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10-13-11, 4:45 AM

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According to the twitter of animator Arai Jun (the key animator of "Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto"), episode 2 of Persona 4 The Animation was leaked to video sharing sites with French subtitles before the TV airing in Japan. The OP sequence of the anime was also leaked yesterday prematurely. Arai Jun disclosed that the production studio AIC A.S.T.A. has been swindling the animators and his salary hasn't been paid even after the deadline. Animator Murata Toshiharu (the character designer of "Hellsing") agreed with Arai that there is something wrong with AIC studios. Two anonymous animators (@zouni and @bito) also tweeted that they quit the team of Persona 4 from episode 3 because of AIC's bad management.

Sources: Arai's twitter, Mutara's twitter
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10-13-11, 4:51 AM

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woah isn't this suppose to be like bad? =.='
10-13-11, 4:51 AM

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I never asked for this.
10-13-11, 4:53 AM

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Well, when you make over 15 anime series + a bunch of OVA in two're bound to have financial issues.
10-13-11, 4:57 AM

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People in the anime industry getting swindled? No surprise there.
10-13-11, 4:59 AM

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hope this won't mean a cancelation of p4
10-13-11, 5:12 AM

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P4 wasn't looking to be good anyway, so this news doesn't surprise me. That pilot episode was average at best. Oh, by the way, extremely crappy art-style is extremely crappy.

inb4 Persona 4 babies. Oh wait... too late.
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10-13-11, 5:18 AM

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10-13-11, 5:23 AM

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as long as Persona4 does'nt get canceled :/''' i mean that sucks but well it's what happens
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10-13-11, 5:30 AM

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They have a lot to lose if this adaptation fails. The Vol. 1 BD has been utterly dominating all other Fall anime in preorder rankings, with a long time spent in the Amazon top 10 already. Someone high up in the production committee better be knocking some heads together and straightening things out, or a potential top 3-5 seller of the year is going to instead self-destruct.
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10-13-11, 5:47 AM

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That really sucks since I and alot other likes this anime. And that 2 of the animators of the Persona crew is really unfortunate and I hope that it doesn't get canceled
10-13-11, 5:49 AM

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hope it doesn't to be canceled
i wanna get my fav RPG game to have an anime adaptation
10-13-11, 5:49 AM

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wow =| hope the show does not get cancelled because of this =(
10-13-11, 5:56 AM

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ITT: People more concerned that an adaptation will get cancelled rather than people getting harassed and unpaid at work.

I'd rather it got put on hiatus for this season, and for Aniplex to fire the producers.
10-13-11, 5:59 AM

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I hope the troubles in AIC ASTA don't spill into other branches of AIC. (Boku wa Tomodachi has been excellent!) Then again I don't even know how exactly the company handles all its branches. I find this pay dispute strange though, because I believe they've had successful series like Sora no Otoshimono, which recently had a movie released after two seasons.
10-13-11, 6:12 AM

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So I watched the leak of episode 2 because of that animator saying that it wasn't worth watching and really bad in terms of animation and quality, but I didn't see anything that was worse than episode 1.
I was disappointed that it wasn't stick figure animation and production notes left everywhere. Hopefully episode 3 will be what I'm looking for.
I guess the arguments over pay does suck though. I'd hate to do a job like that only to get ripped off by my company.
10-13-11, 6:16 AM

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It was never meant to be. ;_;
10-13-11, 6:49 AM

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I kinda really liked the first episode it was really different to everything I've seen so far so i don't hope that this anime will be ending sooner than expected =/
10-13-11, 6:53 AM

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Um..people are bitching about the first episode quality? Are you fucking joking? Must be ignorant people who haven't played the game.

I freaking loved the first episode. My girlfriend told me about all these company issues they were having, and I REALLY hope it doesn't get cancelled..I've been waiting all year for this Q_Q
10-13-11, 7:02 AM

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well too bad it's not like it's the first time that has happened
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