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How did you discover anime?

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11-30-11, 4:35 PM

Joined: Apr 2008
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I started writing a story on how I discovered anime for my bio and it got me wondering about how other people found it, how did you find anime? was it friends, family, or by pure chance?

I watched DBZ on Cheez TV like most australian kids but I was introduced to subbed/airing anime by a friend in high school.
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11-30-11, 10:48 PM

Joined: Apr 2011
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Hmmmm my memory is a bit hazy in the beginning but I started generally the same as you, watching cheese tv then moved to toasted tv watching whatever came on since there wasn't anything to do in the morning. Also watching random Ghibli films. Then I borrowed random animes from family friends they were FMA, Rurouni Kenshin, Detective Conan (No idea where i got up to), D.N.A angel. Then a few years ago my friend and I got into a conversation about anime then he then loaned to me Death Note and Bleach . There was also Code Geass airing on ABC 3. Then nothing really happened for a year or so. I wanted to know what happened in the story (Bleach was at ep 150 or so) so i went to you tube and watched some subs till i got to the fillers not long afterwards. From there I somehow decided to read the manga and caught up. After that I got into a manga reading stage and read alot of manga. Watched a few animes here and there while playing Maple Story (stopped playing not long after), I then went hardcore mode with anime while playing some games till now and i recently started playing VNs every now and then.
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12-01-11, 4:31 AM

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Yeah i watched Cheese TV like you guys. I started watching it again this year when i walked in on my brother watching the second episode of Naruto. From there i found out that at least 5 of my friends had watched anime and about 3 were really obsessed, i joined them in the obsession and now i've watched the most! I started reading manga a few months after i became obsessed with anime again, because i got annoyed when my favourite anime (D. Gray-man) finished without a proper ending and then found out the manga is still being published :D
12-01-11, 11:21 PM

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Umm at the start like you's cheese t.v was the way to go, one piece, dbz, pokemon, digimon and yu-gi-oh.
Then in year 7 i was talking to my friends and he showed me, naruto and i got straight into then i dropped off it for 1-3 years and then picked it up this year starting with death note for some reason and havnt really stopped since.
12-26-11, 3:26 AM

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cheez tv xD
and saw one piece on foxtel, made me want to watch it without dubs haha
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12-26-11, 3:41 AM

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Watched Pokemon/DBZ/Yu-Gi-Oh on Cheez TV back in the day but had no idea it was anime, I just thought they were cartoons. First time I watched anime and knew that I was watching anime was Code Geass on ABC 2 a couple of years ago, found out it had another season and went exploring anime from there.
12-27-11, 2:32 AM

Joined: Dec 2011
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well i used to watch the digimon season on the T.V, also like Frozen-Ice i did not know it was anime.
It was only this year that i actually began looking at anime for any purpose. Mostly because friends were talking about it, and that i had no idea what they were talking about :/
12-28-11, 12:03 AM

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Ah... the wonders of the public library. But it wasn't until I went to the Armageddon Expo that I really got into anime.
12-29-11, 2:10 AM

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actually technically, i was a fan of the beyblade series, also i didn't know it was manga, but i still read them all.
01-02-12, 8:07 PM

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I was always watching Pokemon when I was little, but it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I watched some Studio Ghibli movies in my Japanese class that I fell in love with anime. I really liked the animation and the character designs, so I thought I should start finding some cool shows to watch. And that's how I got here today :)
01-07-12, 7:40 PM

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Im the Same as Val, however, i only really became interested in anime when i decided to find out what my friends were talking about around me, so, i first became a fan of Naruto :D
01-17-12, 1:09 AM

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I watched Digimon as a kid and was obsessed with it watching both 01 and 02, i was so obsessed with that show that i didnt watch any other anime... i may have tuned into to Monster Rancher every known again but i'd watch every single episode of Digimon Adventure 01/02 and loved it

However i dont really credit that for getting me into Anime, years later i watched Naruto which i credit into getting me into anime
01-17-12, 4:17 AM

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I watched Toonami on cartoon network then I watched Naruto like two years ago, then someone suggested Clannad and I loved Anime since. Only about 4 of my friends like Anime but most like dbz but not Anime haha.
01-17-12, 4:20 AM

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years back my friend got me into naruto, then once i finished that i moved onto bleach, after that around the beginning of this year i started watching 12 ep series and all that and now its an addiction D:
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01-18-12, 1:12 AM

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well i always like cartoons when i was a kid but i dropped out of seeing them for a a few years then one day i was on ABC 3 and they showed vampire knight and they took forever to air it so i went online and it took forever to find them all after i seen every last ep i decided to see one more and the list was huge and i don’t know where to start so i pick one at random one with an odd name CODE GRASS and i was hooked like a fish and i haven’t stopped, and I have seen countless anime in a short time period it was very life changing adn a lot better then movies on the tv I think
01-18-12, 2:18 AM

Joined: Apr 2008
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icetrucker said:
so i pick one at random one with an odd name CODE GRASS and i was hooked like a fish and i haven’t stopped

wtf is Code Grass? lol

is it about mechs that cut the lawn?
01-19-12, 9:14 PM

Joined: Apr 2011
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Anime floated in & out of my childhood.

I saw the odd movies like Blood, Ghost in a Shell, Wicked City, Akira, 12 Kingdoms etc when i was younger but the day i actually stopped and realised there was an entire genre from Japan (and other asian countries) was the begining of last year.

If someone had asked be before what anime/manga was i would have answered 'are you talking about those japnese cartoons that my nerdy sister watches?'

i hate to say it on here without getting egged, but i started obcessing over anime/manga after the Avatar movie came out (no, not the blue people. Avatar the last airbender).
I told my sister how much i liked it and she told me she refuses to watch it because it would soil the cartoon series. I decided to see what all the fuss was about so i watched the entire avatar series.
After completing it (and getting a lot of 'i told you so's' from my sister) i started researching what other cartoons i could get into.

Finding out that Anime was by far the best of the rest i signed up to MAL and...well the rest is history.

it was then only a matter of time before i got into the manga realm as well. Because as they say 'the book is ALWAYS better than the movie'.

so there you have it folks. I can thank an american based cartoon for my joys of the japnesse cartoons today. Go figure :/
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01-25-12, 5:13 AM

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i found myself bored one day with nothing to do, so my friend, as a sick joke gave me a epic show called "elfen lied", and sadly i did find it awesome in a way... ive been watching them ever since

altho i doubt i will watch elfen lied again... EVER
02-14-12, 3:58 AM

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Discovered and watching sailermoon, cardcaptors, pokemon, dragon ball z on cheesey TV, then got older and watched ghost in the shell, bubblegum crisis and evangelion on SBS
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02-14-12, 9:49 PM

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CHEESE TV those were the days
02-23-12, 4:41 AM

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I watched Cheese TV back when I was 4yrs old(2001) xD Later when i was 8yrs old(2005) I received a gift voucher for this DvD shop which was in my local shopping centre (i think i the shop was called dvdeasy or something like that) and i was going to buy Teen Titans, but then my sister told me not to by that and then she pointed me to the anime section and picked up Princess Tutu. I went and bought it and i fell in love with it then i started to bug my sister about more shows similar to Princess Tutu. She gave me Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach which were both great to watch.
04-30-12, 11:31 AM

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Seems similar stories for a lot of us.

Watched Cheese TV as a kid, though didn't really see it as an 'anime' pursuit and didn't watch any anime for years afterwards.
About 2010 I was bored and watched Pokemon and DBZ for no particular reason other than wanting to find out what happened. Really enjoyed it so I ended up looking for other anime and before I knew it was watching things on a more than regular basis.
05-16-12, 12:14 AM

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Cheez TV xD
05-19-12, 1:04 AM

Joined: Mar 2009
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Yeah...that morning show, Cheese TV...
I just watched Poke'mon. I don't even know what I watched in the, like... 7 years between the time I actually started buying my own anime, but that's when I kinda got an interest in it.
09-16-12, 4:56 AM

Joined: Oct 2011
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For me it started with of course the cheese tv animes like dragon ball z and naruto, then after that i met a friend who introduced me to haruhi and clannad and i was like wow nice animes. After that i met another friend who had more than 1tb+ worth of anime on his hard drive, and i was like "Give me all Plox". This caused myself to awaken into a new self and thus i have now watched a lot of animes xD. Long story.
09-16-12, 5:44 AM

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I started getting into anime about 7 years ago. I had seen a couple of episodes of one piece and pokemon on cartoon network but I wasn't really allowed to watch it because it was too violent (yes, I know, pathetic right? My new nickname at uni is sheltered college girl :( after the meme's and they're kinda funny because it's true XD).
I then saw a couple of episodes of naruto and like a rebellious teenager a taped them (with a video cassette) on a Sunday night when there was the recap of episodes during the week on cartoon network. I then got bored of waiting and went online to watch (all in secret of course).
Well, you can guess what happened, I finished naruto and decided to go back and find one piece. Little did I know, I found the whole world of anime and my anime list has grown since then :). It's really pathetic, but I still watch anime in secret, no one in my family knows about it. My guilty little pleasure XD
I will admit that I enjoy dubs as that's what I started out on, but I don't mind subs either. Sorry about this being really long too.
09-17-12, 1:34 AM

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Unlike you guys, I never really watched cheese tv and the like (too early for me).Well anyway for me I saw some anime reviews in the back of this magazine I read, so I decided to check it out... and I loved it so much they I kept watching more and more, and here we are today
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10-15-12, 7:29 AM

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A few years ago i moved out of the family home and in with my (now ex) girl friend. nether of us ever watched TV, there was never anything interesting on and the only show i did like (stargate) they never seemed to air all the episodes. seemed if the footy or what ever went too long they just dropped that episode and played the one after that the next week, completely skipping that episode. so i started downloading that show. so not long after that the tv got unplugged and put into storage.

Some time after that my brother came over to my house and handed me a portable hard drive and said a guy at tafe gave him a heap of anime and i should watch some, and i was like ani what?

My brother said watch Full Metal Alchemist, so i did. then i watched another anime and another one and another one and haven't stopped
11-03-12, 2:37 AM

Joined: Nov 2012
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I found out about anime watching youtube, I heard people talking about a show called bleach and decided to look it up and then discovered many other anime series and instantly fell love with it
11-04-12, 1:55 AM

Joined: Mar 2012
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Like everyone else, I watched Cheese TV. I was a huge fan of DBZ. More so than anyone else I knew. I also liked Pokemon until they changed the voice actors. However, there was one show that kept me from watching more anime. That show was Naruto. I hated the show and assumed that all anime was like that. So I came to the conclusion that Dragonball Z was the only good anime ever.

Then about a year ago, I bought a special issue Japan issue of Hyper (The Game Magazine). Since I was young, I've always been fascinated by Japanese culture and its weirdness so I thought I'd pick it up. With it came an anime sampler disc with the first episodes of a few shows on it. I had nothing to do since I had played all my video games to death and couldn't afford to buy more. So I though, why not? I started with watching Highschool of the Dead. I knew what to expect when I read it but I still hated it. The dialogue was awful, the characters were annoying and the fanservice was way too distracting. I then watched Black Butler. I thought it was alright, if a little weird. But I had almost zero interest in watching more.

That was when I found K-On. I didn't know how to react the first time I watched it. A show with an all girl cast was very foreign to me. But there was something about the show that really drew me in. I don't know whether it was the rock music references, Yui's Les Paul, the characters, or the ending theme. Whatever it was, I liked it. And I wanted more. Before I knew it, I was at JB-Hi-Fi buying the first volume of the show along with the pink collector's box.

After loving K-On, I found The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Crispin Freeman's narration along with the batshit crazy antics of Haruhi made me fall in love with the show. The Movie has been in my number 1 spot since December last year and it's not being knocked off any time soon. I also found Lucky Star. I found it to be a little boring but something about the show kept me watching. Then I found Death Note, then Baka and Test, then Code Geass and before I knew it I was going to my first con
06-27-13, 3:40 AM

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For me, anime isn't a discovery, ever since birth, I knew it all along, it was one of my childhood moments..I am lucky enough to have known it at such a young age..till now, it will stay the same life is yet to continue throughout the long awaited anime series out there!!!
10-22-13, 1:33 AM

Joined: Jul 2013
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I remember starting to watch Pokemon on Channel 10 sometimes. Then I watched a bit of Naruto and One Piece when they came out on 10 too.
From there, I went to explore anime after watching Sword Art Online which my brother recommended to me in 2012. Now I'm here.

10-24-13, 7:04 PM

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My Parents friends from Japan gave me part 6 from Gundam Seed for my 10th Birthday
12-12-13, 11:59 PM

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Just randomly found a manga at the library called Ah! My Goddess!, loved it, went to Supanova, bought the anime, loved it and that was the start of my obsession. Girls won't get into it by watching it on TV because the only stuff that gets aired on TV are shounen and there's only been 2 shounen's that I've ever enjoyed: Magi and Gintama and Magi isn't even that good.
12-13-13, 2:56 AM

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My parents gave me an anime to watch when I was 8 years old back in 1999. It was called Galaxy Express 999, a series from the 70s. That's probably the starting point for my anime fandom.
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01-08-14, 9:23 AM

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Cheez TV
01-09-14, 9:11 PM

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My older brother had a decent collection which I used to watch with him. The ones I remember were Final Fantasy Unlimited and Argento Soma which I now realise were actually terrible.

I found an old DVD of Paranoia Agent when I was home sick one day a while ago and thought I'd watch it (the front cover always intrigued me since I was little). I loved it and ever since then I've been into it.
03-24-14, 3:35 AM

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when i was 10 my brother showed me naruto, i loved it at the time but was too stupid and i didn't know what anime even was, then well 2 years later i rediscovered anime through my brother again, started watching about 5 different animes then stopped again, 1 year later im here now hooked to the stuff.