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05-02-11, 5:23 PM

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According to the Saitama Newspaper, the Anime Tourism Executive Committee of Chichibu city publicized Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai at Hitsujiyama Park on April 1st. The city is the model setting for the anime. Members of a fan group called the Chichibu Anohana Committee wore Jintan's Chiteijin (subterranean) T-shirts and distributed an article from the Saitama Newspaper featuring the Anohana anime to the visitors.

Picture of Anohana Committee members in Jintan's T-shirts
Picture of Old Chichibu Bridge
Ramen noodle restaurant in Chichibu uses Menma's illustration (Menma is a popular condiment of ramen.)

The Anime Tourism Executive Committee of Chichibu is chaired by the mayor of Chichibu city and supported by the Chichibu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI). Kurosawa Motokuni, the advisor of CCCI, said the tourism of Chichibu city has been suffering from a 70% drop of tourists due to the shortage of gas and the blackouts following the earthquake. He expects the Anohana anime to help with the recovery of the local tourism.

Sources: Saitama Shinbun, Saitama Shinbun
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05-02-11, 5:49 PM

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Sweet success. Good to see anime helping entire cities get back on their feet and onto the road of recovery after the earthquake. For those who haven't started watching Ano Hana, I highly recommend that you do so. It is is pretty awesome :3.
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05-02-11, 5:50 PM

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I don't know about that. The anime doesn't really portray it as a vast, exciting place... But some attention is better than no attention, I guess.
05-02-11, 6:01 PM

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tiny pic >.< well i hope it goes well for them

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05-02-11, 6:08 PM

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Me wants to go there!!...and can I have one of those posters :3
...anyways, recovering from earthquake's aftereffects may take some time but still this like a starter-fancy-push so~ yay!
05-02-11, 7:40 PM

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I'll put this on my "Travel" List in the future when I have enough money. It's good to towns in Japan bring back tourism, Hope they have a speedy recovery from the quake and tsunami.
05-02-11, 8:09 PM

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Anohana awesomeness :D
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05-02-11, 8:14 PM

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Anything for a bit of money, huh?

So the Japanese don't mind promoting anime tourism but look down upon otakus?
05-02-11, 8:44 PM

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Yeah the shows good but...
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05-02-11, 10:06 PM

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Excellent idea. I've just purchased my ticket and will be there shortly.

I hope the highly praised "Jungle Cruise" is as good as I've read about.
05-02-11, 10:28 PM

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sell the shirt for fundraiser!!!!
05-02-11, 10:43 PM
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05-02-11, 10:47 PM

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I don't really see the need to build a suspension bridge for a 2-lane road over a shallow river. But it's nice, it attracts some attention and the actual scenery in the surrounding area is beautiful. Thank you Google street view for taking a drive through Chichibu.

05-02-11, 11:02 PM

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Dat bridge. ;_;
05-02-11, 11:09 PM

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I didn't know it was modeled after a real city. I love when anime do that.
05-03-11, 1:30 AM

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I want to go to that bridge ;;

nice info btw
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05-03-11, 2:40 AM

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tsubasalover said:


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05-03-11, 7:31 AM

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i haven't watch it yet i i can't really tell if it's good or not
05-03-11, 8:46 AM

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Ah I like this anime, I wish I could go!

05-03-11, 10:56 AM

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Cool, I didn't know that AnoHana had had an actually city from which it was inspired. That bridge is still very cool with that rustic aspect of the whole town(as presented in the anime). I wish them good luck with the tourism there. I would go there as well :D
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