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07-26-11, 3:21 AM

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Hey all,

I havnt set up my anime list yet, but I have been watching anime for years now and I'm looking for a new one to sate my hunger.

What I am looking for is an Anime which has characters pursuing a goal or striving towards something. Previous animes which I have enjoyed like this are FMA, Eureka7, Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Macross Frontier, Soul Eater, etc..

All of those shows obviously run quite long with 26-52 episodes or multiple seasons, I am hoping you all can recommend me another long-ish one which has excellent character development.

The art style isnt too important, but I would prefer something from the last 5 years or so.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.
07-26-11, 4:27 AM

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Have you tried One Piece?
07-26-11, 4:58 AM

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Not sure if you have seen it yet, but the best (aka. My Favourite) Adventure anime I have seen so far is "Spice and Wolf" - 2 Seasons (12-13episodes each) and about 3years old. It's a very verbal/story heavy anime with good character development.
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07-26-11, 5:04 AM

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Chibi-Alice said:
Have you tried One Piece?

No I havent, Always got the impression that it was geared towards the yougner audience more than late teens.
07-26-11, 5:08 AM

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sinbad no Bouken
Gokuu no Daibouken [Tezuka's version of the Jounay to the west part of Genso maiden Saiyuuki]

Modified by FGAU1912, 07-26-11, 5:12 AM
my 11 main things i rate on

1 Impact on Impact on industry both the anime and Original Manga had
2 TV Ratings in Japan [ Gross for movies Unit sales for OVAs 3 Manga Ka of the Sourcework
4 how loyal the anime stayed to its source how well the compare to other big name in its genre
5 Seiyuu casting [ how many i know by voice i use the royal I here ]
6 Impact on General Pop Culture in Japan and the West 7 Impact on Otaku Culture in Japan and the West
8 Music[ Instrumentation]
9 merchandise sales
10 art style 11 Studio who produced the anime[ and what thay have done for the industry]

07-26-11, 6:14 AM

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07-26-11, 6:29 AM

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The Law of Ueki
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Rave Master
Hunter x Hunter
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Samurai 7
Busou Renkin

Most of them are very famous so maybe you've already watched them. I can't think of anything at the moment..
07-26-11, 9:44 AM

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I really can't do much without a list to work from. Please feel free to go to my list and take a look at my 10's, 9's, and 8's. I found them all extremely enjoyable. 7's are good, just nothing too special to me.
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07-26-11, 9:53 AM

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07-26-11, 12:24 PM

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Kreedz said:
Chibi-Alice said:
Have you tried One Piece?

No I havent, Always got the impression that it was geared towards the yougner audience more than late teens.

definitely watch one piece it may seem like its for kids but it is not. there is a reason why its so highly ranked on here both anime and manga. you must watch it trust me you wont regret it. the first 226 episode are really good however starting at ep 227 the water 7 arc it becomes truly amazing and the last arc that just finished omg holy crap it was by far one of the best things ive ever seen.
one piece has real depth characters have pasts that drive them forward they face real desperation. the villains some cheesy like buggy but most are not. also the straw hat crew arnt dogooders they wont go out of there way to help people witch i like they realize hey were bad guys.
also there is so much to the one piece world out side of the straw hat crew goal of finding the one piece. there are so many mystery's that im not sure where this is going
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