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Why arent older manga and anime that popular here? Forum »» Manga Discussion »» Why arent older manga and anime that popular here?

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05-18-12, 11:56 AM

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Well, here I am, barely sixteen and I love both old and new manga. So what do I think about this? I believe that nowadays, people probably don't actually KNOW a lot about the older things, simply because they're not advertised or very prominent most of the time. I've chatted with some people around my age about manga in general, and they didn't know what Akira was. So, you see, even the most influential among older works may not be generally known amongst the newer watchers and readers through lack of knowledge. Therefore, older things need to be advertised more, or mentioned more frequently.
Now onto the art. Art changes. A lot. And nowadays, things have a similar style to many other current works, creating a bubble of comfort. But you had that in older times as well- I was reading Bananna Bread Pudding this week, and it struck me that it was very similar to other works I'd seen from that time period.
Every time period has its own similar style, and right now, we're simply going through a certain style stage.
Twenty years from now, we'll be groaning over how the style was so much better in 2012.
So, I suppose, the thing is you need to accept each ages style for what it is. If you can't, then deal with the current age of art. And there's a lot of people who're going to do the latter. This will happen again and again. Someday in the future, the moe age people will be defending their art against the future's style, saying they need to either like it or go watch their new shit. And of those future people, most are going to just go back to their current things. But you'll always get your people who'll accept the art.

I suppose my ending point is that this is going to happen over and over, with each generation. We may as well sit back, reccomend our Nausicaa manga to anyone willing to listen and accept, and laugh at the repititon.
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