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Carnival Phantasm Episode 7 Discussion

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Poll: Carnival Phantasm Episode 7 Discussion

11-14-11, 11:13 AM

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DeadlyBoredom said:

that is all.
Yeah, who are those lovely boys?

Ahaha, Nero. Oh yeah, Lancer got hit again, but oh my, Assassin finally had a line! I already wondered when he got some text... Caster, why you so lovely. It was good to see those Saber Lily costumes and Goth Loli Saber but also from Fate/Zero, hahaha. :3 I can't watch F/SN seriously anymore. Awww, Souichirou.
11-14-11, 12:33 PM

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DragonsWhip said:
Yeah, who are those lovely boys?

From left to right, Nanaya Shiki, SHIKI and Kouma from the Tsukihime franchise.
11-14-11, 1:23 PM

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this episode was all from the manga, and it was awesome.
12-31-11, 12:28 AM

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Caster is such a cutie..
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01-01-12, 4:34 AM

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This episode explains why (UBW spoiler)
01-18-12, 4:31 PM

Joined: Sep 2009
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I always liked Caster, was happy to see this episode^^
Caster has so many sides to her!
And I loled when she started to chase Assasin down.
04-29-12, 1:16 PM

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Moe caster is great.
05-03-12, 3:34 PM

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Souichiro realizes that no one, man or woman, can resist Saber (or Saber related merchandise).
07-24-12, 8:49 PM

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Caster's room was pure win. I almost lost my breath at how she fawned over Saber.

Great episode.
01-20-13, 11:25 AM

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what the hell is going on xD hahaa xD
04-29-13, 4:54 AM

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Im happy for Caster XD..

Caster Crafting skill: A+ LOL hahahaha xD
12-20-13, 1:38 PM

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Awww Caster is so cute. I'm glad she got a happy episode. I wish we saw her more without her headgear in the VN.
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02-17-14, 11:04 AM

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Why Lancer! Why must you do this to me? Lol, he has the worst luck in this series. And of course, Arcueid's killer Okonomiyaki and she didn't even use squid xD

I totally love how Caster was obssesed with Saber, really funny. And, did...did Caster just get married???
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06-02-14, 12:09 PM

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caster was so adorable mmhmmm
09-02-14, 10:07 AM

Joined: Nov 2012
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Solid little episode.. about half Tsuki half Fate .

It was funny to see how far Arcrueid went to get the best incridients for food xD

Ahh who knew Caster like saber so much , well I guess maybe its a reference to what she does with Saber in Unlimited Blade Works route. It was actually pretty cool to see all of those figurines and memorabilia of saber she had, I'm envious :P Of course she always hates Koujirou . Souchirou-Sama is the chill-ist dude ever, he even admired Caster's Saber model she was making. He's damn lucky too, winning all of those things.

What was that lightning that defeated lancer? Not sure if that was a reference to anything there.

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09-02-14, 8:29 PM

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Caster is so cray :3
Dat obscession of Saber. Well, if we see it from that angle, UBW seem more light suddenly x)
I almost cried of laughing when Lancer was randomly hit by lightning. An A rank luck magical object versus and E luck parameter. He had zero chance...

Tiger dojo balance between lack of budget and ''LET'S PUT ALL OUR FUCKING MONEY IN IT!!!'' budget :)

Arcueid cook pretty much like me (by that, I mean I suck at cooking).
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10-06-14, 1:10 AM

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Are we just going to ignore the fact that Caster somehow has a picture of Saber bathing?
11-02-14, 6:44 AM

Joined: May 2013
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Arcueid cooking is <3
I would rate the second half 6/5 , Caster was really funny. Didn't know she was a hardcore saber fan though.
04-10-15, 9:01 AM

Joined: Apr 2013
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Haha Caster's in heaven now, Soichiro not only accepts her as she is but they're also going to Hawaii and he's complimenting her :D
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