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Poll: How did you feel after watching grave of the fireflies?

Nov 22, 2015 12:52 PM

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I cried for Setsuko, but not for her brother. I felt pity, but the little girl simply followed her brother who waited to the last minute (because they had that money all along and he waited forever to get her food???) to try and save her. She suffered a terrible death when she cold of been with her aunt or at least well fed. The boy's foolishness killed both of them, but I felt for Setsuko because she had no hand in it.
Nov 22, 2015 12:55 PM

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I felt disgusted. I prefer Totoro.
Dec 16, 2015 1:27 PM

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koreye said:
xahjun said:

I was wondering why nobody thinks like this. Okay, it's sad indeed. I feel sorry for Setsuko, but not really much on Seita. I just don't understand that if he really cares about his little sister, why not just swallow his pride? ALSO, if he HAS PRIDE, why does he still going around stealing things? I mean, when there's an air raid, he went around houses knowing it's deserted to steal things, and there's a part showing he's very very happy about being able to steal things DURING the air raid itself. It looks like he's happy to steal it successfully, which doesn't look like he have any pride in him. It's very low of him in my aspect(I know when it comes to life and death, doing this may be because there's no other waya, BUT there IS a better option... which is apologise).

All in all, the reason why this movie doesn't made me feel very depress was because it's very conflicting for me. Isn't it worst to be doing something against your pride everyday, with a chance of being caught and punished, than just go against your pride once and secure his little sister's life/stomach? Also stealing isn't against his pride but apologising does? I believe if one love or care about another person a lot, wouldn't he do anything to help that person? But.. okay I shall stop here, or else I'm getting more and more confuse and blur.

lol, none of what you guys said makes any sense whatsoever. What he did make perfect sense because he was just a boy, and he did not understand the effects of his decisions clearly being a minor child, and going through a traumatic experience like watching his own mother die after being burnt horribly, and not knowing where his own father was at that time made things harder. And he certainly did not expect his sister to die like that so easily. His actions make sense for a boy of his age who has had to depend on his parents for everything up until that time.
For the record, this anime is based on an actual semi-autobiographical account which the writer wrote as an apology to his own sister who died in the War.
Technominator's review for this was the best, and it clearly explained this aspect, because this was already criticized by some people in the forum, and especially in the review by YoungVagabond. She summed up the whole thing perfectly, but unfortunately she deleted all her reviews in what some people call 'a fit of emoness'.

Seita is supposed to be 14. I think his big enough to understand the consecuences of his actions.
Kids aren't stupid, you know.
Feb 20, 10:48 PM

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I was hoping it would make me cry but it didn't even make me sad.
Apr 10, 7:41 PM

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I was bawling my eyes out but this is not something you should count on if you are about to watch this movie since i am quite an emotional person. One thing that pissed me off after i was done crying like a kid... was the whole pride thing that led to the death of his sister...
i mean c' mon dude...
Apr 20, 9:34 PM

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I was unaffected, or maybe slightly annoyed. It was mostly Seita's fault, his actions were ridiculous. My grandma was 10 during WW2 and she had to take care of her little sister and she did better job than he did. 14 years old is already old enough to realize consequences of his actions and be responsible, especially when the situation calls for it.
His aunt told him to go and help to extinguish the fires, since he didn't have work or school, but nah, he rather fooled around like a kid. I think she would be nicer to them, if he wasn't just mooching of her and her family. He didn't even help around house or anything.
After Setsuko told him she feels sick, it took him eternity to take her to the doctor. After she started to be seriously weak, he should just drop her at the aunt's house, they wouldn't let her starve to death as he did. He didn't have to apologize, he didn't have to talk to them, he could just leave her there and disappear, if it was too much for his pride to apologize. But nah, he rather left her die and then went somewhere to die too. I just can't bring myself to sympathize with him. And usually I am very sensitive and fast to cry during any sad story. Also, the fact that it was shown right away in the beginning of the movie that they are dead made the ending kinda underwhelming.

My least favorite Ghibli movie, I was not impressed at all. It would have much more impact if the director told his story as it really happened, when he wanted to apologize to his sister.
Apr 30, 6:43 AM

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I watched this when I was 13 or something. didn't even make me sad. I heard that this anime is very emotionally devastating and so I watched it. I'm not a fan of Ghibli in particular, but I liked many of their works and had high expectations for this movie as a whole.
Turns out MC was so stupid (can't even bother to remember his name), I felt frustrated because I wasted a lot of time on this horrible movie.
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May 8, 3:46 PM

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I didn't necessary cry, but man it was depressing. Glad they are in a better place. This is one of those animes that I can't watch a 2nd time.
May 8, 3:48 PM

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The story is sad, but the movie was too boring and I can't really get myself to like Ghibli art.
May 25, 10:02 AM

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i cried while watching bec i knowand feel the pain and suffering through poverty, when i was still in elementary me and my younger sister had to eat only once a day and if were lucky we get to eat 3 times a day with milo as our main dish (well to us at that time milo + rice = heaven). and i connected to the desperation seita showed when he withraw his mom's money just to feed his sister. and it made me remember the time where i used to find scraps of metal and bottles and sell them to the junkyard just to earn money for food.

im just thankful that our family is financially stable now bec of our cooperation as a family and my parents hard work and sacrifice
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