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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Chapter 172 Discussion

Poll: Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Chapter 172 Discussion

12-29-11, 11:30 AM

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This really felt like a final boss battle with a hella long of build up dungeons
12-29-11, 2:00 PM

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Well, I guess he learned making great coffe by the experiences in the game.
I have to agree with Keima looks great in bartender clothes, probably 1st class Coffe hehe.
That's normal Ayumi getting pissed at Keima, yet she don't have realize she is in love with Keima or she don't want to believe in it.
It doesn't seem yet that Ayumi remember the conquering.

Ayumi was first conquered by Keima and will be the most difficult to reconquered.
It does really fit well with that hehe.
Hurry up and conquer Ayumi already or you can't save Kanon.

A Gamer like Keima begin to open more and more over the reality, it's still a good progness.
I guess everyone know that he could be popular in school if he act a bit friendly and stop being rude.

Like when Yui was his body before and everyone treat him nicely when he return.

But in the end I believe he will care more with the reality, everyone memories got erazed expect Keima.
Also believe he will not end with no one.

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12-29-11, 2:18 PM

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Yeah, i think he might have to use his knowledge of the goddesses to his advantage... It really is one of the only choices now. How to do that without her being attacked as well is a good question as i doubt just outright bringing it up will accomplish much.
12-29-11, 4:22 PM

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12-29-11, 7:19 PM

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I almost want Keima to fail this one. I almost do.

...Except him failing a capture would be seriously OOC. I'll settle for him struggleing like hell through this one.
12-29-11, 11:11 PM

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So his first conquest ended up being the hardest ~w~ ahh, the irony~~

12-29-11, 11:22 PM

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I honestly can't see how Keima is gonna conquer Ayumi; With Ayumi not even wanting to talk to him it will be interesting to see how things progress. Quick question on the timeline of the story; a while ago when Keima went into Kanon/Apollo's mind and met Apollo she said that she would be able to "pray" for what i believed to be 3 days? how many days has it been since then?
12-29-11, 11:44 PM

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I'm praying for Keima.. for two weeks. (hint hint)

Blackbird said:
Where is Haqua?
That's what I've been wondering for a while..
12-30-11, 10:16 PM

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Gasp. What is this? It seems like Keima is showing more guilt. he's changing :'(. I'll miss the old gaming themed conquests...

Also, Ayumi is amazing. Best route imo.
12-31-11, 4:36 PM

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Damn, this is getting really interesting. Love triangle causing problems for Keima. Can't wait for the next chapters, Ayumi's route ftw. Love her.
12-31-11, 6:32 PM

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Finally, some challenge.
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01-02-12, 4:56 PM

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looks like the only thing left for him is to tell her what's actually going on in the hopes the goddess inside her will just join his side.
01-02-12, 5:26 PM

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Inarius said:
looks like the only thing left for him is to tell her what's actually going on in the hopes the goddess inside her will just join his side.
Keima doesn't roll like that. There has to be moar drama and a(nother) kiss.