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So, Ive become a huge fan of XxXHolic and Ive read to volume eight when I read somewhere that CLAMP created the manga to connect the other universes to their previous manga, and in one of them I believe Yoko's origin is explained? I would like to read the "whole story" behind the characters but I'm not a fan of shojo or magical girl manga. SO. My questions are, 1) are there major plot elements for XxXHolic in these other story's, 2) how far up the sparkle spectrum are they, and 3) dose anyone have perhaps a list of the crossover chapters?
Honestly I feel bad about not just reading the other story's,( I really do like Clamp's style) but most romantic/girly centered manga's bore me :(

Why don't I just google this,you may ask? Because I wanted to make a topic and say, Hi, I'm new, and how are you today?
And google has been a little to noisey as of resent. :l
Apr 17, 2012 6:13 AM

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XxxHolic's "twin" series so to speak is this You will remember a couple of people who appeared at the end of the first volume of Holic? Well it's the story that follows them. Both manga somewhat bend about each other and explain various things from the others throughout. If your already on Volume 8 of Holic you have probably already herd various things about the main characters of Tsubasa.

I would recommend the bloody shit out of reading Tsubasa is pretty bloody brilliant @_@ The first 14 volumes are fairly "simple" story wise but from there on all hell breaks lose -_-

There is also some veeeeeeery vague crossing over of Card captor Sakura but it won't tell you pretty much jack shit about the events of the other two ^^;