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Feb 5, 5:40 PM

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Okay, I buffed him, but I don't know how much a buffed him. I can't tell whether or not he is now too powerful, just right or still too weak. Still hopefully this fixes a lot of things.
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Feb 5, 9:43 PM

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  • Name: Johann Pent

  • Age: 18

  • Gender: Male

  • Grade/Class: Sophomore

  • Total Status Points: (10/10)

  • Total Weapon Points: (4/5)

  • Primary Power: Blue Phoenix

  • Attributes:

    • (x1.5) Above-Average Prana
    • (x1.5) Above-Average Endurance

  • Weapon of Choice:

    • Weapon Class: Standard
      Weapon Type: Sword
      Weapon Description: A sword that his grandfather made for him, it looks like an old Pent relic.

    • Weapon Class: Agile
      Weapon Type: Boots
      Weapon Description: A pair of lightweight metal boots.

  • Biography:
    Johann had a rather normal childhood, despite the fact of having a powerful magician from a famous magical family and a supernatural creature huntress as parents. His life was in fact only different from the average when he was at home, since his father taught him the basics of magic and his mother taught him how to fight and use weapons.
    When he was 15 his parents took him out of highschool as he finished first year to send him with his grandfather to learn more about magic. After a long travel to a faraway mountain, he arrived to Lucius Pent's house where he did nothing but extremely long sessions of meditation, rough physical training and fight dangerous creatures, all of this while being constantly lectured by his grandfather about the dangers. After three years of this he finally achieved complete control over his magical energy and even learned how to produce an element with said energy, his grandfather was very satisfied with the results and gifted him a sword that he made for him, he also informed Johann that his parents wanted him to finish his studies, they prepared things up for him to to a school in Japan supposedly full of people with superhuman traits.

  • Personality:
    He presents a neutral attitude most of the time unless with someone he appreciates, he can be rude if someone gets on his nerves. He hates loud people and he doesn't like to help others.

  • Appearance:

  • 100x100 Picture:

  • Special Room Request: Any roommate is okay.

  • School Uniform:

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Yesterday, 4:15 PM

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Name: Naomi Ito
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Grade: Sophomore
Total Status points: 10
Total Weapon points: 5
Primary Power
Smoke manipulation
Cost: 6
Details: Naomi possesses the ability to manipulate smoke and embers. She cannot create smoke and must continually absorb it from the environment to use it. Each drain gives her 10 smoke stacks(max amount holdable) and have a host of applications and uses. They are:

  • Smoke dashing: Naomi is able to swiftly dash a few steps, releasing a large amount of smoke behind her. She cannot attack while dashing.
  • Smoke salvo: Naomi can release balls of smoke from her palms that travel in a straight line at respectable speeds. These shots are more like a punch than a bullet, however, and are used more so as a means of distraction than as an offensive weapon.
  • Smoke smash: Naomi unleashes a lightning quick strike with her hand that causes a smoke explosion on impact, damaging her opponent while also creating a smoke induced blind spot 3.5 metres in radius for three posts. Staying in this ball will cause extreme coughing which may affect one's ability to fight. Each punch expends two smoke stacks.
  • Smoke missile: Naomi charges up her smoke salvo and releases a heavily congested missile-like projectile that will cause a large explosion of smoke on impact (for all intensive purposes consider it an RPG missile). The radius of this smoke is five metres and the blast smoke lingers for three posts. This ability uses four smoke stacks.

(x2) Exceptional Strength

Weapon of choice:

Weapon Class: Balanced
Weapon Description: A sword constructed from condensed and solidified smoke, this blade strikes as true as any sword.
Whip chain

Weapon Class: Balanced
Weapon Description: A fast firing and retracting whip that can be fired out from a device on her wrist.

Weapon Class: Agile
Weapon Description: A small knife with little practical value but irreplaceable in sentiment.


Back in her bounty hunter days:



While under the mask Naomi is like a different person entirely. She is short spoken, reserved, and cold. The persona of Jack is one that would much rather let her actions speak for her. Calm and focussed, she thinks of nothing but the fight ahead. Take away the mask however and you are left with a shameless, light-hearted and extremely masochistic girl with seemingly limitless amounts of energy and enthusiasm. Being viewed as a monster by half of society has led to Namoi having a complicated morality. She has no respect for the justice system and never does a day pass when she doesn't break at least one law. This raises an interesting case with regards to why she captured superhumans for a living. Since it seems apparent that she has no family, it could be inferred that it has something to do with that, perhaps her parents were murdered by supernatural powers and this is a personal vendetta against them.Her main interests are ice hockey, horror and porn. Her favourite food is sour sweets and she has no idea what she wants to do with her life when she grows up. She is terrified of insects, especially hairy ones and has raging Nyctophobia.

Throughout her life, and career as a bounty hunter, Naomi has vowed never to kill another human being regardless of how evil they may be. Even indirectly causing someone's death is something she forbids herself from doing.

After supernatural powers became a reality for the world, many governmental parties supported the complete freedom of these beings. Others did not. They demanded that the supernatural beings be round up and confined for fear of what they might do to humanity. Thus there came to be substantial bounties for bringing these superhumans in alive. Naomi, known by her bounty hunter alias "Jack" has been responsible for more superhuman incarcerations than any other human that has ever lived. Thus it was quite unfortunate for Naomi when she learned that she herself was a human gifted with supernatural capabilities. Namoi was stuck. She couldn't integrate with the hunters because they would capture her, nor could she ally herself with the superhumans because they would try to kill her for what she had done to their kind. She survived for the most part, considering how she always wore a helmet and had a voice modulator that altered her tone, she was unrecognisable to both sides without her suit on. No one even knew she was female, let alone a teenager.

She was not as safe as she thought however. After spending a year wandering doing odd bounty hunter jobs, she was finally tracked down, not by the government but by the superhumans. As it so happened, a Japanese school had taken an interest in her, perhaps as a message to the world saying that one's history is irrelevant and that all can join. Its name: Shiroku Academy. Unfortunately... her escorts had a friend or two that met the business end of Naomi's clutches and would make sure she paid her dues before arriving at the school...

Special Room request Any roommate will do.

School Uniform
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Yesterday, 5:24 PM

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Which character do you want? This is so that the administration knows which character to look at and give you some feedback. You've submitted two character sheets. It is best to pick one until your first character gets approve. You must wait at least a week after approval to make another.

Is it Allyson Creeker? Or is it Naomi Ito?
Yesterday, 5:25 PM

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Sorry was supposed to delete the first; the latter.
1 hour ago

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This is feedback from another admin of the club.

Ice Spikes: How far apart are the spikes from each other?

Icy Grounds: The Diameter of the icy field should be at most 5 meters I would think

Icy Slash: Am I correct in assuming it lowers speed and agility by half a point? That shouldn't be possible, if it lowered by 1 full point then it would be ok, although it should only decrease speed, not agility, because it makes sense not to decrease agility.
1 hour ago

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The ability seems quite interesting. You should focus more on the 'phoenix' part of the power to make it more unique. And have less 'generic fire' parts of the ability.
14 minutes ago

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The spikes are against each other
Changed the diameter and debuff
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