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Will there ever be a Season III of Seikon no Qwaser??

07-28-11, 7:39 AM

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After watching my long anticipated Season II, i was quite disappointed and felt there might be scope for a Season III.
Will it be ever made or is there any news regarding a followup???
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07-28-11, 7:40 AM

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Since the manga is still ongoing, there's a possibility of a third season.
07-28-11, 4:47 PM

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It is more than possible. Japan eats this anime up which is rather funny considering I generally dislike this type of anime, but Qwaser was actually not half bad. Sometimes a pure service anime is not a bad change from the more serious or drama anime I tend to watch.

I'd say season 3 is fairly likely. I for one want season 3 since so much was left unanswered.
09-15-11, 6:31 PM

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Qwaser isn't your average fan-service anime, it does it correctly. Kind of like Kampfer. I put those two on the top of my list of guilty pleasures.
10-28-11, 7:36 AM

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I agree with Hitei. I am guessing they should create a season III. Since.. it would be fairly... strange to leave the fans hanging in a cliff hanger with the whole situation getting serious in the end, then they just cut it when the battle is just getting started. I think they do that, to make the viewers curious and so the audience want more.

Kinda like... the ongoing film series, with how they always leave the audience hanging for the next ongoing series.

However... if they left it with that ending to be the actual ending, then yeah... would be weird... as it wouldn't make any sense, since they haven't yet ended the battle. Neither did they show whether the president girl and the other will girl recover or if they are still under the meoter's influence(the vampire worm). o.O

But I am pretty sure they will create the third season. I also like the series, cannot wait for the next season. It is a lot different compared to what I usually watch, however it is a pretty awesome anime.
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12-18-11, 8:58 PM

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I hope we get a season iii. The final episode left so much unanswered and buidling off of episode 11, they could really carry the plot, action, and suspense momentum into another season.
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05-20-12, 12:07 AM

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I would love to See S3 as well. Although I can see them ending the show like this to make it seem like the battles will never end. Which isn't that bad of an ending if you think about it(unlike Elfen Lied where it just kinda ended), but yeah. I'd love to air S3 if it becomes available. I guess for now, we will be airing Initial D.
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08-05-12, 9:34 PM

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There has to be a third season in the making.
I don't know if I am the only one that thought this, but the second to me seemed to be all fillers. There really wasn't much to it, if you ask me. Yeah, the first couple of episodes were pretty important to the whole storyline, but the rest were basically fillers.
And, I know I'm not the only one that thinks this, but the last episode (ep 12) really made no sense what so ever. Yeah, I understand that Meteor is one of the enemies of Athos, but they should've introduced their secret agent awhile ago. Not last minute. And Mafuyu being infected with that Vampire Worm...simply being able to suck it out...seriously? That is lame. There should've been at least more suspense. Like, "Will Sasha have to kill her?" or "Could there be a cure?" or "Will Mafuyu join the side of Meteor and make the plot even more f*cked up like what happened to Tomo in season 1?"
Don't get me wrong, I love Qwaser more than anything. It is one of my favorite animes, but the last season really pissed me off. It was funny and sort of a relief from all the drama of the last season, but I love that drama. It's okay for one episode to be all funny, but only every 4 episodes maybe.
There better be a season 3...and it better be good. At least be better than the second season. :P
08-19-12, 6:57 PM

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how could they not? literally nothing happened in the second season from around ep 6 on until the penultimate episode, and it was a cliffhanger ending......they have made your standard 'ecchi' look downright disney, yet they can get away with it because apparently, sucking breastmilk (soma) is crucial to strength and the size of mammary glands correspond to the quality of soma.....all part of the central premise.....the equivalent of softcore porn being made into a shonnen, make otakus go crazy
10-24-12, 3:50 AM

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Well its been a year and still no third season :/
04-24-13, 8:26 AM

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I do have high hopes of there being a third season. An true it has been quite some time since season two ended, but that doesn't mean there won't be another season.

Heck Rozen Maiden got a third season after so many years. So I'm sure this one will get one as well.
04-26-13, 7:55 PM

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i would also want a 3rd season to it. i have read the manga and as far as it is right now it would only be fair to make one.
07-19-13, 3:51 AM

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I also just finished Seikon no Qwaser II and hope they create a sequel. The way it ended " The Calm Before The Storm" signifies that its the quiet before the real battle begins.

This anime had so much awesome points for anime from obvious fanservice, action, and romance. I just don't see it ending with just Seikon no Qwaser II. Its just too painful if it ends in a cliffhanger.

If any news comes up someone, please post!
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08-07-13, 8:55 AM

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I personally love this series and it has so much potential being wasted on fill ins in the second season... I also see many flaws in the series such as to much nudity... honestly I'm a guy and I cant bare that such a good series is being wasted by such its like the amount of time it takes to blink and blam girl after girl naked or has her boobs out or being sucked... It just takes away the fun of it being an echi series but there has to be a limit as to how much can be in one episode also Sasha has Mafayu so why does he continue to suck on other girls breasts? I understand if he has to but if Mafayu is close by come on... My ideas of how the second season should have went... I think the first 5-6 episodes were ok I like Mafayu's unexpected appearance and savior of Sasha But I think the rest of that season from that point on should have been Mafayu being Sashas Maria I know some people argue that she is already but then why is he sucking other girls still? if hes not a pervert and he loves Mafayu why? makes no sense what's so ever to me and its left off with a decent cliffhanger so all that's wrong with it are the fill ins I like the episode with the old lady ok because it teaches Sasha to know his limits when to suck soma and what they could have done was have an episode based on a welcome home party for Mafayu and Sasha! anyone else agree??? My ideas for the third season well I would focus on the relationship of Mafayu and Sasha now that there in a relationship and Mafayu is Sasha's Maria and her helping him in battle and its putting pressure on Sasha because lately Sasha has been haunted by his nightmares of loosing Mafayu in battle like the way he lost Olja and it causes problems to stir because Sasha tells Mafayu to stay out of all the battles he takes on and that's when Mafayu gets angry with Sasha because she thinks she can take care of herself so Sasha breaks up with Mafayu saying if you refuse to stay out of this war because I couldn't bare to see you hurt then I have to go... leaving you in suspense on whether they will ever be a couple again leading us to the final battle between Sasha and (the final boss guy) towards mid battle Sasha realizes that (final boss) has Mafayu Sasha pleads for him to take him instead then (the final boss) agrees he lets Mafayu go and Then (the final boss) goes in for the final blow but Sahsa has a clever trick up his sleeve literally! as soon as the boss is close enough to him Sasha pulls out a Bottle of Holly water and pours it on himself so when the final blow hits it causes them both to be blown away in a explosion rushing to Sasha's body she is stopped by mama and Katerina explaining to her that he is long dead and a huge storm is about to sweep the battle field Screaming for mama to let go of her she is dragged away and Teresa, the eye patch guy, and Tomo are waiting for them watching from a distance Mafayu drenched in tears and Teresa saying that Sasha is at peace with god now Mafayu you shouldn't worry about him... amazing cliff hanger and the next season could be Sasha Is not dead!!! resurrected by God or at least that's what he believes then and then Mafayu is Maria for another boy qwaser attractive and she may have a new crush what will Sasha do now???? Thanks for reading and I hope you like my ideas but if you respect mine I will respect yours
08-13-13, 7:10 AM

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To all those wanting a Season 3, considering some of these comments are so old, it might not be much, but I think it's worth a shot, there's a petition for a 3rd season, however so far, sadly lacking in support, I have signed it myself and encourage anyone else who wants another season to do the same.

Perhaps if we can show enough support for this anime, we may yet get to see what looks to be a promising season 3. So please anyone who enjoyed this anime, show your support and help spread the word to others that enjoyed it to and lets get this season 3 started! (I am trying to share this around as much as I can in hope we can get the ball rolling on a 3rd season)
01-14-14, 10:11 AM

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You should have seen how mad i was when i saw the final season and episode i came up with a plan to meet the creator of seikon no qwaser and tell them how they fucked us up and left us hanging like spiders. That was so uncool and most of those episodes were full of shit like episode im pretty sure it was 10 and 11 espicieally 11 holy shit what was that???? sasha goes crazy because no soma those 2 episodes could have been about the fucking war holy shit they better make a new season ughghhghghghg
damnit damnit fuck fuck fuck fuck and its so hard to find another GOOD anime too ahghghghgg my whole body felt hot when i saw ow they fucking trolled why didnt sasha and mafayu spend more time with each other like REAL couple my favorite episode was episode 24 damn im so dissapointed and shock sometimes i wish i never heard about it so i wouldnt go crazy
02-04-14, 1:20 PM

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I agree with most of you guys i realy think there will be an season 3 but the season 2 was kinda a dissapointment from ep 6 to ep 12 its mostly fillers (but that wedding scene tho xD) and they left us with a lot of questions so hopefully in time.
05-03-14, 12:22 AM

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Seikon no Qwaser is one of those animes where they don't need plot when they know..."plots", if you know what I mean. Its probably pretty popular in Japan, considering how messed up some of the fetishes there are and how open they are towards this kind of stuff.

In any case...we NEED a 3rd season just so that Joshua can be all badass...and hopefully trainwreck a few strong know, as "payback" for treating him like sht.

Although...the 2nd season aired for the first time in 2011 April and ended in June 2011. Official eng subs were released just last year, but it still looks pretty bleak for a 3rd season unless we get a lot of episodes in it.
05-19-14, 11:25 AM

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No please no.

Or make it a hentai, I'll watch it.
08-03-14, 5:51 AM

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I seriously wish for another Season. First anime I watched and I spent over 20 hours, just behind my screen, I just couldn't leave the anime. The first season, it ended great, even tho it was a little weird when Sasha got amnesia and such. Season 2 ended on such a weird spot, just as the war was gonna begin. I seriously was wishing there would be another episode or few, even a season. I searched as much as I could to find any info about season 3! I don't like the manga, but it's still ongoing today. I WILL WAIT! I need a season 3!
11-10-14, 10:51 PM

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Just finished season 2. It's been years but hopefully they'll consider making a third season.

Nothing about the shower was spectacular, but with all the titties and that cliffhanger ending, I'm sure tons of people who watched the first 2 seasons would come back for a third.
11-10-14, 10:52 PM

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Oh god, please no!
I've already been through hell watching both seasons.
11-14-14, 8:36 PM

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PrOxAnto said:
Oh god, please no!
I've already been through hell watching both seasons.

Someone forcing you? Just don't.

My favorite shitty softporn comedy can't just be left hanging free like that
05-11-15, 5:41 AM

Joined: May 2015
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Please if u want a third season just sign this petition! =) we need more support!!

Please sign!!
05-11-15, 5:42 AM

Joined: Feb 2015
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I dont watch it since too many nudity but is the anime really good ? -3-
05-12-15, 6:25 PM

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Rydias said:
I dont watch it since too many nudity but is the anime really good ? -3-

Not really, and this second season was worse...there's other better things to watch, I kept going just coz I really liked Katja and her slaves, but if there's a season 3, I will make sure to skip all the rest and just watch her parts...
05-31-15, 6:28 PM

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I'm also dissapointed because it ended in season 2 with only 36 episodes?! That wasn't enough for me! I'm not that type of person who loves to watch naked females (I'm a girl) but I have to make an exception for this one because I'm totally in love with the character Sasha. Yes, I watched all 36 episodes just to watch Sasha. I may have skipped a few episodes (after watching all the episodes, I keep watching again and again because why not), I skipped the ones when Sasha had amnesia (holy crap I couldn't bare to watch that episode again, I want Sasha's male behavior back! xD) and season 2 when there's this one episode (10 or 11?) where they become chibis and Big Mom didn't allow Sasha to suck soma lmao. Okay so then after watching all episodes I've planned to repeat from episode 1 all over again until they release a new season (because y'know, there aren't really any cute guys/couples like Sasha and Mafuyu [I really like them as a couple because it's sorta cute Sasha is younger than Mafuyu eek cx] and I think that Sasha is the only young character aged like 13 or something) so yeah. There's also a possibility then season 3 will be released because season 2 was released 2, 3 or 4 years after season 1 (if I'm not mistaken) so we just have to wait. Hehe.
05-31-15, 6:32 PM

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Guys! I did some research that Flying Dog (creator of Seikon No Qwaser) is active, their last post was on May something 2015!!