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Anime vs. Manga

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Poll: What do you prefer?

02-09-12, 1:28 PM

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What do you prefer and why?
02-09-12, 8:10 PM

Joined: Dec 2011
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I've never read the Inu X Boku manga but from a general standpoint, I prefer the anime over manga. I haven't read manga in awhile. So used to animation these days.
02-11-12, 6:40 AM

Joined: Jun 2008
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The manga. The anime is only an adaption and they changed and added lots of things. :|
02-13-12, 8:53 AM

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I think the art is better in manga...
Miketsukami-kun looks better in manga than anime <3<3<<3
02-18-12, 9:28 PM

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03-29-12, 5:54 PM

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After properly finishing the anime, I can proudly say that I enjoy the manga far more than the anime because it was fast and to-the-point whereas the anime stalled... a lot. The art is done significantly better in the manga and it goes even further into the story. Not only that but the jokes are executed much better in the manga and I never felt any awkwardness like in the anime. While I don't hate the anime, I honestly think the adaptation could have been executed better so I'm left a bit disappointed.
06-06-12, 2:29 AM

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Anime. Nyahahaha. I love colors and animation.
09-15-12, 10:05 AM

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I like the anime because it is visually stunning and the characters come to life with great voice acting. I like the manga also because it goes further into depth and the story still continues.