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Poll: Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 6 Discussion

Jan 24, 2015 7:32 PM

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I have nothing more to say about this episode than.. FAPULOUS!
Nov 16, 2015 6:06 AM

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Minagatachi said:
KaitoDash said:

I don't really like Louise x Saito relationship. Especially because there are better girls around Saito.
Louise just cannot come to trust Saito.

Don't be surprised if you lose your girlfriend's trust when you start screwing around with other women.

Yea, cause apparently treating your boyfriend like a slave for the first few seasons and even now is better -__- . Louise just has no character development whatsoever.
May 19, 2:51 AM

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It's become a full-out war between all the girls wanting Saito. Huh, boy oh boy.

Was calling the re-arrival of our bad guys, and in perfect timing for a certain couple death flags. I don't think it'll end up going that direction, though.
May 23, 4:48 AM

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HOT SPRING TIME!! Such wild dream u have saito.. Quite the Ecchi time in this one!

So First. Tabitha! for the love of Lucifer, don't turn into u uncle,u cold hearted ego bitch, U even tricked Saito,thats low..(thb i never really liked Tabitha,only her sad story is a bit touchy, otherwise meh.) As we move on too Catfightcatfightcatfight!! U Go Louise
Soo many over Saito, hell i do Love harems. but this is just to much for some reason!!? Hell i do enjoy it but also feel UUUUGH at some parts..

And naww and it was going so well at the end… uhuhuh
Jun 2, 6:37 AM

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A man's romance : "Naked Affairs" ~ !! "I was born for this moment."
Very great episode . Harem route has a light on it ~ . Approval .
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