. Let us end the cycle of hatred tonight, and carve a new path for the future generations to follow!"

At the brief moment when the two hands met each other, a simultaneous string of explosions rang off in the distance towards Iwagakure. A vibrant display of jutsu filled the air as a signal that the invasion had already begun.
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04-03-12, 11:41 PM

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"Well said old man... I look forward to bringing this blood shed to an end and to protect those dear to me." he said with a smile. He then let go of Amane's hand and began to walk toward his condor Terry motioning them to follow him.

"We should take Terry, he will get us to the village faster. Also your little girlfriends taijutsu form is a bit weak... You might want to train her on that as that punch looked like it was coming at me from slow motion, basic sunagakure form of taijutsu by the looks of it." he teased as he jumped onto Terry.

During the attack

Deiji and Daisuke rushed through the streets headed for the eastern gate to see what there orders were. Everything was a mess and the village was in panic. Many villagers trying to escape through the villages eastern gate. Deiji and Dasiuke had never really been apart of the main conflict and most of there missions had been mild at best. They were a bit lost without there brother as he tended to know what to do in these kind of situations. They continued until they ran into a familiar face as Deiji accidentally ran into the back of Sayu accept it did nothing but sway Sayu a little forward, while Deiji bounced off her landing a on and landed on her bottom.

"Sayu!!! What the hell is going on? Me and Daisuke where at home sleeping when we heard a loud explosion go off... Can you tell us what is going on." she said a little frantically as she popped back up to her feet.

Daisuke just remained silent as he awaited Sayus response.
04-04-12, 6:08 AM

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[During the attack: Shadow/ender]

Securing the bike in a safe location outside of the village, Amane and Nekki decided to take to the skies, as part of the coalition to help Iwagakure. Just as they formed their treaty, so did the chaos. Amane would be the first to be set down in the war zone, when he immediately spotted two warriors with an all too familiar chakra.

Two consequent slashes tore through pillar of fire rose that upwards from the ground high above the village. From the side of the pillar closest to the village, two figures lunged out as the flames floating just above their skin until the fires completely extinguished.

One was the kunoichi Kerushii, held by the belly, wrapped around another shinobi's arm. The other, the white haired nin, sporting a long red scarf around his neck, and an enormous sword? No it couldn't be described as that, not with the horrifying appearance the weapon resembled. A blade is comprised from a series of downward facing scales running along the entirety of its length until its hilt, at the base of which is a small skull, and located at the tip of the blade, was its mouth. This was Samehada, one of the legendary blades of Kirigakure.

The blade continued to feast upon the flames of the previous attack while Amane set Kerushii down onto her feet. Amane was visibly taller than Kerushii yet the two were nearly equal in strength. Kerushii however, was particularly excited to see Amane, nor was he, nevertheless, the two were former comrades, and Amane was not the type to leave one to die.

"Senpai, you've lost your touch," he stated to her as the large blade of Samehada rested on his right shoulder. After the blade finished its meal, a loud shriek emitted from its mouth, lusting for the desire of another snack.

"I'll be back for you when this is over," he would go on to say as he began walking past her, towards the center of the village.
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04-04-12, 6:33 AM

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(I was hoping you would still control it, kinda shadow me and stay hidden ready to extract me should i fail)

Once more, cloaked beneath the shadow of chaos, Kensei made his way through the streets pursuing his goal. Wrath, and ruin seemed to follow him wherever he set foot, as a number of prominent shinobi now used Iwagakure as their battleground. It was perfect~

A few minutes of sneaking, keen observation and plan-recital, Kensei and the cloaked Shinobi stood before the Kage manor. The tsuchikage's office clearly visible high on the building. He had noticed the heightened level of security now protecting the village-borders, but that wouldnt be a problem until later. After all, he was already within their walls when the chaos erupted thanks to the cloaked figures barrier.

"Stay hidden, and observe the full extent of my art. We will now proceed to remove Iwagakures mantle of leadership, ku kuu~ Be ready to extract me should the show become too vibrant and risky, my survival is worth more then the completion of this feeble task~ Do not fail me." He said in a strange tone, as if he was trying to make a threatening point but was too excited to stay calm enough. A wild grin was on his face, and his eyes locked on the windows above. He curled his fingers, and the two puppets grabbed Kensei and the cloaked figure.
"Lets raise the curtains~"

With a snap of both his index fingers, the puppets sent the shinobi-duo hurdling into the air. As he approached the wall beside the furthermost window, he grabbed two kunai and lodged them into the wall as he hit it. Having aquired safe footing on the side of the building, he attached himself to the two kunai with a wire extending from his belt, allowing him to turn around away from the wall and use both hands to send the Puppet-twins flying towards them. It took only a moment for the puppets to catch up with the duo. Hovering in the air before them, they joined hands and hugged for a moment before crashing through the wall as a single wrecking-ball. Kensei lept inside in the cover of the dustcloud, and proceeded with the true goal of his mission.

"Prepare yourself, Tsuchikage! Today you will become a part of my eternal show, behold my performance and be.." He shouted dramaticly, until he froze. He had made a mistake, a catastrophic mistake, something only one so inexperienced could make. Out of all his calculations and plans regarding this mission, he did not account for this possibility..

"He's... not here.." He said coldly, clearly angry and dissappointed in himself. No, it was more like he still had not accepted that he made a mistake, and tried desperately to think of a way to rationalize that. His two puppets kneeled in defeat, and Kensei did not move an inch from where he stood, alone in the Tsuchikages Office..
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04-04-12, 8:18 AM

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The force of the puppets smashing through the wall was enormous. So huge in fact that the vibrations alone caused a series of unfortunate events to begin. A marble fell onto a track from on high, magnetized just enough to keep it from falling off it followed the track at great speed, soon it smacked a domino, which fell onto another domino, which fell a third domino. The domino trail wasn't long and the final domino hit a rigged the lighter. The lighter burned through a wire keeping a hammer from smacking a 7 ball which rolled into a button rigged to a fan. The fan blew at a wooden car with a sail and caused it to move and smack a coo-coo clock, which had a knife on it. The knife cut through a rope and caused a brick to fall from a net. This brick fell onto a banana and squished it forcefully onto a pane of glass which brought attention to what was attached to the glass: an automated wiper with a string attached. The wiper starts up and pulls a bucket inch by inch off of a scale.

The bucket wasn't of much importance or so it seemed. The bucket fell off of the scale with enough force to send a marble flying into a fan on the ceiling which smacked it into...wait, what was that?

It was a mass of paper bombs. The contraption was a distraction and the real goal was to hit a paper bomb and cause it to explode, causing a chain reaction of these bombs that would destroy the office, a good portion of the manor, and anyone inside of it. And just that is what occurs but not before the person or persons inside could see a message written on the wall with these bombs: Have a nice day! A brilliant and massive explosion rocks Iwagakure as half of the kage manor is taken out in one fell swoop. It was a brilliant show to say the least...
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04-04-12, 8:50 AM

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The journey through the village had been a rather easy one this was good for their task but the figure couldn’t help but a bit disappointed surely despite the distraction even if it was on a grand scale somebody would have put up some resistance or actually been on guard and patrols yet the village seemed like it was run by a bunch of fools that knew nothing. Just as the figure was becoming bored Kensei began to talk to him he was barking orders not that figure minded he had been told by Tenshi to listen to Kensei while at the same time to observe him in case he was to do anything stupid and even more importantly to the figure Kensei represented the most fun and interesting think in the village.

“Relax boy and go wild...should you fail or start to fail then I will step in.”

The figure smiled slightly things were about to finally get interesting and the boys target must be the Kage of Iwa this in itself was highly amusing for the simple fact that Tenshi had sent another shinobi a new shinobi to the group to take out such a high ranking person, even if it was some sort of trial it was crazy but that only made it all the more fun and exciting. As Kensei exploded out of the barrier with his puppets something happened a person had managed to actually walk into the barrier by accident. The girl had sealed her fate as soon as she stepped inside the barrier but even more so after she had attempted to shout for reinforcements it had sort of forced the figures hand not that it had taken much forcing but that was beside the point.

“Earth release: Binding coffin”

With the girl attempting to move or flee from the figure she found herself trapped and frozen to the spot but it was not from fear but something of a physical nature as she looked down towards the ground she could see her feet being ground in the earth itself and slowly it had begun to move up her body providing her the sense that she was sinking into the earth itself. Eventually the earth had covered the girls body as the figure licked his lips death was certain to follow now but it wasn’t going to be quick the figure was bored and now the girl represented a form of entertainment and he was safe to do as he pleased inside the barrier. First the earth around the girls legs squeezed in tight compacting together and in doing so crushed the girls legs completely blood had begun to run along the floor from her legs her screams sending chills of pleasure through the figures very core and this torture continued. From every small part of the girls body that was crushed by itself a louder and more painful scream bellowed from deep inside her body until she had stopped screaming altogether and it was at this time that the figure crushed her body completely leaving her face and head intact as it become the only recognisable part of her body, the earth that had covered her body slowly leaving her as it returned back to the ground it had came from the blood from her body quickly rushing out like a small river running around the figures feet as he chuckled to himself.

“hoho so much blood for such a small girl...shame she died so early though!”

Yet the figure had no time to bask in scene of his work something more pressing was happening well nothing was happening that was the main concern. Even if Kensei had taken out the Kage silently he would have expected to hear some from the way Kensei entered the office it could not have been a silent kill meaning something must have gone wrong or the Kage was no longer here. The Kage hiding somewhere wasn’t that surprising from the information Tenshi provided the Kage was a sly bitch and a coward. The sound of explosion soon followed perhaps a fight had started between the both or maybe it was a trap setup by the Kage. The way Kensei had entered the office was that of a young and stupid shinobi but yet still amusing to say the least however fighting like that he would not last long against the Kage. The rocks that fell from the building were met with a dome of hardened earth brushing them to the side of the figure and as the rocks stopped the dome reverted back to the ground like it was never there but now the question was where was the Kage hiding.

“Part one complete...”

The tone of the figures voice changed drastically it was more sinister than ever before and as he spoke the words the pulsing seal outside the village expanded rapidly with a deep red barrier exploding outwards until it covered the entire village everything in the village and surrounding area had been sealed inside even underground tunnels that could not be seen had been sealed inside the barrier. The people in the village had become trapped like rats in a cage with the figure laughing like a mad man the fun was only starting to begin and the hunt was now on. The barrier itself had some sort of ancient texts engraved onto it the text constantly moving around on the barrier it was clear for all that a barrier had been erected trapping everything inside it. What was less clear was the seals that had begun to slowly cover the ground that was inside the barrier the seals slowly flowing from inside the pulsing seal that the figure had earlier planted with nobody really noticing the seals on the floor as the barrier emitted a soft pulsing noise a sort of Genjutsu masking the seals on the ground. If one knew to look for the seals then they would clearly become visible however others would just ignore them like they never existed by now the seals had covered about quarter of the village itself.
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04-04-12, 9:05 AM

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So, that is our current situation, Enji..
You alright with your role?

Enji nodded in approval, his hands shaking slightly with anticipation.
He and the kuromachi maiden lord, Ichirin had been discussing the plan for a good while now, though truthfully they had spent a good deal of time discussing the past, it was not easy to converse properly within the madness that was Meikaikas Soul, so the opportunity to share thoughts and worries was almost irresistible here out in the material world.

Enji: I died a martyrs death. If our success relies on it, I will do so again.
Ichirin: Don't exert yourself.. There is no need for you to go that far!

Ichirin and Enjis relationship was that of a little sister and a big brother, Enji had always been the one other Kuromachi that had truly accepted her as a fellow lord, and like Kuragari, he treated her like a sister, though in a much more brawny direct way than Kuragaris smoothness.

Enji:Ive already seen the gates of hell Ichirin..
Ichirin: Even so, there is no need for you to get hurt again!
Enji: Ichi! Calm yourself, don't forget what you are!
Ichirin:...Your right, I am sorry cousin.
Enji: Its sorry "Brother", ok?

Enji placed one of his large bear hands on what comparably was a fairly frail shoulder, like Kuragari had done earlier that day.

Enji: Don't worry about me, I am strong you know?
Ichirin:...I know.. En.. But still I-
Enji: This is not about me is it..?
Ichirin:..No, I-
Enji:Are you still blaming yourself for what happened?
Ichirin:..No, I-
Enji: Its been close to a millennia Ichi.. How long are you going to hate yourself?
Ichirin: No, you are wrong! Thats not it!
Enji: Steel yourself, Ichirin!

Suddenly clasping his other hand down on her remaining free shoulder, he brought his burly face down to her eye level.

Enji:Your task is equally as important as mine, you need to focus! Stop worrying about the past, it will drag you behind!
You must focus on whats ahead of you!
Ichirin: I know but-
Enji: There is no buts, just what you can do! Settle your mind, and focus on your job, like I will focus on mine..
Ichirin: Its not that easy!
Enji: Of course its not easy! Who do you think you are talking to!?

Ichirins eyes widened as he realized her mistake, she attempted to apologize but Enji stopped her, his finger hushing her as he released his hold on her.

Enji: Hating myself won't bring my daughters back, nor will it save my wife.. Aim forward Ichirin, even in this damned state, there is still hope for redemption!

Ichirin closed her eyes as she brushed herself off, the dust from Enjis more rough outfit that had gotten into her fine dark silk robes.

Ichirin: I wish I had your strenght.. Brother.
Enji: You do, do not doubt yourself sister, remember why you attained your noble rank!
Ichirin: ..Your right.. It helps, Thank you. I will try.
Enji: Trust in yourself little sister..

As Enji spoke those last words a dark gate appeared behind him, slowly consuming his form.

For peace of mind! Roared Enji at her as he finally dissappeared into the void of his own soul.
And for redemption.. Replied Ichirin, but the nothiness she adressed gave her no reply.

Turning around, she faced the destruction of Iwagakure that had been going on for a while now, she knew she had held it up for too long, but the timing had to be right aswell, she felt the wind blow between her hair, the strands of her tied ponytail separating slightly before falling back into form, dragging her hood down to mask her identity, clutching the handles of her twin swords Hakkyou and Shouki, she headed into battle.
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04-04-12, 11:22 AM

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Mariko fell to the ground as the technique ended, in a bloody, mutilated mess. She had managed to keep her head and most of her chest from being crushed and that had kept her alive. But the rest of her body was destroyed so completely beyond repair, that she did not even hope she would survive.

Mariko knew she was already dead. All that was left was to suffer through her last breaths, painful gasps that racked her body with pain, until it became too much and everything was numb.

Her mind did not replay her life, or impart great insight in the face of imminent death. It did not change its way of thinking, or feeling or doing. Her mind became calm. For the first time in her life she began to think clearly, without the burden of living to keep her chained down.

Mariko's mind flew away from it's earthly cage and all the knowledge in the world no longer mattered. Still struggling to breathe, a solitary tear was triggered and ran it's way from the corner of her eye onto the dirt.

The feather she kept inside her obi, the one Miki had given her, began to glow and she felt a strange tug at her heart as she remembered the little girl she had raised and trained and thought of as her own daughter. A second tear from her other eye ran down across her face to join the first.

That little girl appeared in front of her now, not as she remembered her, but as a woman. She did not need to feel Miki's mind meld into her own to know who she was. Regardless of how she looked, Miki was Miki and Mariko would always be able to tell, no matter how much she changed.

For a brief moment the essence of Miki's mind brushed against Mariko and for a split second everything about the other was known. Mariko felt something she had not sense before inside Miki, fear.

When Miki finally withdrew she had now fallen to her knees next to Mariko with tears streaming down her face like a waterfall. The look in her eyes, of her pain, made Mariko's heart break.

"P-please... Don't leave me.... Mariko..."

Mariko strained to form a smile, resulting in a resigned grimace as the pain began to seep into her body once more.

A third and final tear was shed by Mariko.

She opened her mouth to speak,


But it fell shut again and then she was silent.
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04-04-12, 11:47 AM

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Kerushii was astonished, and more then a bit irritated. The flames had begun to press in upon her from all sides. She had tried thinking of a way out, but was coming up with nothing. She could only think of a few ways to escape the sure death that awaited her, and...Really, they were rather despite. She had closed her eyes only to be wrenched up and out threw the heat so fast that it had hardly affected her. As she hit the ground, a familiar voice hit her.

As amane finished speaking his first words, set her down and began to walk away, she glared at his back. He had saved her yes, but had not really helped at all. It was not his duty however...In this, Kiri ninja would more then likely be against the destruction...against all that Mei and Tenshi represented...But what on earth was amane doing in Iwa? Why wasn't he in kumo with all other kiri ninja…?

She was confused, but she called out.

"Amane, thank you! Someday, I will repay you for my life..."

She turned, gazing up at the two, still air born figures. In order to defeat the menaces, she would need to think. How could she do this? She had one idea, but only one... it was not a definite idea but possibly...

She flipped several hand signs with one hand, wile flipping a different set with her other. She called out, her voice amplified and carried to Henrietta, and Kayori's ears by the jutsu.

"Kayori, dearest friend...will you not play a game with me? A game, of hide and go tag! The loser’s life is for-fit!"

Before kayori could answer, kerushii was using all of her incredible speed to run. She new that if her plan failed, kayori would rake the land where she had stood blowing it to pieces, vaporizing everything around in the area. She also new that if she did agree, it would be best to be moving... because, after all...Kayori would jump in to the game with vigor. She weaved in and out of the buildings, waiting, ever waiting to use the second prepared jutsu.
“Ah, my boy…Reverting to such an explosive entrance, quite unusual…”

The figure stood just behind where the boy had shot up from, a good five feet behind the slave of tenshi. He watched as the puppets crashed in to the building, and awaited some sort of results. He expected screaming from above; possibly a smashing sound…but nothing, nothing, and more nothing met his ears. He frowned slightly, confused. He licked his canines, gazing up in hunger. His eyes gleamed, and then he growled coming to a realization, that only came with experience.

“It’s a fucking trap…shit…Boy, get out of there wile you still ca…”

The explosion went off, throwing bricks in to the sky. They rained down, falling at an insane rate. He looked on in startled meant, waiting to see if the boy made it out alive. He was quick, and could hear the whistling of the bricks as they fell, side stepping them as they came to his level.

“You better be alive you runt…or someone is going to be rather pissed with me…”

◦It feels so close to me, yet i can't grasp it even if i extend my hands. Even so ... Even if i cant reach it ... there are things that will stay in my heart. Being in the same time and looking up at the same sky, If i can remember that, then even when we are apart from each other, I believe that we can be together. I will run forward now. If i set my goal far enough, then someday .. I'll be able to reach what I aimed for.
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In the skies above Iwagakure.

"Hmm he was rather quick to go join the fray now were exactly is the rock you wan-." he was cut of mid sentence by the loud explosion that took place at the Tuschikages manor. Shit this is bad.. they are already at the Tsuchikages manor.. I must get over there to assist her... This rock can wait.

"Hey Ms...err Amanes girlfriend we are going to be making a little pit-stop at the Tsichikages manor.. I want to see if the Tsuchikages is alright. After that I will take you to wherever you need to go. "he said calmly as he prodded Terry to go the direction of the Tsuchikages manor. Within in two minutes they were above what was left of the manor.
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Nekki K.

The chaotic scene was but a distant memory of her past, for the fate of Iwagakure was much like that of Sunagakure. She remained silent for most of the ride, and didn't give in to much thought as why Amane left in such a hurry. He seemed like a man of his word, and if he wasn't, it would come out of his paycheck.

"You have other matters to focus on, not on Amane's intentions. He will aide you, just on his own terms."

When Yukio addressed Nekki informally, she slowly grew upset with him, responding in the following manner.

"First, I have a name, and I would prefer if you addressed me by it. Second, mind you're place, not only am I shinobi, but also older than you. Do whatever you like, just remember you have a promise to keep."
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~~~ Kaori ~~~
The gale force winds that Henrietta had conjured, fanned the fire of the hydra, allowing for the four lost heads to regenerate almost instantaneously, now leaving the hydra with a total of thirteen.

Kaori wrinkled her nose at a familiar smell as Amane came to the rescue of Kerushii. She did not seem angry that her attack had failed, but rather impatient that the fight was still going. Kaori heard Kerushii call out for a game of tag, like when they had last fought and the corner of her mouth curled up in a half-hearted smile. She wanted to play tag? Oh, sure, she could play tag.

She moved her hands into a seal and no sooner than Kerushii had started to run, Kaori had already disappeared with a flash of fiery brimstone in her wake. She appeared again, along with the full body of her hydra in the path of Kerushii. The hydra's heads curled forward to lance into the ground around and behind her, creating a cage of fiery bars around the two. The space in between was then filled with fire as Kaori completed the prison. A solid ball of hellfire now stood between Kerushii and the outside village. The heat was hellish and rising as the air became heated by the flames. The gale winds buffeting the village flared the prison, swelling the walls to several times their original thickness, destroying a large part of the street in the process.

Kaori knew how Kerushii fought. Temperature control, that required cooling the area around her, or more commonly freezing water, but with the prison keeping all of Kerushii's available resources in check it would be next to impossible to use her full powers now. A swell of fire began to form behind Kaori, from the core of the hydra, she raised her hand and extended it forwards towards Kerushii. A dragon's head was formed to the left of Kaori, opening it's mouth to let loose a fiery roar of scalding air.

"Tag. You're it."

The dragon behind her seemed to react to her words, throwing itself out of the prison and towards Kerushii. A wave of fire pulsing from the outside of the cage inwards to propel it's movement and deal with any ideas of Kerushii trying to save herself.

~~~ Miki ~~~

When Mariko fell silent, Miki froze. Darkness swirled around her, conjured from an unseen void. She cried out, releasing all her pain, torment and fury into the village. It was the sound of a heart breaking.

The void that covered Miki swirled ominously as she rose and then vanished back to the unseen dimension from whence it came. Miki's entire appearance had changed, even her hair colour was different from when she had arrived. Miki's mind surged with a sudden influx of power as she released the safety limits normally imposed.

The air around her began to feel heavy and small area's of the air appeared the crack and break off to float like debris around her.

She located those responsible, ten minds in total, and brought down the crushing weight of her mind down on all simultaneously. Half a dozen, the weaker ones, lost consciousness immediately, what remained of their minds retreating to a dark, unused recess to try and escape the onslaught. The rest fell to their knees screaming and clutching their heads between their hands as the pain tore through their minds and threatened to split their skulls apart.

With only four left who posed any slight resistance she maintain the crushing weight on their minds, enough to keep the incapacitated in pure agony as she finished the rest. Going from mind to mind of the six weakest, taking them apart from the inside out she unloaded the fury of her mind into theirs and shattered what little remained of their existence. Their bodies still remained and looked un-touched, but there was no longer anything to be called human about them. They were now just hollow shells.

Miki turned her attention back to the four strongest. The earth began to rumble as Miki neglected to restrain her technique, tremors shook the village, giving the appearance of a minor earthquake. The four remaining nin were lifted by their neck, still screaming and dragged into the air until their feet no longer touched the ground. She found the one who had killed Mariko and at that point had no more reason to let the others live any longer.

She relieved the pressure on the one mind she wanted to keep alive, just enough so he could witness her next actions. The screams of the other three suddenly got worse as Miki increased the pain, turning into something beyond a human voice, a primal terror. Deciding that they had suffered enough she released them into death. Their heads were crushed and imploded, the sudden forces sending a shower of cranial fragments and grey matter into the air. Tufts of hair and teeth and cartilage littered the ground, several eyes remaining in tact though no longer a part of a head.

The last remaining nin was forced by Miki to watch the death of his comrades. She relaxed all traces of pain on him for now causing a swell of relief to roll over him as she blinked out of existence and directly in front of him. She calmly put a hand around his neck as she froze his body in place with her mind. Miki parted her lips, teeth gritted close and hissed at the man,

"Feel her pain"

She began to re-create Mariko's death. Starting with his legs and slowly crushing them, she held his mouth and tongue, not giving him the relief in screaming but she could hear his screams inside her mind. She worked meticulously, each movement being drawn from Mariko's own memories of the pain as she imparted retribution. Miki had once been told by Mariko, when she was young that an eye for an eye only left the world blind. She had agreed with her then, despite not knowing what it truly meant. Now as she tore the man in front of her apart, piece, by piece she decided that she would gladly blind herself to avenge Mariko.

She ended the ritual by crushing his entire body as on, and though at that point he was already long dead she brought a crushing force to his head as well, destroying his face so that nobody would ever recognise the mutilated pile of flesh and bone at her feet as him.

When her last enemy was dead and there was no more vengeance to be sought the fury inside Miki abated and she suddenly felt a deathly sickness creep into her stomach. She did not regret what she had done, but she knew immediately that what she had done had cost her far more than she may ever understand.
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Yukio Shizuoka

Yukio was caught a bit off guard by her response and was confused as to why reffering to her as Amane's girlfriend upset her. He had nothing else to go off of as she didn't talk much during the flight and never introduced herself. He just thought of her as Amane's gal pal. Maybe that was the wrong way of going about things... Well I can rectify things now.

"I'm sorry but I really don't know what to call you as you never really introduced yourself but then again I never asked for your name. I mean if referring to you as his girlfriend bothers you then I will stop, but first what is your name so I can avoid this kind of mix up. Also you may be older then me but I am stronger then you soooo I really don't see you that high on the chain of command." he said in playful joking way to lighten the tension between the two.

He then stood up took off his shirt revealing his various tattoos on his back as readied to jump down and join the fray. Some where decorative while others were there in a vain attempt to hide some his scars. The most prominent one was his clans symbol which looked like a lightning bird.

(It's design would look like an aztec tattoo but since were in the Naruto world it looks like a very old symbol.)
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Nekki K.

She couldn't help but feel uncomfortable around the shinobi she met just moments ago. In addition, Amane was undetectable to her. For all she knew, he was lost in battle, sacrificing his life for what? A favor? She couldn't help but feel responsible for involving him in this affair, but what has to be done, has to be done. There was somewhat of an awkward moment mid-flight, as the two approached the Tsuchikage's manor. Specifically in the way Yukio followed-up her response, which prompted her to smile gently.

In a manner of seconds however, she then began to stare blankly at the shinobi until she broke out in a small stint of laughter.

"Ka ka....," she continued to giggle.

"You made an assumption, no.....I'm wrong, you've been making assumptions from the very beginning. Referring to me as someone's girlfriend implies that I belong to someone, when that is simply incorrect. Not only is it rude to assume, but it shows flaws in your character, and yes, continue to inflate your masculinity and assertion that you are strong by taking off your shirt in front of me will showing off that magnificent display artwork all over your body," she responded sarcastically to him.

"Nekki Kousoku....of the burning sands, should you chose to address me properly. Now let's go save you're precious little leader before you throw another hissy fit."
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