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Your posts that violate these rules will be deleted or edited, and you could also be banned.

General rules

No insults or drama. Respect all members and their work.
If you want to criticize someone's work, make sure to do it without insults. So instead of saying "This design sucks and is trash" you can tell them what you don't like about it, and how they can improve.

Before posting in a contest, card shop, or request topic: check the opening post and follow any guidelines the original poster listed there.

Rules if you want to ask for help
Please follow these, to make it easy on our volunteers!

Don't post the same question or request in multiple places all over the club. Pick one place for it please.

If you ask a question but later figure it out on your own, let us know when you don't need help anymore.

If we help you, but you don't end up using the help, then wait two weeks before asking us again for anything else.
If you can't understand someone's help or it doesn't work- let us know why, so we can make it work! We want to help people willing to use it. And it is ok to ask new questions right away when you're using the help/codes/etc given to you.

Rules on advertising or linking outside this group

No advertising. Unless you have permission, do not post links* to other Myanimelist forums or clubs (even affiliates).
*You can however link us to other clubs and forums in order to answer questions. Linking to outside websites is ok too.

Questions about rules can be asked on the front page. FAQs on club rules and bans can be found in the club FAQs.
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This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.