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Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ

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11-17-11, 7:29 AM

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This thread serves to answer all questions regarding the system of Shiroku Highschool. It is currently still expanding and new questions will be added in the future.
If you possess any unanswered questions, feel free to post them and it will be added to the FAQ as soon as possible.

~ Character Information ~

What is the Status Points System?

How high can Attributes become?

Can I redistribute my Points?

What are Character Points?

What are Antagonists?

What are EX-Bursts?

What are Amalgam Arts?

~ Role-Play Information ~

How should my post look like?

How does combat work?

How does the virtual training work?

~ General Information ~

When will I get a rank up?

What are events?

What are Items?

What is ¥ōki?

How do I buy Items/Exchange CP for ¥ōki?

How do classes work?

Class: Exchange of information

What are "observators"?

What happens to my character if I roleplay with someone, but that someone leaves the club?

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