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12-29-11, 5:49 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
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"to those who wrote that Rin wouldn't notice Aoki remember he some how ignored her saying she is just a kid so he would propably have to "force" his way to her heart... personally I think the texts Rin's "you were born too early" and Aoki's "you were born too late" are not realy about but the wish for their love to be possible with no fuss over it from anyone ( in Rin's case) and being unable to be with the person you realised were waiting for so long to meet... this whole wondering "what if they were born at the same year " has no point it's about their connection... I think it's the most romantic moment in any manga ... Damn it I almost cried after Aokis words:( if it ever comes to this in anime I will cry a lot, and by all standards it is still rare for a Man to cry."

Me too.

I believe Aoki is a guy who is dense about women and clumsy with them, so he's likely to always have trouble getting one. On the other kind, I believe that, as depicted, he's too kind and gentle to have sex with Rin who's still really a child. On the third hand, though, the age of consent to sex in Japan, I've heard, is just 16. I've also read that their law say that if an adult man is found having a relationship with someone under some later age (which I forget), he has to make some kind of formal declaration that he intends to marry her, or be charged with a crime. This means that such relationships are recognized there, in a sense. But there would go his teaching career, surely.

What a mess! If he and Rin part I personally am going to cry buckets (I'm a man.), both because he has been such a good man when Rin needed one in her life so much, and because I will pity him. Suddenly he'll have to contemplate a "Rin-less" life, including the liklihood that it's going to be a pretty long time before he finds someone else to love.
07-19-13, 10:10 AM

Joined: Mar 2010
Posts: 2895
gomennasai said:
This is just... no. Aoki, just cut yourself some slack and don't become a Reiji #2. Or at least don't let this becoming physical. The kid has still somewhere to grow up - not just physically, but in soul term as well.
I know I'm the minority here, but I don't support the lolicon ending, even if I know a relationship with Boin would be a dead end (he doesn't feel anything about her and it would be forced). What I support is, in a long term, they'll both acknowledge their affection to each other's life and that helped them becoming better people. Nothing more.

I totally agree with you so youre not in a minority ^^
Its not healthy even if hes no pedophile or lolicon shes still a child .. Its forbidden
12-30-13, 9:37 PM

Joined: Apr 2012
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So he's finally come to terms with his feelings, huh?
"The moment you speak something, it gets disconnected from your feelings. Words are all lies. They're a sham. No matter how true something is, it gets dramatized the moment you speak of it. If you have to truly wish for something, if you truly want to just wish for something, you should never put that wish into words."
— Deishu Kaiki
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