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View Poll Results: How many usernames do you have?
2 1.14%
64 36.36%
48 27.27%
23 13.07%
7 3.98%
32 18.18%
Voters: 176

11-27-11, 9:34 AM

Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 279
If you go to my profile, you will read that it was Fushigi Yuugi which TRULY introduced me to the world of anime when I was around 16. Even though my taste became more refined since then, one character had an especially large impact on me and he's still my favourite - Chichiri. One of his character songs is the most touching piece of Japanese music I've ever heard and I know it by heart along with its translation. It's titled "MIZU-KAGAMI".

My nickname was created shortly after, around 5 years ago, and I'm still proud of it. On different accounts I use different variations: Mizu-Kagami, kagami, Mizu413, sometimes chichiri413 or HouJun (Chichiri's true name). On the most important pages like MAL or YouTube I use MizuKagami413.

Numbers are not random. Since I was little I claimed that 4 is the most beautiful digit (yeah, kids usually think of seemingly irrelevant things like favourite tree, digit, etc.) And since I'm a contrary person by nature, I've always claimed that 13 is my lucky number. 413 is simply the combinantion of those two.
11-27-11, 4:49 PM

Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 539
Well I have the three. The one I have here means that if you met me and put anime fanboy to it your reaction would be "dafuq"
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12-16-11, 12:09 AM

Joined: Dec 2011
Posts: 222
I've had 3 that I can remember using for the past 10 years or so

ServantofKhaos, used this as my character's class in Morrowind for Xbox

KhaosGuard made a shorter name because I got tired of people complaining about how hard it was to type out Servantof Khaos

GuardianEternal, when I was going to church they were concerned that my screen names/email addresses were a little on the dark side so I came up with a lighter version

but I will always prefer my Khaos names
12-17-11, 8:19 PM

Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 47
I mostly use this one, but I have one more older one. Both names come from stories I've written. Kenegda is actually the name of a male character, but it's unique enough that it's usually not taken.
12-21-11, 10:59 PM

Joined: Oct 2011
Posts: 67
When I joined MAL I decided to form a new username to reflect my anime/manga lover persona. I'm not so good at creating names, usually just picking what makes me laugh. I like potstickers and I really like this movie titled "Man Bites Dog." Eventually I was lead to the name GyozaEatsOtaku.
12-22-11, 9:39 AM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 2
"Jarmihi" was my first online username back in the days when AOL was the service to have. It is a portmanteau of my first, middle, and last names...

It's pronounced "JAIR-mee-high".
12-24-11, 2:24 AM

Joined: Dec 2011
Posts: 18
My username came out when i started to play Dynasty Warriors 2 like 10 years ago, but in reality is way more ancient than that, Kwan Dao is the halberd of the former chinese general Gwan Yu, praised also as the god of war.
So after i could handle to create a hotmail account with this single name without numbers in it (looked like a miracle back then), i just had to make it my username forever, the very rare times i cannot use that, i just inverse as Daokwan.
12-24-11, 7:51 PM

Joined: Dec 2009
Posts: 1381
I have many usernames that I use regularly.

My most common one is Culex which I use for almost everything. I name myself that after a boss in Super Mario RPG and have been using it for some years now. Like 2-3.

Retr0master is my youtube and MAL name. I dont use it much outside those two sites.
12-24-11, 8:44 PM

Joined: Dec 2011
Posts: 222
Retr0Master said:
I have many usernames that I use regularly.

My most common one is Culex which I use for almost everything. I name myself that after a boss in Super Mario RPG and have been using it for some years now. Like 2-3.

Retr0master is my youtube and MAL name. I dont use it much outside those two sites.

Super Mario RPG is amazing!!!! Love that game so much
12-25-11, 2:53 AM
News Team
Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 19886
I've been tsubasalover for a long time since I got MAL account, and never changed, even the icon. I use by another username in other places.
I Two Syaorans from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and TRC!!!

12-26-11, 2:45 AM

Joined: Jan 2011
Posts: 225
obviously I'm a fan of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer when I was a little kid and my favorite character is obviously Hack that's why I chose his name as my username and I also thought that it sounds kinda cool :) well It's just probably my personal taste but I'm happy about it
01-08-12, 3:00 AM

Joined: Jan 2009
Posts: 3
Razgriz Noir is the name ive chosen for myself, and is the one im always gonna use as long as user name options exists. I got "Noir" from obviously the anime Noir lol, i thought it kinda suited me because i like to remain in the darkness of things... nothing bad mind you, I just prefer the dark most of the time. Razgriz comes from Ace Combat 5, and i just really liked the name, and thought, i might as well combine the 2. And there you have it. I use it for pretty much anything except a couple of websites. If i cant fit the username anywhere, i just shorten it to Raznoir, or just Noir. Thats pretty much it for my username.
01-08-12, 6:15 AM

Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 7
i used soo many usernames but one was always i choose in the end.... eventually i became bored of it...
right now this user name means sparkle of emotion in japanese
01-09-12, 6:29 AM

Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 61
I have always used Lurna
I got it because of an mmo i used to play. I wanted a really different name because i try not to have numbers or underscores in it. I picked random words out from things around me and change the spelling or arranging letters. I came up with this one because it suited my mmo character quite well. Since then i always use it
01-09-12, 6:48 AM

Joined: Apr 2011
Posts: 6
i go by too many different usernames

variants of tentacle/tentaclerape/tentacleporn, Zentai, parasitic, heartworm(s/ed), larval-stage... i've gone through at LEAST ten AIM accounts...

i get bored easily. and at least no one would be able to find me if they searched just ONE thing.
01-10-12, 9:19 PM

Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 1877
as I age my username always changes. nowadays my usernames always tend to be my name, however.
01-14-12, 10:11 AM

Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 277
My (properly) first introduction to the virtual world, I bough a Zepto Znote gaming laptop. :) I loved it so much, and I started watching animes. Znote reminded me of my gaming computer as well as my number one favourite anime - Death Note. So yeah, I started using Znote. :) Its rarely taken, and it better stay that way! *glares suspicious toward you "noReason" namers*!

Finding epic usernames with so few chars is quite difficult, I am very happy nobody else thinks the way I do.
01-27-12, 4:53 AM

Joined: Jun 2011
Posts: 17
I used to use either; WakiMiko, or TouhouGaijin up until a few years ago, then I came up with this glorious name, CaptLolicon. Still not sure where I used it first, it might of been while playing Runes of Magic :p.
01-30-12, 11:29 AM

Joined: Aug 2011
Posts: 503
just the one i have now...because my name is greg and i have high self i listen to alot of rock and metal
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01-30-12, 11:57 AM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 462
My name irl is Håkon Wale, so my username is Haakonwale. Nothing more than that. I voted 2 since I usually use Hanazono for online games and such, but I have only 1 here on MAL.
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